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Published by jjc95
music video
music video

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Published by: jjc95 on Jul 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AProposalForA Music vide
Music video for Adele’s ‘I’ll be waiting’ 
Prepared by
 Joshua Churchill
 Attack Promo21/10/2012
Copyright ©
Prepared by Joshua ChurchillI am going to create a music video for Adele’s ‘I’ll be waiting’. This will lastaround about 4 minutes with the song lasting 4:01 minutes long. I may howeverhave a small part at the beginning and the end of the music video for thenarrative like in most music video it might over run the actual song. The concept for my music video will be based around the artist flying away tomeet someone and how people can get lost in the crowd and they lose track of time. This relates to the song because, some of the songs lyrics have the words‘Time against us’ and ‘Miles between us’. I will represent the artist as a normalperson who seems to get lost waiting for someone or something and I may try tofilm in locations of public transport although the legal issues may be a problem.I will film in multiple locations. One will be either in a studio with the artistsinging into a recording microphone or, I will record in a open room with littlelighting the only light will be from 4 spotlights suspended from the ceiling lookingdown at the band and artist. This will be the basic of the music video, which I willintercut with the narrative, which will b filmed at a house looking out over theoutside or the pathway outside possibly. The props that I will need are very basica microphone, music instruments such as a drum, trumpet and a keyboard all of which I can get from the school. Special effects that will be used include slowmotion, time lapse, and multi-screen. Also obviously the sound will be Adele’ssong. The cast of the song will be my sister for multiple reasons not least of which areease of filming with a women and the ease of access of film when needed.Another reason why I have decided to use my sister is because she has a verysimilar voice to Adele and this will make it easier for me to lip synch in theediting. The technology that I will use is on a iMAC called final cut along with a standardcamera. The budget I don’t believe will be a lot if any because all the props orstages that I need are readily available to me in the school and will only have toask permission to film in locations such as the rooms that are needed or thelighting equipment used in it. I will use camerawork to make it look like time andlocations have change on the beat this will make the music video moreinteresting to the viewer.

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