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Letter E Evangelize

Letter E Evangelize

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Published by Pastor Jeanne
Simple lessons from a spiritual perspective for toddlers - kindergarten ages to be used at home or in the church or church school
Simple lessons from a spiritual perspective for toddlers - kindergarten ages to be used at home or in the church or church school

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Published by: Pastor Jeanne on Jul 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alphabet Series of Lessons
Letter “
Bag of candy (M&Ms)
God, we thank you for friends at school,Let us be a light to themTo show them the way to you,In all the things we say and do. Amen.
Fish crackers & Cheese
Make a dimensional boat using paper, and a popsicle stick, andmaterial for the sail.
(Tune: If You’re Happy and You
Know It)
Letter E, letter E, letter E (shrug, shrug 2x)Letter E, letter E, letter E (stomp stomp 2x)God gave us a mission to love and serve the LordLetter E, letter E, letter E (shake hips 2x)
Additional Songs
: I Will Make You Fishers of Men, Peter,Andrew, James, and John in a Sailboat (these are motions songs)
Bible Memory Verse
Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in
the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit,Matthew 28:19 (NIV) Repeat several times.
One day, Jesus was speaking to a crowd of people who wereinterested in hearing the Word of God. He saw some fishermenstanding by near the water and decided to go over to them. Theylook discouraged because they had not got a good catch. Jesustold them to go out into the deep and let down their nets again.They were not too happy to hear advice from someone who hadnot been fishing as long as they had. Nevertheless, they knewthis man was different and they listened to him. This man wasJesus. They went out into the deep and to their amazement; theycaught so many fish they did not know what to do with them all.Jesus then told them that from now on they were to fish for menrather than fish.
The one fisherman, Simon Peter, was so touched
he fell at Jesus’ 
feet. Jesus then called 11 other men to follow him. These menwere called disciples. Jesus had an important job for them to doand he wanted them to spend some time with Him to know howto do the job he had for them. It was to evangelize. Jesus cameto evangelize the world and he needed some help here on earthto continue his job upon His return to heaven.We are all commanded to go into the world and preach theGospel. Jesus wants us to share the Good News to those aroundus. He wants us to make extra effort to do this, and go to thosewho need to hear about Him. We must tell others that God lovesthem, and cares for them. He is preparing a place for all thosewho believe on His name.
I have a bag of M&Ms with me. I am going to give some to (selecta child). Give the child five M&Ms and (whisper in ear) tell themto give four of them away to two different people. Tell those twopeople to keep one and give one away to two other people. STOP.Ask how many kids were given an M&M. There should be fivepeople who got an M&M. Tell them to begin with that you onlygave them to one person.If we invite two people to church and they attend, that makestwo more. If those two invite someone to church that is anothertwo more which makes how many? See if they know the answer.Give every child an M&M.
Discussion Questions
1. Who is someone that you can evangelize to this week?

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