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Indian Weekender #103

Indian Weekender #103

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Published by Indian Weekender
Vol 5 issue 5
Vol 5 issue 5

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Published by: Indian Weekender on Jul 04, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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www.iwk.co.nz5 July 2013
5 July, 2013 Vol. 5 Issue 5 | www.iwk.co.nz
The leading Kiwi Indian fortnightly newspaper 
ANZ Bank New Zealand Limited.
ANZ14440/2 06/13
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The Pulse of Kiwi Indians
www.iwk.co.nz5 July 2013
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The month of abstinence
With Ramadan being round the corner (July 9), we bringto you some significant facts about the holy month, whichsymbolises a lot more than fasting and feasting
he month of Ramadan is about todawn upon us yet again. It is the9th month of the year accordingto Islamic calendar in which fasting is prescribed for Muslims. It is a month whichis resembled as the spiritual spring seasonfor the believers.It is a distinctive feature of Islamicteachings that every ordinance is prescribedwith its philosophy and ultimate objective.The Arabic word ‘saum’ used in the senseof fasting literally means ‘to abstain’ andMuslims abstain from taking any foodor drink from dawn to dusk and refrainfrom intimacy and indulgence in any foul pursuits. The Holy Qur’an mentions that it is prescribed for you so that you may become‘Muttaqi’ (generally means ‘righteous’). TheArabic word used here literally means to beguarded and protected. The Holy Prophetof Islam (on whom be peace and blessingsof Allah) also described fasting as a shieldto purport to the reality of fasting that itshould shield a believer against every harm,Satanic onslaughts and sinful insinuations.To abstain from any food or drink during theday is not the real purpose of fasting. Thereal purpose lies in winning Almighty God’s
 pleasure by sacricing one’s basic physical
needs like food and drink and thus coming inHis protection.Fasting, as the Holy Qur’an states [2:184],is a form of worship found universally inthe world religions. Although, among thereligions, there are vast differences regardingthe mode of fasting and the conditionsapplied to it, the central idea of fasting is present everywhere. Fasting in Islam is ahighly developed institution. As mentionedabove, there is one full month, Ramadan, inevery year in which fasting is prescribed for Muslims all over the world.
Continued on page 4
Maulana Shafiq ur Rehman
www.iwk.co.nz5 July 2013
Free EnglishLanguage AdviceClinics in Manukau
Auckland Regional Migrant Services
help migrants nd their level of English,offer English classes or communityresources. Date: 10, 24, 31 July, 2013
To make an appointment to meet the
English Advisor at ARMS ManukauResource Centre, 2 Osterley Way,Manukau City (Next to Work & Income),Please phone 2635490 to make an
appointment. You are welcome to bring
a support person with you.
English LanguageAdvice Clinics comingtoHighland Park
Auckland Regional Migrant Services
help migrants nd their level of English,offer English classes or communityresources. Date: 17 July. To make anappointment to meet with an EnglishAdvisor at Community Link HighlandPark, 491 Pakuranga Road (Next toEvents Cinema Highland Park). You are
welcome to bring a support person with
you. Please phone 2635490 to make an
Free Maori culture &Language Workshop
An excellent opportunity to learn about
Maori Culture and Maori language as a
pathway to integrating with NZ culture
Monday 1 July, 9.00 am – 12.00 noonWhakatau and learn basic Te ReoMaori
at Papatoetoe chambers, 35 A, St
George St.
Tuesday 2 July, 10.00 am –12.00 noon
Learn basic Te Reo and tikanga Maori atChanting wheel Buddhist centre, 204Great south road, Papatoetoe.
Wednesday 3 July 10.00am –12.00 noon
Matariki workshop at 150 Carruth Road
Friday 5 July
Visit to a local Marae
Transport departs Papatoetoe at 10am,returns 1pm. Lunch will be served at the
Register to attend any session youwant at no cost. Contact 09 26 35 490
or email manukau@arms-mrc.org.nzto
register or for any further information.
09-257 2237
021 058 9551
Our Pride Is Our Premium Service.
   *   T  e  r  m  s  a  n   d   C  o  n   d   i   t   i  o  n  s   A  p  p   l  y
NZ Certified and Qualified Instructors from - India

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