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The Matrix Deciphered Prerelease by the Saint Dr. Robert Duncan

The Matrix Deciphered Prerelease by the Saint Dr. Robert Duncan

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Published by Chris Lissa Myers

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Published by: Chris Lissa Myers on Jul 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a Pre-Release Copy. Edits Are Still Being Made.
Psychic Warfare – The Top Secret Mind Interfacing Technology
Decrypted by
The Sain
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This is a Pre-Release Copy. Edits Are Still Being Made.
This report details the best civilian knowledge about the US governmentslatest research into neurological weapons. It is a timely critique onAmericas current political plight. And it contains testimony froma Harvardgraduate and former department of defense scientist who was tortured for ayear by the CIA using the same systemthat was used on SaddamHussein in1992. This is a full disclosure of the long running randomhuman weaponstesting conducted on worldwide citizens for advancing the killing capabilityof this very secret weapons systemand the methods used to cover it up.
Who should read this book
Venture Capitalists
who want an early insight into the next displacing technology.
Military, DoD and justice department personnel
will gain insight into some of theactivities they are not cleared to know about but unwittingly participate in.
Psychologists and Psychiatrists
who study bipolar, paranoid schizophrenia, satanic ritualabuse, alien abductees, and false memories - it explains how these conditions truly arise in manycases. They need to update their knowledge in this area because many famous doctors have beenmisdiagnosing neurological weapons test victims.
Foreign governments
especially ambassadors need to know how the CIA and military areengineering war, terrorism, and social change using these weapons in other countries
involved in research of bioelectric and biomagnetic fields, biocommunications orneural science - so they understand how their research is being used in the most antidemocraticways imaginable.
Medical research scientists
who are unknowingly involved in torture and killing of testsubjects in
accepting CIA, DoD, and DARPA grants.
Social scientists
who are interested in better understanding trends and populationbehavior control mechanisms implemented in the U.S.
Law students and political scientists
who can appreciate how carefully laws need to beworded in order to avoid abuse by the corrupt individuals who will "creatively" reinterpret them withgrave long term consequences for their own personal glorification.
But most of all, it is an important work for the
common man
to understand howgovernment when unchecked can spin out of control. Understanding how we are programmed, canfree us from those influences.
About the Cover
If you can read the 3-D words in the matrix code your brain is capable of seeing larger  patterns and integrating them. You are a potential threat of exposure to the shadowconspirators. You are what they call psychic, a higher order thinker. You may be next ontheir list.
Copyright 2006 Higher Order Thinkers Publishing
This is a Pre-Release Copy. Edits Are Still Being Made.
This book is dedicated t
all people of the worldwho are still honorable enough to tell the truth,inquisitive enough to ask the hard questions, and braveenough to challenge and improve the system.The universe harmonizes in her musical dreams,Creating and destroying resonating beams,Fromhellish fire her birth could be seen,Her wrinkles of time unfold at their seams...

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