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Published by itstheduck
A look into the daily lives of two best friends, one married for ten years, the other one engaged.
A look into the daily lives of two best friends, one married for ten years, the other one engaged.

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Published by: itstheduck on Jul 01, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 CouplesWritten BYSpencer Coppspincopp@hotmail.com
1 INT. GYM - DAYJASON KAUFFMAN, 37, works out at a gym with his friend, RYANSULLIVAN, 34. Ryan runs furiously on a treadmill while Jasonwalks at a not so brisk pace.JASONYou know you're not burning fatwith a flat setting. You need to beat an uphill incline, so your heartrate builds.Ryan ignores and continues to look straight ahead, extremelyfocused.JASONYou can build endurance all daylong with that steady pace, but I'mtelling you, intervals and inclineis what burns the body fat.Ryan continues to ignore.JASONSprint for thirty, back off forthirty, keep the heart guessing.Jason notices him not paying attention and pushes Ryan'sEMERGENCY STOP button. He almost goes flying face first intothe treadmill but catches himself.RYANC'mon!JASONWhat I don't understand is whyyou're pushing yourself so hardwhen you're already in good shape,and you have a girlfriend. Thewhole point of having a girlfriendis so that you can stop being selfconscious. Adding definition toyour stomach isn't going to get youlaid any extra. You're maxed out.RYANWhen's the last time you had sex?I'm convinced you artificiallyinseminated your own wife.JASONHey we still have passion in doses.(MORE)
2  After ten years it's not a switchJASON (CONT'D)anymore you can just flick on andoff. You have to build momentum,crank it up slowly.RYANOh I've seen the thing in the topshelf of your closet, and I thinkit is a switch you turn on and off.JASONI'll admit, when I have troublefiring it up manually sometimes Ineed to bring in big slick to getthe job done. But let me tell yousomething pal, ten years down theroad and you've survived thegauntlet of marriage like I have,you'll know what I'm talking about.Right now you're just a kid with alot to learn.RYANOh please. You make it sound likemarriage is some mythologicalbattle.JASONI'm just saying you've bought shoesto the dance but you haven'tstepped out on to the floor.Brooke's a great girl and I'mreally happy for you, but there's afine line between confidence andarrogance and you're sitting on it.Marriage is the biggest test you'llface. Don't go in unprepared.RYANOkay well thanks for the concern.We love each other. We're content.What other preparation is there?JASONYou are an optimist with a bigheart, I'll give you that. You keepit up and you might just make it.Just be ready. Which reminds me,are you guys still on for yourcelebration dinner tonight?

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