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Magnesium Oxide Lab. C.S.

Magnesium Oxide Lab. C.S.

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Published by: jahajaha_svensson609 on May 10, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Christina SvenssonEmery WhiteSCH3UE- 03Mr. Porter 26
January 2009
Magnesium Oxide – Simplest Formula and Percentage CompositionPurpose:
To prepare a sample of magnesium oxide and determine the simplest formula and percentagecomposition for the compound
Apparatus/ Materials:
 Crucible and lid Crucible tong –Electronic balance Retort stand Ring clamp Wire gauze Clay triangle Bunsen burne Magnesium ribbon
1.Obtained and got out equipment ready before obtaining the magnesium ribbon2.Measured the mass of the crucible and the lid- after cleaning and drying it.3.Placed the magnesium spiral into the crucible and measured the mass of the crucible,magnesium spiral and the crucible lid4.Began to heat the crucible – containing the magnesium spiral, with the lid kept on – carefully, while moving the bunsen burner around under it5.Removed the lid – to check on the magnesium – with the tong6.After all the oxygen seemed to be gone, we removed the lid, and heated it strongly for four minutes7.Cleaned our work area, before measuring the mass of the room tempered crucible, lid andremaining magnesium
Quantitative observations:
Material/ substanceQuantitative Observations(±0.01 g)Crucible + lid15.33 gCrucible+ lid+ magnesium15.40 gRoom tempered magnesium oxide+ crucibleand lid15.45 g
Qualitative observations:
SubstanceMagnesium silve solid lustrous metallic malleable opaqueMagnesium Oxide solid –white clumps ( in a coiled shape) opaque dull powde
1.Mass of Magnesium used in the reaction:
(15.40 0.01 ) (15.33 0.01 )0.07 0.020.07 28.6%
 g g g g  g  g 
2.Amount of Moles of Magnesium:
0.07 28.6%24.3050.00288 mol 28.6%
n g mo
3.Percentage composition of Magnesium:
%0.07 28.6%(0.05 0.02) (0.07 0.02)0.07 28.6%0.12 0.040.07 28.6%0.12 33%0.583 62%58.3% 62%
Mg Mg O Mg 
mcompm m
4.Theoretical percentage composition of Magnesium:
MgMgO+ Mg
%24.305g15.999g 24.305g0.6030460.304%
mcompm m
Mass of Oxygen used in reaction:
(15.45 0.01 ) (15.40 0.01 )0.05 0.020.05 40%
 g g g g  g  g 
6.Amount of Moles of Oxygen:
0.05 40%15.9990.00313 mol 40%
n g mo
7.Percentage composition of Oxygen:
%0.05 40%(0.07 0.02) (0.05 0.02)0.05 40%0.12 0.040.05 40%0.12 33%0.417 73%41.7% 73%
mcompm m
8.Ratio of Magnesium to Oxygen in Magnesium Oxide:

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