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Arudha lagna

Arudha lagna

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Published by Suryasukra

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Suryasukra on May 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Pt. Sanjay Rath
Arudha Lagna - The Personal image
1.Arudha lagna (AL) is the image of a person (or any body) which is thereflection of the ascendant about the lord of the ascendant. Theascendant is the physical personality & intelligence while the ascendantlord is the applied intelligence (Paka lagna). The arudha shows the waywe are viewed in this world due to our overall personality and resourcesas well as due to its use and modifications.2.There are arudha for each of the twelve houses and they represent theimages that exist in our minds. For example, the arudha of the fourthhouse represents the home environment at childhood. If this is in a signof Venus then it indicates a strong presence of mother and her family inshaping childhood.3.The arudha lagna represents the final record of all events of ones lifethat form the image of the person. This implies images of other housesadding to the image of AL. Impact of darapada (A7) is crucial forrelationships, finances and social success.
Planets & the arudha lagna
Moon is the significator of AL.Planets like Moon & Jupiter who have a good reputation associating witharudha lagna protect the reputation and image while planets like Saturn &Rahu with a bad name spoil the image.In general the relationship of planets with the Moon determines their ability toinfluence the arudha in a good or bad manner.The status of the arudha lagna lord is the status of the native. Planets exaltedin the arudha lagna or the 7th from it promise reputation and success in theirfields as well as consequent good fortune.Debilitated planets in arudha ruin the image.Benefic planets in the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 & 8 houses and malefic planets in 3 & 6houses give good results if they are strong in rasi & navamsa. Instead if theplanets are weak in debility in the rasi or navamsa, the results will be contrary.On the other hand, weak benefic planets in the 3 & 6 houses from arudha lagnagive rajayoga.The tenth house is good for benefic planets only and even exalted maleficplanets in this house cause trouble.Any planet in the 9th house from arudha lagna gives good results and protects
the image while they give good income in the 11th house and losses andexpenses in the 12th.
Birth family & arudha
Further readingCo-born: Younger co-born from 3rd house & lord and elders from 11th houseand lord.Children from the 9th house from UpapadaProtector from the 9th house from arudha lagna¦and so on.
Transits & arudha
Transit of Saturn in the 1st, 4th, 8th & 10th houses from lagna and arudha areinauspicious.Transit of Jupiter in quadrants from arudha lagna is a blessing.Transit of Rahu in trines to arudha lagna gives rajayoga and material blessingswhile that of Ketu in trines is excellent for spiritual pursuits and renunciation.The Sun & Moon in trines to any arudha causes it to manifest
Change of image with time
1.The image or arudha is maya or untruth and cannot be permanent. Itchanges with time based on dasa.2.Every dasa affects the arudha by (1) house placement from it and (2)argala (planetary intervention)3.Narayana dasa, Vimsottari dasa and other such methods of progressionare useful tools to decipher the changes in image.4.Natural years of carakaraka replacement also cause major changes in thearudha.5.Change in jobs, attainment of position and authority, marriage andvarious other events cause changes in the image depending on theassociation of their respective images with the arudha lagna.6.Study dasa from standard texts.
Meaning & Concept of Arudha
1.Rasi/Bhava Arudha
Mirror image i.e. image of person in this world is his ArudhaLagna, Image of mother is A4, Father is A9 and so on.
How do these images intervene with his image?Argala & Virodhargala2.Graha Arudha
Image of other people
Arudha Pada of the various houses
Riders (a)Swasthe Daraha, (b) Sutasthe Janma
Rules for dual LordshipGraha Arudha of Various houses
Rules for dual lordship shall apply
Many like my grandfather used both Graha Arudha
1. Bhava Arudha – 1st house: Arudha Lagna, Lagna Pada, Pada – AL, 2nd house:Dhana Pada; etc. till Upapada –UL,2. Graha Arudha –Ravi pada, Chandra pada, Guru Meena pada etc.. are used inthe nadi literature. What do they mean?3. How to draw the Rasi & Graha Arudha Chakra?· Rasi Arudha Chakra has true Graha positions. Thus it is the interaction of theimages of his personal self and others close to him with the world. It shows howthe world perceives you and how the world around you shall react to what youdo.· Graha Arudha Chakra has true Bhava positions. Thus it is the interaction of the images of the various people as perceived by the native on himself. Itshows how you perceive the world around you and how you will react to thevarious environmental inputs.
Focus on Rasi arudha Chakra REsults
1. Results of planets in different houses from AL:

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