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Published by: Anne Christmas De Alban on Jul 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ROBBING HEAVEN Today, the 2nd of July, we celebrate the "Fiesta" of Our Lady of the Visitation of Piat. A Basilica honors Her image inPiat, Cagayan toward which thousands journey on wheels/on foot.Our grandmother Dorothea was one of them, about a hundred yearsago. She travelled on horseback, bobbing with the undulatingroughness of miles of virgin dirt-roads, bearing the sorrows of thirteen years of empty womb. Kneeling before the Lady's image,Lola Ati prayed:
Lady, please give me a child so myhusband will love me more as I love him so much. For this sacred favour I shall dedicate my remaining years toa promise: I will never again have meat for food. I shallkneel before you every year; and it is my wish to bindour future children to this
 Lola lived meatless all the days of her life; as we, attraditional times, do - especially during Lent and on reveredHolidays.The blessings of the felt Marian intercession cascadedto Lola's descendants. She and Lolo Andres reared a son and threedaughters; one, Mama Esteria, a retired Home Economics Teacher,left us at 93, on 20 July 2010, 26 years after Papa,father Lawyer Josefin, had continued to appear in Court until a few months before he departed on the 6
of December.
One of Mama's two sisters gave birth to seven, one of whom,with more than 25 years of monastic life, is a Mother 
Superior of aCarmelite Monastery
. Mother’s only brother Pedro must
now feel blessed with a grandson who will, on this 6th of August,celebrate his
25th year of Monastic life, now Head/ Prior of the Benedictine Monastery of the Transfiguration
.This grandson Priest
- Monk 
has written many books thatcelebrate life. Pedro was a Labor Leader. His name is posted on awall, in UP Diliman, honouring heroes of the Labor Movement.Please allow this wish, from usually-preferred anonymous presence, to address the reader with thoughts that flow from whatwe have to be - from Marian beginnings: enjoined, by the
naggings of Lola’s bequeathed faith, to speak in prayer in
disagreement with the RH law.Pure animals do not pray. They do not plead for forgiveness - born irresponsible as sans conscience; no doubtsand no debts to settle. They do not aspire for more thanthemselves for;
after all, they are created to be at man’s disposal,
either by temporary petting or molecular consumption. Their offspring are their afterlives. They are to be cared for, kindly andtenderly as need be, yet not loved for they cannot love. Still, arewe in shortage of neighbours/ humans to love that we prefer to lovethe sensual over the sentient? God is love and love is, therefore,non-molecular. We, humans, are different in that we aspire for Heaven; still more, we aspire to be with GOD who showed Himself to us as a Man Who personally promised rewards for righteousness pleasing to His Almighty Father's Will, Heaven awaiting us.
Having written in opposition to the RH Bill/Law ongrounds of Faith and Morals, enough, it seems, may have beensaid in that regard with our 12 June 2011 GRAINS OFALMIGHTY GOD and, tangentially, 12 June 2013 ENNOBLINGSOLIDARITY.
Kindly allow this shift of burdens to legal issueswith thanks to the Honourable Supreme Court for herinitial, hopefully extended, burst of wisdom: stayingthe hands of RH Law implementers with the Court'sprovidential "TRO."
It is submitted that the RH Law seems, in many significantrespects,
inconsistent with the Constitution and evencontradicts itself.
We respectfully, yet earnestly, note thefollowing unsettling observations and related questions :
The RH Law adopts the
title “Responsible
Parenthood and Reproductive Health Act". But are not theterms distinguishable from each other? Does not the law,therefore, have two distinct intendments and thereby inviolation of the Constitutional-Law jurisprudence that a statuteshould have only one title? And that is so because althoughReproductive Health may be an incident of parenthoodResponsible parenthood does not necessarily involve
?The law appears to be opaque as regards its real purposes.
“Reproduction” connotes intended birth or, under imperative
circumstances, its avoidance.
But it seems very, very clear thatthe law is only concerned with avoidance of birth -this is very,very clear from the fact that in defining the terms
“Reproductive Parenthoodand “Reproductive Health” the
related provisions make absolutely no mention of the word,
And in provisions that mention “pregnancy”,

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