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Early Graves

Early Graves

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Death of children and young adults in the Bible and in life.Dedicated to parents who have lost children

Death of children and young adults in the Bible and in life.Dedicated to parents who have lost children

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EARLY GRAVESJ. R. MACDUFF, D.D" Ephemera die all at sunsett and no insect of this class has eversnorted in the beams of the tnoming sun. Happier are ye^ littlehuman ephemera ! Ye played only in the ascending beams, andin early dawn, and in the eastern light ye drunk only of the pre'libations of life ; havered for a little space over a world of fresh-ness and of blossoms, and fell asleep in innocence before yet themorning dew was exhaled** — Richtbr." She passed away at 37 .• just when life — / mean her lifeof conspicuous influence^ was beginning,** ^Ixtt'bxs fromAbroad.PREFACE.One among a number of Jewish traditions asserts, thatin the Temple of Jerusalem there was a Gate open onlyto Mourners.It is so with the present Volume. If I may except,so far, the concluding portions, it is designed alone forthe Bereaved. Written words are often acceptable andsoothing when any other intrusion is forbidden on thesacredness of sorrow.Let it be stated at the outset, that, for the contentsof this Manual, saving the few fragmentary Verse-quo-tations in the opening chapter, the Writer is aloneresponsible. In other words, it is not a compilationfor which he is indebted to others. It would, however,have been impossible for him to sit down to its compo-sition had it demanded, from first to last, original, orrather unpublished matter. For so long sustained aminor strain he would have been quite unequal. While,
PREFACE.Om smong a numlwp of Jewiah traditions asaerto, thatm the Temple of Jeniaalem there was a Gate open onlyto Monmers.tnay except,ed alone foreptable andden on thehe contentsVerao-qno-er is alonecompilationId, however,I its compo-original, oraoEitained aaaX. While,viii PREFACE.therefore, containiDg, and that to a considerable extent,entirely fresh material, — specially at the beginning andthe close, — he felt, and feels it far better to fall back in other parts on selections from former writings, orrather portions of them, which were at the time ad-dressed to those early bereaved. Such occasions occurin the course of every ministry: specially with anywho can in thought re-traverse the better part of half a century. Many a " stijl small voice " is embraced insuch a retrospect, with frequent sad,— often overwhelm-ing associations. In most cases, if not in every one,these extracts are curtailed or expanded, — some verymaterially so, — and all are otherwise adapted to suitthe requirements of the volume. This applies to thepoetical portions, as well as to the prose.^
^ Among the writer's prose works from which selections have beenmade are — " Memories of Bethany" " Gevmeaaret" " Olivet" and " PcU-mo8,*' " The Prophet of Fire," " SunaeU on the Hebrew Mountains" *' TheShepherd and His FUch," ''Palms of Mim," " Grapes of Eshcd" " Cim-f<yrt Ye," " The First Bereavement,'' "oontide at Sychar," " In Christo,"&c. From the author's Poetry and Hymns, extracts have been takenfrom "Altar-Stones," " Gates of Praise," " Curfew Chimes" " Wdls of Baca," " The Anchor and the Haven."It may be well farther to state, that there has been no attempt tolink the intermediate meditations together by any train of consecutivethought : Each is independent of what precedes or follows. On thisaccount (and indeed unavoidable from the nature of the theme) theremay be an occasional recurrence of similar ideas or reflections. But,reading for profit, not for criticism, this will be readily understood andcondoned by those for whom the volume is written.PREFACE. ixThe terms ' Early Deaths ' and ' Early Graves ' arerelative ones ; and, as will be seen in the sequel, thewriter has by no means confined himself to their moreliteral and restricted meaning. While throughout, andparticularly in the former portion of the book, Infancy,Childhood, and Early Youth claim and receive thechiefest and tenderest consideration; — it has beendeemed well to pass, by a natural gradation, to the caseof those of more advanced age, yet on whom the appel-lation may be bestowed with equally touching truthand reality. Indeed, ' Early Death ' has often its mosttouching illustration in regard to those who have beenarrested in the fiilfilment of some great Life Mission,for the good of man and for the glory of God ; andsuch, as will be seen from the Table of Contents, occupythe latter pages. One of these Memorials briefly re-cords the more salient features in the life and earlydeparture of a devoted Missionary called away in theprime of early manhood ; while the last of these Immor-telles is reverently laid on the grave of the heroic Cap-tain Gill, who, in the writer's cherished remembrance,will be ever young ; and who perished, too early for hiscountry, so tragically in the Sinai Desert.

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