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Published by Marabe Minkal

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Published by: Marabe Minkal on Jul 01, 2013
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An Abbreviated History of Anabolic SteroidsHaving been around for nearly 40 years now, anabolic steroids are considered relatively old drugs.Unlike the more glamorous designer drugs produced of late, anabolic steroids are primarilyderivatives of testosterone that act on the body’s hormonal axis. In the 40's, injectabletestosterone was manufacture primarily for the treatment to people suffering severe malnutrition,mainly POW's. In the early 50's, scientists became convinced that testosterone was responsible formasculine characteristics in men. At around that time, athletes in the eastern world were alreadyusing anabolic injections in an effort to increase their strength. As Russian athletes crushedweight lifting records with surprising regularity some members of the medical community becameconvinced that the use of anabolic steroids were responsible. Since that time, as fitness ingeneral and bodybuilding in particular "came out of the closet" in the 70’s and became an acceptedpasstime of the mainstream, anabolic steroid usage has become increasingly prevalent (6 & 60).Today, of all recreational drugs used by the general population, anabolic steroids are by far themost common. Steroid abuse is the fastest-growing form of drug abuse in the U.S. The U.S. Food andDrug Administration estimates nationwide that there are 500,000 heroine and 500,000 crack cocaineabusers. Some recent estimates suggest that in excess of 4 million athletes have used anabolicsteroids for physique or performance enhancement in the United States.The Four Primary Benefits to Bodybuilders from Anabolic SteroidsAnabolic Steroids react on the body in four primary ways.1. Anabolic steroids increase the deposition of protein as muscle or protein biosynthesis.2. Anabolic steroids increase oxygenation of the blood3. Anabolic steroids promote the retention of nitrogen -- and indication that protein is beingconverted to muscle.4. Anabolic steroids prevent catabolism, or the naturally occurring breakdown of lean muscletissue.Anabolic steroids when combined with resistance training and a diet high in calories --specifically protein, cause an increase in protein synthesis which in turn provides proteinmolecules used by the body to increase the size and strength of the skeletal muscle cell --skeletal muscles being the major muscles of the body. The obvious goal of the bodybuilder ismuscular hypertrophy or growth and anabolic steroids can accelerate this process. To maintain thishypertrophy, periodic stimulation (weight lifting) of the muscle is necessary. Without thisstimulation, the protein synthesis process will reverse and the skeletal muscle will atrophy.The cycle of protein in the body is constantly changing. The body is in a continual cycle ofanabolism (muscle building) vs. catabolism (muscle breakdown). Anabolic steroids alter this cycleand prevent to a certain degree the catabolic phase and may actually bind to the cortisonereceptors of cells preventing the highly catabolic hormone cortisol from binding to muscle cellsand releasing protein. Methandrostenolone has a dramatic effect on cortisol; perhaps this is onereason for its tremendous efficacy. This cortisol binding inhibition, makes resistance trainingmore effective as the muscle is now only growing. Reacting on the receptor sites of a muscle cell -- anabolic steroids promote nitrogen retention by the muscle. Nitrogen is a component of protein.When more nitrogen is retained than released, a muscle is said to be in a positive nitrogenbalance state. A positive nitrogen balance equals muscle growth.Anabolic steroids therapy in athletes increases the production of a nitrogenous compound calledCreatine Phosphate (CP). CP promotes the storage of certain enzymes in a muscle cell including ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP is used by the body for muscle contractions. This enzyme breaks downto ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) which is the fuel used to make muscles move. As more CreatinePhosphate is available, the conversion of ATP to ADP is enhanced meaning that strength willincrease. Incidentally, this is the effect that is thought to be facilitated through creatinemonohydrate supplementation -- making this a supplement of significant interest as of late.Oxandrolone, an oral anabolic steroid, is thought to significantly increase CP production by themuscle. This is likely the reason many athletes find Anavar to increase strength even when massmay not increase (60).
Anabolic steroids lead to an increase in the body’s actual blood volume. Two to three weeks into asteroid cycle, blood volume increases by 10% to 20%. Athletes who have used steroids, refer tothis as the "steroid pump" or a condition that develops during resistance training whereby, amuscle develops a much larger, more vascular appearance. This "steroid pump" is actually a sideeffect of the increase in blood volume specifically the red blood cells -- the oxygen carryingcomponent of blood. The increase leads to greater blood flow to the working muscles duringtraining periods. Besides the obvious desirable appearance of an enlarged muscle, the musclebecomes stronger as well. Obviously, this increases training intensity and is a stimulus for newgrowth. The second benefit to athletes relates to oxygen efficiency with increased RBC (red bloodcell) volume. This reported increase in blood volume is the major benefit of steroids to enduranceathletes. After the steroid therapy is discontinued, extra plasma volume returns to the normallevel, leaving behind an increased RBC count. This increased hemoglobin concentration can increasemaximum aerobic capacity. A similar beneficial effect can be achieved through a process known asblood doping. Blood doping involves the reinfusion of blood into an athlete prior to athleticcompetition. An athletes blood is removed, cooled to increase oxagenation, and then injected backinto the athlete (6).Steroids themselves, possess both anabolic and androgenic properties. Anabolic means the steroidswill promote the building of tissue or muscle. Androgenic means that steroids will promote thesecondary male sex characteristics. These characteristics are the ones that are primarily affectedduring adolescence. They include: growth of body hair, growth of facial hair, male patternbaldness, the deepening of the voice, increased production of oil on the skin by the sebaceousglands, development of the penis, sexual behavior, and maturation of the sperm. Primarily theandrogenic effects of steroids are the ones that athletes do not want. We do not want thedevelopment of male pattern baldness, or increased body hair. The search has been on since the1960’s to develop a steroid that is 100% anabolic and 0% androgenic. Unfortunately, such a producthas not been invented. Steroids range from highly anabolic / low androgenic to highly anabolic /highly androgenic to low anabolic / highly androgenic. The later type of steroids would certainlywant to be avoided and lengthy descriptions of such steroids have largely been excluded from thisreport.The other negative effect of anabolic steroids relates to steroid toxicity. Toxic steroids areprimarily the oral ones and are subject to processing by the liver. This liver processing is harshand is best avoided. When making the personal decision to use anabolic steroids, one would want topay special attention to the better steroids which are low in androgenic properties and low intoxic properties. This consideration greatly reduces the side effects that could potentially beexperienced on a steroid cycle.RELEVANT VOCABULARYALPHA ALKYLA1ED 17: The addition of an alkyl substitute on the 17 carbon position, or a C-17position, of the steroid molecule. This manipulation increase the life of an oral steroid in thebody, but also makes orals highly toxic.ANABOLIC: The promotion of anabolism or the actual building of tissues -- primarily muscle. Ananabolic or muscle building effect is the most sought after effect from steroid use by athletes.ANABOLlC STEROIDS: These are synthetic derivatives of testosterone; a naturally occurring hormonein the body which controls many functions. One such functions is the promotion of anabolism.Steroids mimic this natural occurring effect and can accelerate the rate. Once in the blood,anabolic steroids bind to androgen receptor sites. Steroids enter the cell and alter the functionof that cell. After changes in DNA and RNA patterns, an increased rate of protein synthesis isobserved. Improved conversion of protein to muscle happens concurrently with increased nitrogenretention or slightly thereafter. The retention of nitrogen indicates that muscle tissue is beingdeposited. Anabolic steroids inhibit the amount of cortisol -- a catabolic hormone -- fromentering muscle tissue. Less cortisol also aids in muscle growth. Anabolic steroids are classifiedas anabolic and/or androgenic. The kind and quantity of androgen receptors found within an organor tissue determine how it is effected by the anabolic or androgenic properties of a steroid. Allanabolic steroids are both anabolic and androgenic. Elite Fitness would rate a steroid a perfectten if it could be totally anabolic and not at all androgenic. As this is presently impossible,the highest rating we have given any steroid is a nine. The ideal steroid would only exert its
effect on muscles; however, steroids effect many other parts of the body as well. This is whydramatic gains in muscularity are often accompanied by dramatic side effects (6).ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate): An important cellular metabolite involved with energy exchange withinthe cell. Chemical energy is conserved in a cell by the phosphorylation of ADP to ATP primarily inthe mitochondria, as a high energy phosphate bond. ADP combined with CP forms ATP, the usable fuelfor muscular contractions.ANDROGENIC: This designation refers to the second classification of testosterone. In addition tomuscle development, testosterone is responsible for male secondary sexual characteristics likebody hair, deepening of the voice, development of the male sex organs and sex drive. A steroid’sandrogenic properties cause the majority of side effects. The androgenic quality is preferred bysome who feel they benefit from the increased aggressiveness and rather fast strength increasesassociated with androgens. Glycogen retention of androgenic steroids is very pronounced. Highandrogenic steroids are often very high in anabolic properties as well. This type of steroid willgive good size and strength gains, but the prolonged use of highly androgenic compounds result inserious side effects.AROMATIZE: The reaction in the body where excess testosterone or androgens are converted toestrogen. Steroid users do not want this effect. Androgenic steroids are the ones that most oftenaromatize. Numerous side effects can occur, the most common being the development of breast tissuein men. Estrogen deposited in the mammary gland is called gynecomastia. Limiting the prolonged useof androgenic steroids and using only small dosages is the best way to prevent this effect.Dianabol, Anadrol, and Testosterones aromatize very easily.ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate): This is an intermediate high energy compound which upon hydrolysisto ADP releases chemically useful energy. ATP is generated during catabolism and utilized duringanabolism. ATP can be thought of as the actual fuel that makes muscles move. Oxygen and glucosecontribute to the formation of ATP.BLACK MARKET: The illegal distribution and sale of illicit drugs. A majority of athletes obtainsteroids on the black market.BLOCKING AGENT: A prescription medicines that can prevent the excretion of steroids from thekidneys into the urine. By temporarily blocking this excretion many athletes can test negative foranabolic steroids on a blood test while currently on a cycle. Popular blocking agents haveincluded: Probenecid, Carinamide, and Anturane. Most blocking agents are banned by committees whoalso ban anabolic steroids.BUCCAL Sublingual: These steroids are made to be dissolved in the cheek or under the tongue.CATABOLIC: The opposite of anabolic; catabolic means the breakdown of tissue. Catabolism oftenoccurs in disease, infection, and immobilization. Intense weight training also induces catabolism.A negative nitrogen balance most often accompanies catabolic states. Anabolic steroids reversethis state and actually function optimally on muscles which are in this condition. Therefore, theintensity of a person's training can contribute to the effectiveness of an anabolic steroid.COUNTERFEITS: Products which purport to be but which are not real pharmaceutical drugs.CP (Creatine Phosphate): Creatine Phosphate is an inorganic phosphate molecule which binds withADP to form ATP. Steroids potentially increase the availability or production of CP resulting inmore available strength and endurance increasing ATP.CYCLE: The time one is on steroids. Some simple cycles would function as follows:Easy Diamond CyclePump up the Dose CycleDecrease the Day CycleExample using a 10ml bottle (200mg/ml) of Testosterone CypionateExample using 10 bottle of 1 ml (200mg/ml) of Nandrolone DecanoateExample using 8 redi-ject of Sostenon 250

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