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Published by James Bradley
The proactive response to the 1% and the neglected 99% of 7.08 billion - economic failure of the business world, world-wide poverty and unemployment
The proactive response to the 1% and the neglected 99% of 7.08 billion - economic failure of the business world, world-wide poverty and unemployment

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Published by: James Bradley on Jul 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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James L BradleyJuly 4
, 2013
During a chilly December evening some 110 men (plus or minus), somedressed as Mohawk warriors, lit a small flame that would eventually morphinto the American Revolution. On December 16
, 1773, over 239 years and6-months from today these men (
Sons of Liberty 
) revolted against the BritishGovernment and the passage of the “Tea Act” by the British Parliament whichhad received royal blessing on May 10
, 1773. The
Tea Act 
was, like today’s politics, became an “Act” to help the BritishEast India Company reduce the stock pile of tea in the warehouses of thefinancially desperate company. Sort of reminds you of the company namedHalliburton, financially on the brink caused by the actions of Dick Cheney asits President, who later as the VP of the USA with the assistance of a few onthe banks of the Potomac awarded a sole source contract to them to“manage” the War in Iraq.It would take another 16-months and 3-days before the 1
battles betweenthe Crown and the Revolutionists at Lexington and Concord, historical recordsare cloudy on who it was that actually fired the first shot at Lexington on April19
, 1775 – but never-the-less
 American Revolutionary War 
had began.Why? – Simple over a push by the East India Company to save their bottomline! Beginning in that day in April the war would last until the “
Treaty of Paris
” was endorsed some 8-years, 4-months, and 25-days later. At the endof the War, America was to loose 25,000 of their population, the British20,000 soldiers dead or wounded, along with 19,740 British sailors, with anadditional 42,000 deserting the British Royal Navy – at any event a costly endto save the bottom line of a corporation.
In conversations spread across the planet, from time-to-time, you’ll hearmurmurs that it “might” be time for a world-wide revolution, a movement setto the drum beat of shedding the control of 7.093 billion people by the 50million wealthy elite. When you research the values of our system, one of themany facts you see is that over 6.74 billion (95%) exist on less than $10 perday and that over 40% of the global population only accounts for less than5% of the global income, and that the well-off (less than 10%) account forover 75% of the planets income.If, by chance , you’re one to keep even the slightest attention to the worldaround you, you’d see that way less than 3.16 million in the USA control “all”the political power, hold more than half the wealth, and are supposed to pay,“they claim”, the majority of taxes despite the mile deep and wide taxloopholes and their hidden assets overseas. It is no surprise that “they”merely consider the remaining 99% just as so much “filler”, conditioned tobuy every latest fad, heavy interest loaded mortgages (with a surprisingnumber of them under water), and trained to watching 2-hours of prime-timecommercials daily, along with after 9-11 a great many of their personalfreedoms cast aside in the name of National Security. Never mind the factthat the last time anything close to Democracy in America was around thetime that the Wright brothers were breaking their backs and cracking theirknuckles attempting to defy gravity and soar like an Eagle.In reality it isn’t so much that these select few control the dollar, it is whatthey do with their excess profits, ripping and destroying the environment intheir thirst for more dollars. I agree that the climate is “changing”, witnessthe latest change in that stream of air high above our northern land mass – agood example being the massive clear air above the largest State in the USA.An yet, I also know that “man” has to be pretty conceited to believe it is justhe alone that is causing the change, albeit he might be tickling theenvironment helping it to an earlier event than just nature. The “primary”headlines in some periodicals point to increasing levels of CO
– now up to400ppm in our atmosphere, while other notes point to the fact that ouroceans chemical (PH) balance is moving negative, which by the way willdecrease the oceans ability to hold the CO
at lower levels, in other words theoceans are our planets largest carbon bank. Riding along with the increasing
is the additional release of Methane (CH
), which at the present momentis the 2
most prevalent “greenhouse gas (CHG)emitted across thenorthern hemisphere (at least 25x more potent than CO
) – as in the vastareas of land mass in Alaska, Canada, and Siberia (24% is permafrost, whichis anything but permanent) warms expect this gas to far exceed the output of CO
now at 1.79ppm, doubling over the last 100 years.Now it wouldn’t be fair to point “all” our fingers at the well-off, but it ishard not to when you read or see their influence of the governments of theworld where in the name of profits they bend and twist existingenvironmental laws while creating new laws that exempt them from any legalactions coming from the people who are effected by their manipulations.With this blatant disregard for the 99% outside of their circle, along with thecontrol that they have over sitting governments they smile and mutter“screw you” as they march across the landscape using it as if it was their ownbackyard – so be it, in this a good part of the population falls by the way sideas they pile stacks of gold in their personal vaults. After-all it is the “freeenterprise” system, and the door is open to those who really “work hard” to join the march, by hook or crook.It was just but a few days ago that President Obama speaking atGeorgetown University remarked, “As a president, as a father and as anAmerican, I am here to say we need to act.” This in reference to “climatechange”, he also went on to say pointing at the critics who deny that “climatechange” is a real thing, “I don’t have much patience for anyone who deniesthat this challenge is real, we don’t have time for a meeting of the FLATEARTH SOCIETY.”It wasn’t but a few short minutes after the cones of the speakers at theUniversity had stopped vibrating that the puppet leaders of our nationsCongress were shouting to the world, that POTUS was smoking weed orsomething like that – naturally their back pocket stuffed full of “contributions”from the fossil fuel industry. For the first time in a very long time, thesedangling leaders on a monetary string mentioned “jobs”, jobs that would belost if regulations would be enforced concerning the release of carbon andother harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. Smacks of the East IndiaCompany complaints doesn’t it?

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