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Published by glennpease

1 Corinthians xi, 24. "This do in remembrance of Me."

1 Corinthians xi, 24. "This do in remembrance of Me."

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 03, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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DO THIS.BY HERY ALEXADER DOUGLAS1 Corinthians xi, 24. "This do in remembrance of Me."I EED hardly remind you whose words these are,or at what time they were spoken. I may callthem the dying words of Him Who so loved us aswe can never love Him. On the evening of the daybefore He suffered, He i-ehearsed that aweful sacrificewhich was soon to be offered up for us on theaccursed tree^ and He asked, or I should say comrmanded, His disciples that His death should be shownforth until His second coming, by the eating of thatbread which is His Body, and the drinking of thatwine which is His Blood. " This do in remembranceof Me.^' It is His own command and His ownreason. He speaks in the imperative — " Do this/'And He adds the reason on account of which wemust do it, "in remembrance of Me.'* 'Do this,that the memory of My love may not be lost uponthe earth. Let it never be forgotten, as long as timeshall last, that X did the thing which here is signified.I am about to die that all the world may live. Letthis be published everywhere and always. Be thisan ordinance for ever, that all m^kind may knowthat I have died for them^ and knowing this mayUve/Digitized byCjOOQlC162 DO THIS. [SERM.I. " Do this." There is a distinct command. Thevoice of Him who spake as never man spake — thevoice which rebuked disease and disease departed — 
the voice which '* rebuked the winds and the sea, anddiere was a great calm" — ^the voice which said to thedead "Arise," and they lived again — ^the voice of Christ is the voice which speaks here, and what itspeaks is a command. In its tone there is authority.The mood in which it speaks is not indicative. Hesays not. This I do, or this I will do, or this I havedone, and it concerns Me only. or is it conditional,This you may do if you will, or might do if it seemgood to you. But it speaks in that mood in whichcommands are given. This you are to do. This youmust do. " Do this.'* It is the voice of a superioraddressing those who are beneath Him. The Shep-herd directs His sheep. The Head of the Churchgives orders to His members. The King of the trueIsrael issues His commands.That every Christian should take part in that mostholy ordinance which commemorates the dying loveof Christ is an express command. Christ Himself commands it. If I would I might say more. Imight say that it is an honour, a blessing, a privilege,but I now say nothing but what we learn here. It isa duty^ for it is a clear, distinct command. We arebound to do this. To do this is not an act of superserogation. He who does this is not a man whogoes beyond what eveiy Christian is bound to do ;but not to do this is to fall short of that which is abinding obligation, from which nothing but necessityc^ set a Christian free. He who does this can onlysay, ^ I am an unprofitable servant; I have donethat which it was my duty to do.' And he who doesDigitized byCjOOQlCXIII.] BO THIS. 163
it not omits a plain duty, and therefore is perpetuallyguilty of a known intelligible sin.othing can be plainer. Our Lord might havelaid down the precept in a long sentence and manywords ; and length and multiplicity might have givenroom for' doubt and misconstruction to those whowere unwilling to see tlie truth, but the command isshort and simple. Two words contain it, and lan-guage might look in vain for clearer words. " Dothis." He does an act before them which they seewith their eyes. He takes bread ; He blesses it ; Hebreaks it before them ; He gives it to them to eat,saying, " This is My Body." He takes wine, andblesses it, and gives it to them to drink, sayings" This is My Blood." And as He gives them each of these He tells them, " This do," 'Do this which yehave seen me do. As ye have seen Me break breadand give it you, and then take wine and give youthat also, so do ye the same. This that I have doneyou must do.' A plainer, simpler, more precisecommand could scarcely have been given. It iscontained in two words, and those as short as th yare. clear. It is impossible to mistake their meaningor our own duty. " Do this."And to know this is to know enough. When Godcommands there is an end to doubt or argument* Aman has nothing to do but to act on it at once andobey. There may sometimes be a doubt whether thisor tfiat be really Gt)d's will and Grod's law, and solong as there is room for doubt there is excuse forhesitation ; but when doubt ends obedience must atonce begin. To hesitate and ask the reasons for aplain duty is manifest sin.At the same time I may say this. There is a good

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