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The Christian s Work of Dying Daily.

The Christian s Work of Dying Daily.

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" I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily."

1 Cor. XV. 31.


" I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily."

1 Cor. XV. 31.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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" I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily."1 Cor. XV. 31.These words have a great vehemency and emphasis in them, anddiscover an uncommon earnestness upon the spirit of the apostlewhen he wrote them ; and indeed they caiTy a greater appearance of such a vehemency in the original than in our translation. For thewords we put in the last place, "I die daily," are the first in the ori-ginal: Ka^' riiMipav uTohriexu, " I die daily;" r, T^v vfiiTepav xocl^riem,nv'^X'^ '^^ Xfj/ffr^ 'Ineou Tip Kvpiw ri/Muv, — " Yea, I do so by your rejoicingwhich I have in Christ Jesus our Lord." And there is no expressionused by the apostle that hath a greater ardour of spirit in it thanthis hath.The special reason of using it in this place is, to evidence the sta-bility of his faith about the resurrection of the dead. That, youknow, is the dispute he is upon. And he proves here that it was notan opinion that he had; but a firm-rooted faith, that carried himthrough all difficulties and sufferings. " Why stand we in jeopardyevery hour? I protest by your rejoicing which I have in ChristJesus our Lord, I die daily. If after the manner of men I havefought with beasts at Ephesus, what advantageth it me, if the deadrise not? let us eat and drink; for to-morrow we die." " I do evi-dence my faith," saith he, " of the resurrection, by my readiness tosuffer all things in the confirmation of the truth of it." And it is thegreat duty of mmisters to be ready at all times to evidence the stabilityof their o^vn faith in the things which they preach to others, by acheerful suffering for them.There are two things in the words : An assertion ; and the confir-mation of it. The assertion is this, " I die daily." The confinna-tion of it, " I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesusour Lord."There are two or three difficulties in these words. I shall verylittle trouble you with conjectures, but give you what I think thesense of the Holy Ghost in them.The one is from the ambiguous signification of the word xad^r.ffii,which we render here " rejoicing." But in other places it is rendered
sometimes by " confidence," sometimes by " boasting," and some-times by " glorying." " Gloriation" is the word I would use, if ourlanguage would bear it. " And your gloriation ;" — which is an exul-tation of joy.There is another difficulty, in the transposition of the words, suchas are not in the Scripture again. " I protest by your rejoicingwhich I have in Christ Jesus." This hath afforded variety of con- jectures unto many; but plamly the sense of it is this, " By the re- joicing which you and I have in the Lord." And I could giveinstances of the like trajections in the Greek tongue, from one per-son to another, if it were to your edification.There is yet a third difficulty. The particle i';^ here is a note of anoath, or swearing; as much as ^i in the Hebrew tongue; or in oiu:language, " by;" yet sometimes it is used as a note of strong asseve-336 THE christian's work of dying daily.ration. And we have chosen to express it by a middle word, " Iprotest." If it be a note of an oath, then the word is used to denotethe object, " I swear by your rejoicing in the Lord;'' that is, " by theLord in whom you rejoice." As it is said expressly, " Jacob swore bythe Fear of his father Isaac;" that is, " by Him whom his father Isaacfeared." But I rather take it here as a note only of vehement asse-veration; and so, says he, " It is as true as that you and I do gloryin Christ, and rejoice in him, I die daily."It may have a double sense, " I am every day, by reason of preach-ing the gospel, exposed to dangers and death." For he doth speak botlibefore and after of the dangers he underwent in the work of preach-ing the gospel. " I die daily;" or, " ' I die daily,' by continually pre-paring myself to die ; I am always in a preparation to die ; throughthe faith of the resurrection, I am always prepared to die cheerfullyand comfortably, according to the "\^all of God." And this is the senseI shall fix upon. And it being in a necessary duty, I may raise ageneral rule from a special instance, in this example of the apostle.Observation. It is the duty of all believers to be prepaiing them-selves every day to die cheerfully, comfortably, and, if it may be,triumphing in the Lord.Observe only this, that there may be a dying safely, where thereis not a dying cheerfully and comfortably. Every believer, whoeverhe be, shall die safely; but we see many believers do not die cheer-
fully and comfortably. I do not speak of the fii'st, how all personsmay come to die safely; but of the latter, how believers may diecomfortably and cheerfully.And there are two ways of dying cheerfully and comfortably : — 1. The one is in outward expressions, to the comfort of them thatare about us. This depends much on the nature of the distemperwhereof men may die, which may oppress the animal spirits, andcloud the mind; and therefore it falls not under rule, but is left tothe providence of God.2. But there is also a dying cheerfully and comfortably in persons'own souls ; which, it may be, in their dying moments they cannotmanifest, when they are thoroughly prepared for it.Tnily, brethren, all I can say is, that I am speaking to you of thethings which I have considered on my own account, before ever Ithought of considering them upon yours; and I cannot declare untoyou what I have attained, which may be little or nothing; but onlywhat I have aimed at, if it may be of use to us in this dying time,especially among good ministers, one or another [dying] almost everyday.^* At this time many eminent servants of Christ, who had been associated withOwea in the Cbristiau ministry, and in important public duties, during the event-THE christian's WORK OF DYIG DAILY. 337I shall mention three things that, in my judgment, are requisiteunto every believer who would die cheerfully, and come in a fit andfull season into the presence of God : — I. The constant exercise of faith, as to the resignation of a depart-ing soul into the hand and sovereign will of God. " I die daily."How ? Exercising faith constantly, in the resignation of a departingsoul, when the time comes, unto the sovereign grace, good pleasure,power, and faithfulness of God. The soul is now taking its leave of all its concerns in this world ; all that it sees, all that it knows by itssenses, all its relations, everything it hath been acquainted withal, tohave an eternal, absolute unconcern in them. It is entering into aninvisible world, whereof it knows nothing but what it hath by faith.When Paul was taken up into the third heaven, 2 Cor. xii. 2, weshould have been glad to have heard some tidings from the invisibleworld how things were there. He saw nothing; only he heard words.

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