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The Value of Time in Meditation and Sadhna

The Value of Time in Meditation and Sadhna



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Published by Alok Jagawat
meditation, yoga, secret prana, time astrology
meditation, yoga, secret prana, time astrology

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Alok Jagawat on May 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Time is an important criterion for observation of meditation and such spiritual practices. Generally early morning hours, late night hours,
time and sunsettime are good for such activities. My Guruji Shree Premanandji always used to saythat when a Bhogi sleeps, a yogi wakes up. He uses to guide us to perform mantra japam during late night hours after 12:30 AM. There has been a great significanceand some hidden importance behind such time constraints. During night most of the people are asleep. The air is free of vibes and different energies. It is clearer andhence it becomes easier to meditate. There are lesser distractions during suchhours. Shri. Premanandji never use to sleep during night hours. We always use tofound him awake and in deep meditation during such hours.According to Shastras positive energies roam our earth during early morning hours.While there can be a big debate on the truth of this statement, one can definitelyfeel and sense harmony, calm and positive energy in the morning air. This generallyvanishes as Sun rises up. Sunrise time and sunset time have special significance aswell. According to "*Swarodaya" our sushmuna is awake during such hours and both swaras dominate during that time. In normal conditions only one nostrildisposes a swara and the process is repeated with alternative swara during eachhour. But during sunrise and sunset Sushmuna awakes, and it is stronglyrecommended that one should perform some spiritual activity during such hours. Itis the reason, why
still guide us not to sleep during early morning hoursand during sunset time. According to Swarodaya every work (Except Dhyana or meditation) pursued during such hours, gets destroyed as darkness gets destroyedwhen the Sun rises up. It is believed that meditation is easier during such hours.Besides these general implications, astrology also guides us to go for only particular periods for Sadhnas and meditation. The period of the fifth house lord,ketu and Sthira lagna is used for initiation and sadhna. Vimshamsha chart can also be used for this purpose if the time of birth is known. Moolas Nakshatras which areconsidered very inauspicious can also be used for meditation and mantra Japam.Moola signifies zero control, a rashi's beginning or ending with the sign indicates a blank area. It is almost like a turn on the road. Empty but powerful. One needs tochannelize that energy to gain some peace.Mediation requires that fifth house, Sun and Moon should be devoid of any
and a fixed or sthira sign should be rising in the ascendant. The dasha lord should be finely placed and could have an association with fourth, eighth or twelfth houselord. A person performing the ritual should look for condition of Nakshatras andMuhurta for initiation. His atmakarka should not be debilitated or combust intransit and should be strong. This rule should be applied to amatyakarka as well.Mantra should be denailed and should be matched with his name to see whether itis beneficial or not.
should be influencing the ascendant, the fifth house lordor the twelfth house or its lord in transit. The placement of Ketu in twelfth is alsogood provided it as some influence from some benefic like Jupiter or Mercury. Allthese conditions should be applied before performing some Sadhna.A person with afflicted Fifth house or its lord and second house should be verycareful and should not recite mantras on his own. Debilitated Jupiter, Rahu dasha

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