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Partial testimony serino

Partial testimony serino

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Published by Carole Green
Talk about break in & slim jim on recross.
Talk about break in & slim jim on recross.

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Published by: Carole Green on Jul 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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O'MARA: Sure, right. And of course he was generalizing a little bit, correct? Becauseyou know from your investigation that he was a bit frustrated that his neighborhoodwas being assailed by burglars, right? You knew that?SERINO: Yes.O'MARA: You knew that -- as a matter of fact, you investigated and found out that aperson, Emmanuel Burgess, was arrested two weeks before this event, a youngblack male, for having burglarized several homes in the neighborhood, right?SERINO: Yes, sir.O'MARA: Late teens, tall, thin, just been arrested, right?SERINO: Yes, sir.O'MARA: Sentenced to five years in prison for having burglarized both in RetreatView Circle and outside, but still in your jurisdiction, right?SERINO: I wasn't involved in that, but yes, sir.O'MARA: But you found that out in looking into everything you were looking into tofind out what was going on in the neighborhood. Not only had Emmanuel Burgessbeen arrested two weeks before for burglarizing, but there were a lot of otherburglaries in that same neighborhood, right?SERINO: Yes, sir.O'MARA: Were you concerned that he was concerned about that? Did that cause youany concern that somebody who involved themselves in protecting the community,being on neighborhood watch, would be concerned about a bunch of burglaries inthe neighborhood?SERINO: Him being concerned, if I may --O'MARA: Sure.SERINO: -- is one thing. As far as my personal feelings towards his actions the nightof is a little bit different.O'MARA: Sure, and we'll get to that in just a moment.SERINO: OK.O'MARA: But talking specifically to the issue -- not necessarily a derogatory way,correct, just as sort of a slang term.
SERINO: Being more towards derogatory, sir.O'MARA: So ever if guys walk into the squad room --SERINO: I see what you're saying, but it could be viewed that way.O'MARA: OK -- don't suggest that that evidence is any hatred or ill will on his behalf,do you?SERINO: As I interpret that, that was said with the infliction as a sense of urgency,as if something was happening bad.O'MARA: Right. Because he was just running away, correct?SERINO: Yes.O'MARA: And then -- when Mr. Zimmerman -- Mr. De La Rionda just recounted it toyou?SERINO: No, sir.O'MARA: Do you know why Mr. De La Rionda yelled it at you?SERINO: To stress a point, to emphasize.O'MARA: Right. But you heard it on tape, correct?SERINO: Yes, sir.O'MARA: And how was it said on tape?SERINO: It was said more as a as a matter of factually -- matter of fact as far as --O'MARA: -- correct?SERINO: Yes.O'MARA: OK. Frustration based upon the fact that other people in the neighborhoodwho have burglarized the place seemed to get away on occasion, right?SERINO: Yes.O'MARA: And in that sense, you said that there was no evidence that Trayvon Martinwas doing anything wrong, correct?SERINO: None whatsoever.

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