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ARCTT 2013

ARCTT 2013

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Published by Giuseppe Riva

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Published by: Giuseppe Riva on Jul 04, 2013
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Studies in Health Technology andInformatics
This book series was started in 1990 to promote research conducted under the auspices of the ECprogrammes’ Advanced Informatics in Medicine (AIM) and Biomedical and Health Research(BHR) bioengineering branch. A driving aspect of international health informatics is thattelecommunication technology, rehabilitative technology, intelligent home technology and manyother components are moving together and form one integrated world of information andcommunication media. The series has been accepted by MEDLINE/PubMed, SciVerse Scopus,EMCare, Book Citation Index – Science and Thomson Reuters’ Conference Proceedings CitationIndex.Series Editors:Dr. O. Bodenreider, Dr. J.P. Christensen, Prof. G. de Moor, Prof. A. Famili, Dr. U. Fors,Prof. A. Hasman, Prof. E.J.S. Hovenga, Prof. L. Hunter, Dr. I. Iakovidis, Dr. Z. Kolitsi,Mr. O. Le Dour, Dr. A. Lymberis, Prof. J. Mantas, Prof. M.A. Musen, Prof. P.F. Niederer,Prof. A. Pedotti, Prof. O. Rienhoff, Prof. F.H. Roger France, Dr. N. Rossing,Prof. N. Saranummi, Dr. E.R. Siegel, Prof. T. Solomonides and Dr. P. Wilson
Volume 191
 Recently published in this series
Vol. 190. J. Mantas and A. Hasman (Eds.), Informatics, Management and Technology inHealthcareVol. 189. B. Blobel, P. Pharow and L. Parv (Eds.), pHealth 2013 – Proceedings of the 10thInternational Conference on Wearable Micro and Nano Technologies for PersonalizedHealth, June 26–28, 2013, Tallinn, Estonia Vol. 188. H. Grain and L.K. Schaper (Eds.), Health Informatics: Digital Health ServiceDelivery – The Future Is Now! – Selected Papers from the 21st Australian NationalHealth Informatics Conference (HIC 2013)Vol. 187. S. Schmidt and O. Rienhoff (Eds.), Interdisciplinary Assessment of Personal HealthMonitoringVol. 186. B. Blobel, A. Hasman and J. Zvárová (Eds.), Data and Knowledge for MedicalDecision Support – Proceedings of the EFMI Special Topic Conference,17–19 April 2013, Prague, Czech RepublicVol. 185. S. Cohen (Ed.), Biophotonics in Pathology – Pathology at the CrossroadsVol. 184. J.D. Westwood, S.W. Westwood, L. Felländer-Tsai, R.S. Haluck, R.A. Robb,S. Senger and K.G. Vosburgh (Eds.), Medicine Meets Virtual Reality 20 –  NextMed / MMVR20Vol. 183. K.L. Courtney, O. Shabestari and A. Kuo (Eds.), Enabling Health and Healthcarethrough ICT – Available, Tailored and CloserISSN 0926-9630 (print)ISSN 1879-8365 (online)
Annual Review of Cybertherapyand Telemedicine 2013
Positive Technology and Health Engagement for Healthy Livingand Active AgeingEdited by
Brenda K. Wiederhold
 Interactive Media Institute, San Diego, CA, USAVirtual Reality Medical Institute, Brussels, Belgium
Giuseppe Riva
Catholic University of Milan, Milano, Italy Istituto Auxologico Italiano, Milano, Italy
Washington, DC

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