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Alai Defence - I dont own @RobertAlai Twitter Account

Alai Defence - I dont own @RobertAlai Twitter Account

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Published by Dennis Itumbi
Here the Defence that Robert Alai has filed at the High Court over Tweet Defamation Case, Case to be heard September 17, after the petitioner Dennis Itumbi agreed that Alai should table his defence, instead of having a case within a case....
Here the Defence that Robert Alai has filed at the High Court over Tweet Defamation Case, Case to be heard September 17, after the petitioner Dennis Itumbi agreed that Alai should table his defence, instead of having a case within a case....

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Published by: Dennis Itumbi on Jul 02, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NO. 167
OF 2012
1.Thedeendant denieseach andevery allegationassetout in the plaintasif thesame wer esetoutheeinverbatim and tr aversed seriatim. 2.The deendant admitsthecontents of paragra phs1and 2of theplaint so far as the sameareameedesci ptionof thepaties savethatthe defendant'saddress othe  purposes othis suitshall be
M/S Paul William and Associates, MercantileHouse,
Floor, Room
Koinange Street, P.O. Box
3. The deendant deniesthecontents of paragr a ph3and 4 of theplaint and invites the  plaintiff tostrict pr oothereof. 4.Thedeendant isastr angetothe allegationscontainedin paaga phs 5,6and 7 o theplaint. 5.The deendant deniesthecontentsoparaga ph8of theplaint and in es ponse theretothedefendants avers that hedoes not hold,own,contr ol and/ or manage anytwitteaccountandinany casenot under theusemame @o bertAlaitogethe with thealleged olloweshi po14,000 andthe alleged pivate/pu blicsettingsand invitestheplaintito strict pr oof theeo.
6. Thedeendant denies the allegationsin paragaph 9of theplaint thathemaliciously andwongully composedocaused tobecomposedandwr oteor caused tobe written, pu blishedor caused tobepu blished the alleged false and defamatoytweets/ contentsand/or publicationonhis allegedtwitteaccount "twitter.com/o bertAlai"and acebook account"Robert Alai Onyango"both whose owneship, contr ol,managementand/or usebythe deendantaredeniedand the plaintif invited tostrict proof thereo. 7. The deendantdenies the contentsof paagra ph 10of theplaintwhichallege the uploading, shar ing and tweeting othe alleged deamatoy subject matter and in response theretothedefendant denies ownership,contr ol,management, and/or use oor connectionwith thealleged link  (http://www.docstoc.com/docs/116236532/Fake-ICC-Letter-authoed-byDennis- ltumbi#)and invitestheplaintiff to strict proof thereo. 9.The deendantdenies the meaning accorded tothe subject matter complainedo either in their entirety or in their natur alandordinary meaning or byim putationsand innuendosas alleged in par agraph 13of theplaint. 10.Not beingthe owner,pr o pr ieto,manager, administr ator and/ or user of @Robert Alai,"twitteLcom/o ber tA..lai", face book account o bertAlaiOnyango" and link /we bsitelink (http://www.docstoc.com/docs/116236532/Fake-ICC-Letter - authoed-byDennis-ltumbi#)thedeendantdeniesthe allegationsinpaagra ph
otheplaintthat hemaliciously wroteor causedtobe wr ittenand pu blished or caused tobe pu blishedtheallegedly offendingtweetstohis alleged 14,000 ollowers and alsomadethe su b jectmatter accessible topeo ple aound the wold though  publicationand e publicationoninter net websites potentially accessi ble tomillions of peo pleinenya andelsewhere and invitestheplaintiff the stict pr oof theeof. (At theear liesto p portunity,thedeendantshall move theHonourable Court to strik etheplaint or not disclosing anyreasona blecauseoactionagainst the
def endantand or beingfrivolousandvexatious and thee by amountingto ana buse of the court process). 12.Thedef endant denies the contentsof paraga ph 17of theplaint whichallegethat the  publicationwasmalicious, o ppr essive ands pitefuland calculated to injure, dis paage, and lower theesteem with which right thinkingmembersof the local and international societyegardedand held theplaintiff and that thepublicationwas madeout of malevolenceand spiteand without justifiablecause therebydiscrediting thegood way andeputationof theplaintiff . 13.Thedef endant denies the contents of paagraph 18, 19and 20 of theplaintand in response thereto denies anyownership, contr ol, managementand/or use of o connectionwith thetwitter account"@o bjillo" o"SomeoneTellItumbi" and the alleged publicationsand/ or tweetstogethewith themeaningaccorded theretoby the plaint and invites the plaintiff tostrict pr oof theeo. 14.The deendant deniesthecontentsof par aga ph 21of theplaintands pecifically denies publishing and/or tweeting thealleged subject matter with malice oat.all. 15. Thedef endant denies the allegations in paagraph 22 of theplaint that the  publicationswer emade andwere madewith malice,hatr edand ill-will against the  plaintiff . 16. Havingno owner ship,control, management,use oand/or connection to @o bert Alai,"twitter .com/o bertAlai",face booaccount o bert.AlaiOnyango",inter net link/website(http://www.docstoc.com/docs/116236532/Fake-ICC-Letter- authored- byDenrus-ltumbi#),twitter account "@ob jillo" o"SomeoneTellItumbi" thedeendant isa str anger tothe contentsof paraga ph 23of the plaintwhichallege continuous publication and invites theplaintiff to strictpr oof ther eo.

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