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Published by The Delphos Herald

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Jul 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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July 2013
The Region’s Business Publication
 You might be surprised to discover the virtually unlimited designpossibilities o a Butler
building system. As your local Butler Builder
,we can build a fexible and attractive Butler building that incorporateswood, brick, stone, or glass. You can also choose rom a wide varietyo metal roo and wall systems—all in a building that meets both yourneeds and your budget.
i i i ill lii iiilii l ili ll l ilil il i l ili ii l l i il ll ll i ili
Contact us at 419-238-9567or visit us on the webwww.AlexanderBebout.com
©2012 BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Butler Manufacturing
is a division of BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc.
 . ,, , , ..
More design flexibility for your building.
 Alexander & Bebout, Inc.
Engineering • Design • Construction
10098 Lincoln HighwayVan Wert, Ohio
   T  h  e   B  u  s  i  n  e  s  s  J  o  u  r  n  a  l   4  0  5   N .    M  a  i  n  S  t .    D  e  l  p  h  o  s ,   O   H  4  5  8  3  3
   P   R   S   T   D   S   T   D    U .   S .   P  o  s t  a  g  e    P   A I   D    D  e l  p  h  o  s ,   O   H    P  e  r   m i t   N  o .  2  1
• Health& Medical 5-8A• DefianceCounty 9-11A• Commercial/IndustrialReal Estate 2AEvent Planning 6-7B
The 2013-14 Sea-son at the NiswongerPerforming ArtsCenter has alreadyproven to be in de-mand. With popu-lar names includingTrace Adkins, KelliePickler, Dave Koz,Michael W. Smith and Broadway’s West Side Story just to name a few,selling out events is certain to be a reality. The Niswonger PerformingArts Center extends an opportunity to purchase tickets in advance of the standard 90 day event ticket release date. Buyers can bundle 3 ormore events and receive the following benets: Advanced TicketingOptions (rst chance at Premier Concert Event tickets for Trace Ad-kins), Priority Seating Selection and 10-20% ticket discount on seasonevents.Being a savvy ticket buyer is easy. When 3-5 events are bundled,a 10% discount is applied to the ticket face value. A 15% discount isapplied when 6 or more events are selected. The season is so powerpacked, choosing a Select Series may be too limiting. The Grand Se-ries includes 19 season events at a 20% discount. By bundling justthree events, ticket buyers gain access to tickets for the Premier Con-cert Event, Trace Adkins. A discount does not apply to Trace Adkinstickets.Select Series buyers, or anyone who bundles 3 or more events, canmake their purchase beginningWednesday, June 26 at noon. The BoxOfce will begin taking orders in person or by phone419-238-6722(NPAC). Select Series & Grand Series ticket purchases with advanceaccess to Trace Adkins tickets must be done through the Box Ofce at10700 State Route 118 S or 419-238-6722(NPAC). Event informationis provided on the website www.npacvw.org. Any single event tickets,if still available, go on sale approximately 90 days prior to the event.Don’t miss the amazement of this season. Purchase early to guaran-tee a seat at the Niswonger, where inspiration is alive!
Mercer Health’s commitment to providing quality,state-of-the-art healthcare to the local community hasbeen reinforced with the implementation of a new Digi-tial Radiology exam room and Siemens Ysio digital ra-diography system. Mercer Health was the first to offerdigital radiology in the local area and continues to bethe only provider in West Central Ohio offering an inhouse Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) unit with anextra large opening (open bore) providing more roomand comfort to patients up to 550 pounds.Lynn Kahlig, Radiology Technician at MercerHealth states, “The new space and equipment allows forsignificant reduction in patient examination and waitingtimes with images available in less than 10 seconds. Inaddition to being faster and more efficient the qualityof images is better all resulting in a quicker and betterdiagnosis.”Unlike traditional X-ray imaging, digital radiogra-phy uses digital x-ray sensors instead of traditional ra-diographic film or computerized radiography systems,allowing for quicker turnaround time. Furthermore, lessradiation can be used to produce a high quality image.Kahlig continues, “The new digital radiographyroom is strategically located near the emergency roomas well as the Cat Scan and MRI units allowing trau-ma patients requiring multiple studies to be imaged asquickly and efficiently as possible.”Mercer Health’s Radiology Department is accred-ited by the American College of Radiology in MRI, CTScanning, Nuclear Medicine and Mammography – as-suring quality care for patients.
Niswonger tickets, bundle eventsand buy early for guaranteed seating
Mercer Health reveals new digitalradiology room and equipment
Two greatproducts – onegreat company!
July 2013
 “Many companies justsend the tapes home withan employee, but there isinherent risk in that. The tapescan be lost or destroyed. The
price benet with DSC for off-
 Then, there is an intangiblepersonal touch.“Rowmark is an upbeatcompany,” says Scott, “andDon is an upbeat guy. He
1001 Lima Avenue
Findlay, Ohio
A Division of Findlay’s Tall Timbers Distribution Center
Committedto exceedingyourexpectations
Findlay Surgery Center Relies On DSCService For Medical, Business Records
“Custom service is superior”
“We have been workingwith the DocumentService Company for over ve years,” says CherylCunningham, Administrator of the Findlay SurgeryCenter. “I have to tell youthat their customer service issuperior.“The Surgery Center openedseven years ago,” sheexplains, “and we do 7,000outpatient surgeries per year.We need to have access toeach of those records, aswell as our business records.“All it takes is a phone call.The people at DocumentServices are veryresponsive. They pull lesimmediately and get themto us. They are pleasant,well organized, and their customer service is superior.“As a medical facility, we areextremely conscious aboutcompliance with HIPAA
regulations concerningpatient condentiality. DSCknows the regulations,follows the regulations for security, and provides uswith signed afdavits to thateffect.”She also likes working with alocal company which has asolid reputation for support of community projects.“DSC also provides securedestruction for records after they have been stored for seven years and leavesa document trail for our records. Their hammermilldestruction process is better than shredding becauseit ensures that documentscannot be reconstructed.“They provide us with verypositive service!”
Wannemacher Total Logisticsannouncespromotions
Sally (Bash) Buchholz was recentlynamed Director of Quality for Wannem-acher Packaging.Among other duties, Buchholz willbe responsible for developing and im-plementing the operational food safetyprocesses necessary to obtain SQF Lev-el III certifications for Wannemacherfacilities. The Liquid Fill plant in VanWert is already SQF Level III certified.Wannemacher’s recently acquired Mid-west Spray Drying facility in Upper San-dusky is slated for upgrades in the nearfuture.Prior to being hired by Wannemacher,Buchholz held the position of Directorof Quality for Lima’s Kettle Creationswhich was recently purchased by BEFFoods. She was also Vice Presidentof Quality for Golden Heritage Foodswhich had plants in Van Wert and Hill-sboro, Kansas.Buchholz is a native of Paulding,Ohio and is currently a resident of Ot-tawa.Wannemacher Packaging is a divi-sion of Wannemacher Total Logistics.WTL was founded in 1991 and includesfreight logistics, distribution services,warehousing, contract packaging, liquidfilling, spray drying, and transportation.Thomas Eachus recently joinedWannemacher Total Logistics as SalesRepresentative.Eachus will be responsible for re-sponsible for prospecting, developingand selling the full gamut of Wannem-acher’s services and products.Eachus’ sales background includesthe position of Regional Account Repre-sentative for The Wasserstrom Compa-ny, a food service supply retailer basedin Columbus. Eachus also has held salespositions for Cooper Tire and KitchenMaid Cabinets.Eachus is married, the father of threechildren and a rsident of Bluffton.Wannemacher Total Logistics wasfounded in 1991 and includes freight lo-gistics, distribution services, warehous-ing, contract packaging, liquid filling,spray drying, and transportation.
July 2013
of West Central Ohio
Volume 22, No. 7Publisher: Donald R. HempleContributing WritersJeffrey Gitomer  Advertising: Donald R. Hemple
The Business Journal is mailed to the top businessleaders in the 13-county region of West CentralOhio. Although information is gathered from sourcesconsidered to be reliable, the accuracy and com-pleteness of the information cannot be guaranteed.Information expressed in The Business Journal doesnot constitute a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any products.Copyright, The Business Journal of West CentralOhio, 2006, All rights reserved. Reproduction or use,without written permission of editorial, photographicor other graphic content in any manner is prohibited.The Business Journal is published monthly at 405 N.Main St., Delphos, OH 45833
Contact UsTelephone 419-999-4762Don Hemple 419-695-0015 ext. 138Marilyn Hoffman 419-695-0015 ext. 131Stacy Prine 419-695-0015 ext. 129toll free 800-589-6950
Mail 405 N. Main St., Delphos, OH 45833-1598
For information concerning news,advertising and subscription e-mail us at:dhemple@delphosherald.comor bizjrnl@delphosherald.comwww.businessjrnl.com
Jane Birckhead, CPCU
 Executive Vice President Trustee - Stepping Stones Center 
Life • Home • Auto • Business • Income
Hukill HazlettHarrington Agency, Inc.
 Insurance Since 1838
FAX: 513-795-5730 • Cell: 513-479-1193Direct Line: 513-619-4621Email: jbirckhead@hhhinsurance.comwww.hhhinsurance.com
Serving the Corporateand Personal CommunityFor Over 30 Years
 Living the Rotary motto:“Service above self” 
By NEIL WINGETBetter Business Bureau
Vacation season is upon us, and manyare already making plans for that big get-away to some far-off exotic destination, aplace to recharge our batteries. We all needa place to get in some serious relaxation be-fore returning to the workday life.Relaxation is the key word here. Youneed to feel that the home place is safe andsecure, or you will be worried about break-ins, fires, floods, etc.There are a lot of precautions you cantake to ease your mind while away, eitherabout your home or about your own per-sonal security.Here are some suggestions that might
Protect yourself while on vacation
make the trip more enjoyable and as worry-free as it can get:1. Do the obvious: Stop mail and paperdelivery. Nothing tips off a burglar quickerthan newspapers piled by the house andmail stuffed in the mailbox. You can ar-range to pick up your mail at the post officewhen you get back.2. If you have a home-security system,make sure it is working and turned on be-fore you leave. This is a major deterrent formost crooks.3. If at all possible, get a house sitter,especially if you are going to be gone morethan a few days. It is important to makeyour home looked “lived in,” and a personcoming and going will be noticed by any-one looking for a break-in opportunity.4. While light timers are a good thing,if you are out of town more than a week orso, it becomes obvious to any crook with amodicum of sense that no one is home.5. Before you leave, go to your bank orcall your credit card vendor and tell themwhere you are going and when you will beback. This can save you a great deal of an-guish and downright panic. Credit card is-suers monitor the use of that piece of plas-tic, and if it shows up outside your normalbuying area, a red flag goes up. They couldfreeze the card, and your purchases couldbe denied.6. Be secure in your hotel or other ac-commodations. Never leave valuables inyour room. The dishonest know where tolook, so hiding them does not help. If theroom has a personal safe, use it. If not,leave valuables you are not taking withyou at the desk, and get a receipt.7. Rental cars are a necessity in this eraof air travel. Before you leave, make sureyour car insurer has you covered. This cansave you from buying extra insurance fromthe rental agency. Make sure you under-stand the terms of the contract before yousign and not just blow it off in your hurry toget out of the airport.8. Check out the condition of the carthoroughly before you sign. Make surethere are no undisclosed dents, bumps,scrapes or cigarette burns in the seats.9. Use sunscreen.10. Count your kids as they get on theplane, and count again when you leave.Don’t laugh; it can happen just like in“Home Alone.” I know someone who lefta child at a rest stop on the interstate anddrove many miles before anyone noticed!Hasta la Vista!
Minster, Dayton & Columbus(800) 713- 3190www.CottermanRoofng.com
otterman &ompany 
• Sales• Service• Leasing
I-75 &SR65, Lima
The Business JournalDistributed in13 counties...

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