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Christ the High Priest.

Christ the High Priest.

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Published by glennpease


HEB. vn. 26.

For Bach a high priest became m, who is holy, harmless, nndefiled, se-
parate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.


HEB. vn. 26.

For Bach a high priest became m, who is holy, harmless, nndefiled, se-
parate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHRIST THE HIGH PRIEST.REV. EDWARD D. GRIFFI, D. D.HEB. vn. 26.For Bach a high priest became m, who is holy, harmless, nndefiled, se-parate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens.When believers get to heaven, much of theirhappiness will arise from views of Christ which theywill wonder they did not more fully possess on earth.Their most ravishing views will be those of hispriestly office. Any being, (had wisdom so ap-pointed,) might have instructed the world as a pro-phet, and perhaps governed it as a king; but tobring a guilty race to God by sacrifice and interces-sion, this is the mystery into which the angels de-sire to look. A cordial belief of this is the princi-pal attribute of saving faith.Probably the priesthood of Christ is not suffi-ciently dwelt upon in the contemplations of chris-tians or in the preaching of ministers. Some arealways poring upon divine government; others,80 THE HIGH PRIKST.upon the general grace of God to men, withoutconsidering the medium through which it comes.But the priesthood of Christ is so much the pivot onwhich the whole system of Christianity turns, that itought to hold a conspicuous place in the religionof the Church. Great stress is laid upon it in thewritings of the apostles. At every turn they intro-duce it as the only basis of the christian's hope.This is the case especially in the Epistle to the He-
brews. This Epistle was addressed to the IsraeUteswho were strongly attached to the law of Moses,and wtxH designed to remove that attachment bynhowing thorn that the rites connected with the Le-vitical priesthood were only types of what ChristwiiH U) i^ttrfonn in his pontifical character. ThusiUams ty{>es not only prefigured to the Jews a Sa-viour Up amuif but arc made to assist the weak ap-fffitUi'MHiouH of Christians to the end of the world,mul mtryi% fi steps by which they may climb to seei\u^ bif(b and transcendent mysteries of the atone-iiM;fii. Ill this Epistle the most remarkable and in-^UnrMsii typi5H arc pressed into the service of thecUmimii church, and are employed to illustrate a|M/iiit i»o difiicult of apprehension as the ofiice work of nnt great high priest.Aaron was the high priest of one nation ; Christin liuj high priest of a world. It belonged to theJewish high priost lo iiiHtruct the people ; and Christ,HM a prophet, iriMf ructs the world. It belonged toikm Jewish high priest to rule over the house of iiiH\ ( and CAimi m exalted to dominion over thecliiirch ami ovi^r Uid universe. The names of theTHE HIGH PBIB8T. 81twelve tribes were engraven on the stones of theephod and borne upon the shoulders of the highpriest; and Christ supports his people with a strengththat never tires. But the more appropriate busi-ness of the Jewish high priest was to appease thewrath of God by sacrifice and intercession. Letus trace a little more particularly the resemblancebetween the type and the antitjrpe in this and otherrespects.1. It was a circumstance of vital importance that
the Jewish high priest was not self-appointed, butordained of God. ^^o man taketh this honor untohimself, but he that is called of God as was Aaron.So also Christ glorified not himself to be made ahigh priest, but he that said unto him. Thou art mySon, to-day have I begotten thee. As he saith alsoin another place. Thou art a priest forever after theorder of Melcfaisedec.'' As the Jewish high priestwas divinely i^pointed, it happened of course thatwhen he ofiered sacrifice and intercession for thepeople, Grod accepted the offering, and in his pro-vidence treated the people like a Father. This wasthe sure efifect of his being ordained of God. Butthis circumstance gives still greater confidence inthe case of Christ ; ^* inasmuch as not unthout anoath he was made priest. For those priests weremade without an oath, but this with an oath, by himthat said unto him, The Lord swore and will notrepent. Thou art a priest forever after the order of Melchisedec.'' By a similar oath God has confirm-ed the promise to the church. ^^For when Godmade promise to Abraham, [of the blessings whichYoL. n. 1182 THE HIGH PaiSST.should come to the world through his Seed,] be-cause he could swear by no greater he swore by him-self ; — that by two immutable things in which it wasimpossible for God to lie, we might have a strongconsolation who have fled for refuge to lay holdupon the hope set before us."The appointment of Christ to the priestly officewas then Grod's own act, confirmed by an oath.We may therefore be assured that it wiU answer thepurpose, and that his offering as a priest wiU cer-

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