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Celibacy - Questions and Answers

Celibacy - Questions and Answers

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Published by Sex Free Life
Good answers to some of the interesting questions on celibacy. For more details, free articles, songs, videos and life changing books, visit- http://sexfreelife.blogspot.in/
Post your valuable suggestions, queries, personal problems and feedback free here:
Email id: sexfreelife.sex@gmail.com
Good answers to some of the interesting questions on celibacy. For more details, free articles, songs, videos and life changing books, visit- http://sexfreelife.blogspot.in/
Post your valuable suggestions, queries, personal problems and feedback free here:
Email id: sexfreelife.sex@gmail.com

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Published by: Sex Free Life on Jul 04, 2013
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http://en.allexperts.com/q/Celibacy-Abstinence-3564/***QuestionHello Sir,Suppose an adolescent gets caught in pornography's trap and gets addicted to masturbation in his late teens and early twenties. Does his continued indulgence introduce demoniac entities into his gross body? Also, when he hugs his parents, does the bad karma get transferred to parents (or anyone else he interacts with)also?How can one develop sufficient strength and will power to completely eliminate such tendencies, which are deep rooted in one's consciousness ?AnswerHello Amit,Hope you are keeping well. Coming to the answers,Demonic entities are astral in nature and hence invade the astral body. Indulging in pornography and masturbation drains the body of positive Prana and thus attracts decay, degeneration and negative energies. This results in corrupting themind, body and the psyche and thus leads to overall downfall in every sphere oflife. Since negative entities associate themselves with negative acts, long indulgence in porn related activities does make one come under the influence of negative tendencies and entities.Hugging a person cannot transfer one's karma to the other under normal circumstances. However, as in the case of constant association, the vibrations given outby a person affect the minds of those around him or her. We feel positive and divine in the company of the pious and virtuous and become negative in the companyof wicked and evil people.Success in attaining a pure state of mind comes after a long time based on one'spast karma further to constant efforts, determination and honesty in the practice of virtue and purity. The only way one can develop strength is to indulge inrightful action, shun wrong action, keep one's thoughts pure and lead a lifestyle of virtue, discipline and constant prayer to God.God bless and have a nice day :-)Dhananjay***QuestionIs it true that by long practise of brahmacharya and conquering wet dreams one can get a steel body! I say this because I am practising martial arts (Wing Chung) and would like to gain a big advantage- as well as physical training! I know Lord Hanuman is a perfect brahmachari. Can one develop even a steel body like Superman if one reaches the level of urdhavereta!AnswerHello Sanj,Trust you are fine. Coming to the answer,The conservation and transmutation of semen without wastage through proper meansinvolving physical, mental and spiritual activity results in the body to gradually tend towards a stage where it produces lesser and lesser quantities of 'physical' or gross semen and instead the 'Prana' or vital energy directly goes intothe body, brain and intellect to give superlative abilities. One must remember that physical semen is the gross representation of Prana or vital energy. Semen i
s the physical medium through which the subtle life energy present within succeeds in creating another human being (through reproduction). In other words this implies that a reversal of this outward flow in an inward direction enriches, empowers and superpowers the life energy and ability of the person.In a person who is a complete Urdhvareta, the physical production of semen is completely arrested further to a complete control and mastery over 'Prana' or lifeenergy. Such a person is beyond the state of lust, temptation and all the 6 negative traits and is in complete realization of the fact that he is only an extension of 'Brahman' or the Almighty. Since his individual ego is completely destroyed and this has made him relate himself only as an extension of the Almighty, such a person rests in a state where his Brahmacharya is effortless and natural.This state he is able to achieve and maintain further to realization of the factthat he is the soul which is just a fragment of the Almighty and not the body,mind, consciousness or ego. This is a very advanced state that is almost beyondthe comprehension of the layman who thinks he is the body or the mind. Only a few years of honest and true Brahmacharya can help one start to realize the entirety of this state.Further to reaching such a state, the superhuman powers that already exist within the soul start to manifest within the Urdhvareta. He would depend very littleon his physical body and instead used his mind fueled by the power of the soul to accomplish things in the gross world. This gives him the ability to 'think' his way into things that he wants to accomplish. He can 'will' for something for happen and it happens. But again, since his will, thought and action are mirror reflections of the Almighty further to dissolution of the individual ego, what hedoes is fully within the laws and bounds of the Universal will (Gods will) andnever beyond. Hence such a person will never commit any wrong by the use of these powers and instead makes use of them only under divine permission and under rightful necessity.As one starts the practice of Brahmacharya and succeeds in longer and longer periods of celibacy and finally unbroken Brahmacharya, the physical and astral toxins present within gradually vacate over a period of time. Elimination of these toxins is generally represented by the onset of some form of brief illness or disease. The suffering and pain that the Brahmachari endures through the illness works out the negative karma (the cause of the toxin or impurity) which was embedded within due to past misdeeds and burn it out. As and when layer by layer of these impurities burn out and vacate (for ever), the body becomes that much stronger and impregnable to further disease or debility. It develops the strength andpower to become stainless and untouched by external factors fueled by the powerof the soul. Finally upon reaching the complete state of an Urdhvareta, the Yogidevelops what is called as 'Yogagnimayam Shariram' or the body purified by thepower of Yoga. Such a body is akin to a body made of steel and is resistant to all forms of degeneration and decay except that dictated by 'Prarabdha karma' orthat karma which has to be worked out in the present life. Great physical and mental feats can be easily carried out further to achieving such a state.God bless and have a nice day :-)Dhananjay***QuestionDear dhananjay First of all wish u happy holi.I am quite comfortable with celibacy but i have no control over anger(krodh),greed(lobha),moha and ahankara. I want to ask you can i become successful in controlling these just by becoming celibate?Plz suggest me some books which can be helpful in self-realization.AnswerHello Neeraj,
Wish you also a Happy Holi. Coming to the answers,Lust, anger, attachment, greed, arrogance and jealousy (called 'Arishadvargas) are the six negative traits that bind man to delusion and deprive him of the bliss and well being that are in truth his default nature. They are the result of ignorance and in turn breed more ignorance causing a vicious cycle. The practice of Brahmacharya in thought, word and deed with constant God-meditation will gradually make one realize the fallacy of indulging in these six impediments to soulbliss and will help one in negating them. What is important is to constantly remember that indulgence in any one of these six traits leads to loss in 'Prana' orvital energy and will cause a downfall of the aspirant in terms of his net progress in all walks of life both spiritual and material.For this reason, one should constantly remind oneself that we are the 'Atman' orsoul which in reality is unblemished, stainless and untainted by the happeningsaround us and not get instigated into a state represented by the above six traits. With constant God-meditation and a virtuous mode of Brahmacharya, this aim can be accomplished to a considerable extent further to crossing a year of unbroken celibacy. After a year's practice, one can observe more concrete progress interms of a further reduction in the tendency to succumb to any of the six. Whatis required is constant determination and perseverance to refrain from getting fired up by these traits and remind oneself to stay unruffled around the happenings in the world along with the practice of Brahmacharya.The Bhagavad-Gita would be the most practical and user friendly guide for an aspirant aiming for self realization. It is a perfect pointer of the path to be taken for spiritual growth, confirming to the practical application of how to implement ideals. Opt for the summary on the Bhagavad-Gita written by Shri 'Paramahansa Yogananda' published by the self-realization fellowship. This is a book of priceless value to the Yogi.God bless and have a nice day :-)Dhananjay***QuestionHi Dhanajay,Applying one's will power to observe celibacy means its not something which comes by itself unconsciously or without effort... So what should be the right reason for anyone to convince himself ( in the core of his heart) to observe celibacy?Also I guess many times the scriptures themselves may talk in contradictory terms that some times its good to control senses and some times its not good and soon... Please share your understanding on this ..AnswerHello Chandrasekar,Hope you are doing good. Coming to the query,Q: Why should one practice Brahmacharya?A: Can a mirror covered with dust shine and reflect an image? NO. One cannot seeone's reflection in a mirror covered by dust. Reflecting an image does not come'naturally' to the dust covered mirror. Does this mean it is against the natureof the mirror to reflect? NO. It only means that that the layer of dust covering the mirror is obstructing the 'true nature' of the mirror to reflect and shinein all grandeur. If one were to take the effort of cleaning and polishing the mirror, the very same mirror that appeared dull and lifeless would shine in splendor and give the exact reflection of the object placed before it.

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