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Brain development of aborted babies.

Brain development of aborted babies.

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Published by Spiritus_Films
A brief overview of the rapid development of the human brain.
A brief overview of the rapid development of the human brain.

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Categories:Types, Presentations
Published by: Spiritus_Films on Jul 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Brain development of aborted babies.After the moment of conception a biological miracle occurs.In this video Dr. Nick Spitzer outlines the neuronal development of unborn babies:http://youtu.be/qY829SnAm5M By the 18
day the neural tube has formed. After this stage, the baby
s brain develops at a phenomenalrate. 250,000 new neurons are formed every minute! And by the 5
week all five basic regions of thebrain have formed. Most of us have no idea how rapidly life develops because we
’re not
scientists. Forexample, a queen bee takes only 16 days to fully develop!
 After that she is walking around the beehive.For decades the abortion industry has painted its victims as sub-human, undifferentiated blobs of cells.And this lie was spread so that pastors, politicians, and the public could more easily digest abortion as aform of birth control. And their propaganda was a great success: in the United States 46% of allabortions are the result of couples that engaged in unprotected sex (no birth control was used). This hasresulted in the death of 552,000 babies annually that were dismembered because of sexualirresponsibility
and half of these couples had done it once before.The other 54%
of couples getting abortions (648,000) were using birth control that failed, shattering themyth of 
safe sex
And half of them were also repeating the same mistake twice.
 Abortionists attempt to disguise the fetal development of their victims by telling us most abortions takeplace at
“less than 9 weeks”.
Meanwhile, the public has no idea what that entails. The truth is thatnearly every abortion that occurs in America is performed on a baby that has a beating heart and adeveloping brain by the 3
or 4
 And yet U.S. politicians debate whether abortion after the 5
month is moral? Who among us couldcrush a baby in our hands that we knew had a beating heart and a developing brain by the 4
week? Isuspect very few men and women of conscience could be that heartless.And so they
ve chosen surrogates who for the right price will do their dirty work.And it happens 3,287 times a day in the United States at the hands of licensed physicians, an ignobleprofession that sold its soul to become paid executioners. And yet the world is silent to this humanrights tragedy, except in those countries fighting to have the injustice of abortion made legal in theirland.And those politicians view themselves as
“heroes” rather than traitors.
Perhaps abortionist politicians should imagine themselves holding an unborn baby in their hands with abeating heart and rapidly developing brain, and then ask themselves this question,
“If I’m
unable tomurder this child
… why should I create legislation that
will allow someone else to do it for me?

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