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Life in Christ, Christ in Life

Life in Christ, Christ in Life

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Published by glennpease

The desire for more life in Christ, and a deeper walk with God.

The desire for more life in Christ, and a deeper walk with God.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LIFE IN CHRIST, CHRIST IN LIFEH.CG.MOULE.D.DLord Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me,And all things else recede !My heart be daily nearer Thee,From sin be daily freed.Each day let Thy supporting mightMy weakness still embrace,My darkness vanish in Thy light,Thy life my death efface.In Thy bright beams which on me fallFade every evil thought ;That I am nothing, Thou art all,I would be daily taught.Make this poor self grow less and less.Be Thou my life and aim ;Oh make me daily through Thy graceMore meet to bear Thy name !H. B. Smith.From the German ^^Lavater.I.
LIFE IN CHRIST; CHRIST IN LIFE,Jesus, Thy life is mine !Dwell evermore in me,And let me seeThat nothing can untwineThy life from mine.F. R. Havergal.I.LIFE IN CHRIST; CHRIST IN LIFE.i.T T is a happy feature of our day that, gowhere we will, we find among Chris-tian men and women a marked and mani-fest desire for " something more." Thedesire takes very different shapes and ex- pressions, and some of them sadden rather than gladden the observer who knowsthe depth and strength of the old " faithonce delivered." But even these Jude 3. phenomena have a connexion with thefact that far and wide there is a longing12 Life in Christ and for Christ.for " a closer walk with God," " a yearningfor a deeper peace not felt before," a
search after more power and serviceable-ness in the work of the Lord. Is not thisan altogether happy omen in itself?The desire is no new thing. It is oldas the Gospel, and continuous as theGospel. Young Christians who think itwas born with their generation know littleof the past, and will gain much by "pre- paring themselves to the search of their fathers ; " such fathers, for example, asBaxter, and Romaine, and Brainerd, andHervey, and Fletcher, and Martyn, andM'Cheyne. But the extent over which thedesire is felt in depth and force is a newand manifestly growing thing. So viewed.Life in Christ; Christ in Life. 13the phenomenon calls for glad and thank-ful welcome, and not least from the studentsand lovers of the Christian past. For, inits essence, in its nature, it is just a proof of the immortal vigour of the old Gospel.It forebodes no change in one iota of thatGospel. It is a cry for new realization of old truth. It has no necessary tendencytowards novel theories of acceptance, or of life, or of power. No, but towards a firmer grasp, a deeper-sighted and more restfulappropriation, a more buoyant and expect-ant use, of what in itself, and in " the faithof God's elect," is the same Tit. i. i.yesterday and for ever. Thanks be toGod for this stronger and fuller pulse of life in an immortal frame. Happy the

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