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The story of Jonathan Davidson.

The story of Jonathan Davidson.

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Published by Spiritus_Films
How one man praying changed the hearts of abortion clinic workers.
How one man praying changed the hearts of abortion clinic workers.

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Published by: Spiritus_Films on Jul 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The story of Jonathan Davidson. Many of you have probably
watched the video of the clinic workers who left Douglas Karpen’s late term
abortion clinic that eventually resulted in new legislation ending abortions after 20 weeks in the state of Texas, but there is a fascinating backstory that started in Houston, TX years before that illustrates how
God’s perfect w
ill permeates all of our lives. And it serves as a
reminder of why it’s so important to stand
in front of abortion clinics and pray. Source video: Three clinic workers confess: http://youtu.be/9fhyJItGPko This is the story of Jonathan Davidson, which is one story among a countless number reflecting the faithfulness God.  _____________ The National Review recently published an interview with Deborah Edge who is one of the women who confessed to the many horrors she witnessed while working with Douglas Karpen. In the interview she
stated, “In my years at this facility I had bee
n approached by the people praying outside and I would ignore them. Then one day in 2011 I saw a young man dressed in a suit. He had a small pendant on his  jacket that signified life. He would park his SUV on the side of the road and pray at the gates of the
facility. I thought to myself, “WOW what dedication to God.” One day, I decided to see what he would
say to me. That was the day I learned of Abby Johnson and her organization And Then There Were None.
He didn’t have her contact information on him at th
e time so he gave me his email and told me that he would get it for me. He begged me to leave the industry and assured me that Abby would help me. I remember thinking that it all sounded ridiculous. Who would want to help me? I was their enemy, right?... I
didn’t know if anyone could help me further, but I decided to call Abby. I was sure they weren’t really interested in helping someone like me, but I didn’t have anything to lose. The first time I spoke to
her, it seemed unreal. That guy who prayed outside
our clinic had actually been right.” –
 National Review Source: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/352427/leaving-abortion-texas-interview  When I read this quote I knew exactly who she was talking about
 in fact I remember receiving a phone
call the day the “man in the suit” spoke to her. I didn’t know it was at Karpen’s Clinic
-- or even who Douglas Karpen was at the time. I just remember Jonathan Davidson calling me and telling me he had talked to two clinics workers that day who had come down to chat with him. He was excited because he felt like they were listening. As I read the interview I was reminded of the first day I met Jonathan in front of Planned Parenthood years earlier. He was dressed in a suit.
And that told me he wasn’t there for an abortion. I decided not to talk to him and stayed on the far
corner of the block. Another pro lifer, Mary Hanley, walked down the block and pointed to him and said,
“Steve you really need to talk to that young man.”
“The guy in the suit?”
 I told her I would think about it
, but I’d already decided I would not be talking to him. I had never seen
anyone show up in a suit to an abortion clinic. I thought perhaps he was a pharmaceutical sales rep or someone else trying to solicit their bus
iness. He also didn’t look like
he was in the mood to chat.
Fifteen minutes later Mary Hanley returned to the corner and said, “You really need to talk to him.”
 Mary Hanley had an amazing story
of her own… her husband had divorced her after revealing he had
been secretly gay their entire marriage, she had recently lost her job, and she had lost custody of her two children. She had every reason to be sitting at home angry at God, but her response was to stand in front of the Planned Parenthood holding a porcelain newborn baby in her arms singing praises to the Lord. Because she was one of my main inspirations for being out there I decided to talk to him as a favor to her. As I walked closer to him I could see that he had tears in his eyes
 my assumptions about his reasons for being there might have been wrong? I asked him why he was standing in front of the
abortion clinic and he said, “I’m here to end abortion.”
 That was a surprising statement.
And so I asked him, “Why do you want to end abortion?”
 And then he shared with me how his relationship with his girlfriend could not be salvaged because of an
abortion. Initially I thought he was the father but then he explained that she’d had an abortion
they ever met and that he couldn’t fix her. And so he decided that no other person should have to suffer
like that
 and his solution was to show up at the headquarters of Planned Parenthood of Southeast Texas and convince the CEO to stop providing abortions. And then he walked straight into the abortion clinic. A few minutes later he was escorted out by an off duty police officer working inside. And so I offered him some pro life pamphlets and suggested that he start his quest to end abortion with a smaller goal. He immediately began handing out leaflets to the employees of the clinic and even followed them to their cars asking them to reconsider. This brought out the police officer who told him the parking lot was private property.
I hadn’t done a v
ery good job of explaining the rules. And so for the rest of the day he stood with us. I told him I was surprised that he was here because of an abortion that occurred before he met his girlfriend. I thought back to all of the women I had dated who shared the pain of their prior abortions and my pathetic reaction. It never occurred to me to drive to a clinic and try to stop that from happening to others. God had to hit me over the head with a
sledgehammer. Jonathan was different… he was sensitive to the su
ffering of others in a world that had become desensitized to abortion. And he possessed one other special gift. Jonathan had the special ingredient sometimes missing in the pro life movement: courage.
He informed he was the top financial planner in his office but that he was so unhappy with his life that he was going to quit his job and move to Saipan. I asked about his relationship with God and he told me that he was an atheist for most of his life and that he became a Christian in college, but that he had turned away from Christianity and was now an agnostic. I knew that God never sent warriors who were
not his sheep. Jonathan didn’t know it at the time, but God was waiting for him on that sidewalk.
Mary Hanley was stationed there for a reason that day. And she was probably the only person who
could have talked me into reluctantly participating in God’s plan. I’ve noticed I’m often the Jonah character in God’s unfolding storylines. ;
-) We spent years together in front of that clinic. Many of you watched the video of David Allen on the steps of city hall before his trial
 Jonathan Davidson was holding the mic while we shot the video. He even went into the Planned Parenthood fundraiser and played the piano until they realized it was him. My last day with him at the clinic he was stopping every car before it entered the clinic and talking to
the driver and the passenger before handing them literature. The guy next to me said, “I’d like to be like him someday.”
 And before long that gentleman was handing out literature too. Courage is contagious!
I eventually moved to Charlottesville, VA and then Dallas, TX … but I remained in touch with Jonathan
who would occasionally
share his stories with me. And then one day he told me he’d become a Catholic and I couldn’t believe my ear
s. How did that happen?
Jonathan hadn’t shown any signs of becoming a Catholic in the years I stood with him, although he had
great admiration for their pro life work. We had met a young anesthesiologist, Mary Catharine Maxian, praying in front of the clinic one day, actually she was on her knees crying. She said she was a crying
because there were no other doctors standing outside of the clinic and then a pro lifer told her, “You should be rejoicing because you’re going to be the one to recruit the other
And that’s exactly what she did! She started Healthcare Professionals Life.
And although he wasn’t a doctor Jonathan Davidson participated in the organization along with several
other wonderful pro lifers. The healthcare professionals would stand once a month in their scrubs and witness to the clinic workers. One of them was a Catholic neurologist doing his residency at the Texas Medical Center. I remember him well because my wife had invited him to participate in Healthcare Professionals for Lif 
e… he seemed quiet and unassuming from my previous interactions with him.
 All of that changed on his first day on the sidewalk. He transformed before our eyes. I remember
Jonathan Davidson being greatly impressed with this young doctor’s boldness. I had no
 idea that the
neurologist’s decision to participate in the pro life movement would have such a profound effect on

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