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Intelligent Mobility Aid Aims to Replace the Cane

Intelligent Mobility Aid Aims to Replace the Cane

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on Jul 04, 2013
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SOURCE: Isowalk 
 July 02, 2013 20:02 ET
Intelligent Mobility Aid Aims to Replace theCane
Crowdfunded Startup Isowalk Unveils Revolutionary Walking Technology
  NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jul 2, 2013) - Isowalk, arevolutionary mobility aid that provides active, personalized walkingassistance to every kind of user, has made its debut on the popular crowdfunding site, Indiegogo.The campaign was launched in conjunction with Isowalk's publicunveiling at the CE Week Expo in New York, June 26-27. The next-generation mobility aid was featured in the expo's flagship event, theFashionWare fashion show of wearable technology.Isowalk's radical design makes it self propulsive, and a host of ergonomic and biomechanical advances provide active, intelligentwalking assistance that conforms to each individual user and everyindividual step. Isowalk's numerous innovations have already beenawarded two U.S. patents."We're thrilled to introduce Isowalk through Indiegogo, which has become the most vital crowdfunding venue in the health and wellnesssectors," said company founder and CEO Ron Goldberg. "Isowalk'shuman-facing technology fills a need that's universal and very much inthe spirit of the 'crowd' -- we all know someone who needs help withwalking at one time or another.
Our beta models have electrified everyone that's seen and used them.Through this campaign, we will not only bring Isowalk to market, butalso add the intelligence that will make it an important new smart objectfor digital health applications."Added Robin Raskin, CEO of Living in Digital Times and Producer of Digital Health Summit, "Despite the rapid march of technology, thecane's design and feature set has remained virtually unchanged untilnow. Isowalk goes beyond the cane. It's an intelligent mobility devicethat's a mashup of the best materials, connectivity and ergonomics in arevolutionary new design. At our recent FashionWare event, there werelines of media waiting to try Isowalk out."Isowalk is a dramatic breakthrough beyond the cane, which is likely theworld's oldest technology. Using the latest advances in ergonomics,materials, aerospace-inspired engineering, and modern aesthetics,Isowalk becomes a natural extension of the body, moving with and for the user's every step. It provides virtually effortless walking assistance,with leverage, stability and comfort that conforms to each user, andstyling that eliminates the stigma of using a cane.
Transformational Technology
Isowalk's native biomechanical intelligence starts with itsgroundbreaking geometry. First, a unique semi-spherical handle alignsthe hand, wrist and arm into ideal orthopedic positions, eliminatingstrain and maximizing leverage. Next, Isowalk's innovative center of gravity produces a pendulum action that advances automatically for eachnew step, to or from any angle, with virtually no effort required.
Isowalk is also a personalized technology. A patented omnidirectionalshock relief system conforms itself to each user's weight, force andspecific gait, providing customized cushioning at any angle. Isowalk'shand grip, modeled from fine bicycles and reversible for left and righthanded users, intelligently distributes weight and eliminates both thedirect and associated body strains inherent to cane use.Isowalk's novel tip offers triple the ground contact of a conventionalcane tip, for dramatically improved stability and safety. A series of thincarbon fiber shafts, stronger than steel but lighter than aluminum,replace conventional aluminum tubes and wooden rods, and make adistinctive visual statement.
Digital Applications
Isowalk's crowdfunded Indiegogo campaign will also propel thedeployment of the wireless platform that enables a host of smartapplications for this breakthrough device. 'Smart' Isowalk models cantransmit alerts, monitor and archive wellness and recovery data, provideshort and long range location feedback and more. Noted Goldberg,"Isowalk will be an important new carrier for connected applications. It'swearable technology that the user doesn't have to wear."With a successful campaign, Isowalk is slated for a public unveiling atthe January 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Indiegogocontributors will receive the first models, and general availability via e-commerce will follow.Isowalk's Indiegogo campaign runs through July 25. Contributor perksand demos of Isowalk features can be seen at:

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