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Great Outdoors 2013

Great Outdoors 2013

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Published by Aiken Standard
Great Outdoors 2013
Great Outdoors 2013

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Published by: Aiken Standard on Jul 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sunday, June 30, 2013
Family vacations are a tradition ormillions o amilies across the globe. Such vacations have declined in number overthe last several years, when many amilieswere orced to cut expenses in the midsto a struggling economy.Tough the economy has gradually begun to rebound, amilies with reshmemories are still reticent to committo costly vacations. One o the moreaordable and amily-riendly vacationoptions is camping. Families get thechance to experience some o nature’smost idyllic settings at a raction o the cost o expensive resort vacations.But beore venturing out in the greatoutdoors, a amily should consider theollowing tips to ensure their camping vacation is a swimming success.
• Research the weather. Before
choosing a campsite, get a rm graspo what to expect rom Mother Nature
while you’re there. Research weather
patterns and how much the weather can vary during the time o year when youwill be vacationing. Does the weatheructuate signicantly during the daytimeand nighttime hours? Is rain likely or unlikely? Weather conditions willdictate which gear is necessary or thetrip, and amilies might want to avoidcampgrounds that are requented by rain. Adults might be able to cope witha rainstorm or two, but such conditionsmay make everyone miserable.
• Find an activity-friendly campground.
When looking or a campground, look or one that boasts a lot o activities.Adults might enjoy the simple relaxationo camping, but kids will likely needmore to do. Look or a campground thatcan oer activities the children will like,such as hiking, kayaking, rafing, or evenmountain biking.
• Determine who you are as campers.
Not all campers enjoy the rustic lieo camping. Some need to combinecamping with the amenities o modernlie, including running water and toiletsthat ush. Campers should be honestwith themselves in regards to theirneeds in amenities when researchingcampgrounds. I you and your amily will need a shower, consider renting an
RV for the trip or choose a campground
with accessible showers and restrooms.
Veteran campers might sco at such
amenities, but amilies would likely preersome combination o roughing it in thewild and modern day living.
• Get the right gear. Entry to many 
campgrounds is ree or nearly ree.However, camping gear could costmoney. Te good thing about campinggear is it’s reusable. I this year’s campingtrip is a success, then next year’s trip
won’t cost nearly as much. Visit a local
camping store and explain your situation,including what you hope to get out o the camping trip and where you’ll beheading. An associate should be ableto help you nd the right gear or yourtrip, including a tent, lights, a waterlter, cooking materials, and inatablemattresses. Te materials needed or asuccessul camping trip are many, butagain these materials are reusable and canlast a lietime i amilies choose the rightgear.
• Stock up on the essentials. Once
you have purchased the right gear, don’torget to stock up on the other essentials.Particularly during the warmer months,campgrounds can be very hot and insectsabound. Be sure to bring adequateamounts o sunscreen and bug spray and
apply each liberally every day. Even if the
sky is overcast, apply sunscreen to avoidpainul sunburn. Other essentials includetoilet paper (bring more than you expectto use), bottled water, plates and utensils,and garbage bags. Be sure to bring extragarbage bags to avoid littering in thecampground.
• Don’t forget to have fun. Families
should emphasize having un when visiting the campground. Becausecamping is not a resort-style vacation,it’s up to Mom and Dad to entertain thekids. Bring along a guitar or a campresing-a-long, and pack a ew board gamesthe amily can enjoy under the stars atnight. I a nearby park is known or beingespecially amily-riendly, consider itas a campsite. Kids might meet ellow campers their own age and make somenew riends.
Camping 101:
Make your family camping trip a success
A amily-riendly campground withplenty o activitiesor kids to haveun and makenew riends ofenmakes the ideallocation or a amily camping trip.
Sunday, June 30, 2013
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