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Letter G God

Letter G God

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Published by Pastor Jeanne
Simple lessons from a spiritual perspective for toddlers - kindergarten ages to be used at home or in the church or church school
Simple lessons from a spiritual perspective for toddlers - kindergarten ages to be used at home or in the church or church school

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Published by: Pastor Jeanne on Jul 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Alphabet Series of Lessons
Letter “
Snack items,
Shout to the Lord DVD for music, two youthfor the skit, balloons blown up.
God, we thank you that you are our friend,We thank you for creating us and giving us life,Help us to live and obey you,And see you in heaven some day. Amen.
(creation snack)
Pudding dirt cups (use chocolate pudding, Oreo cookies, gummyworm), Fish in aquarium (Blue jello & gummy fish or cheddar fishon top).
Share about God’s creation during snack time briefly.
Create the Trinity and Label each Godhead. Write the attributesof each Godhead with the artwork. God (Creator); Jesus (Savior);Holy Spirit
(Tune: If You’re Happy and You
Know It)Letter G, letter G, letter G (snap, snap 2x)Letter G, letter G, letter G (clap, clap 2x)God is so strong, so great and mighty, too,Letter G, letter G, letter G (stomp, stomp 2x)
Additional Songs
: Shout to the Lord (Shout Praises Kids EveryMove I Make DVD) Lord, I Lift Your Name on High (Shout PraisesKids You Are Good DVD) Super Strong God (Super Strong GodDVD Hillsong); My God is So Good
Bible Memory Verse
God's voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great thingsbeyond our understanding. (NIV) Job 37:5. Say several times forpractice. Display on PowerPoint slide or dry erase board.
Bible Memory VerseGame 
Do you like thunder? It can be very loud and sometimes scary.We are going to say our verse today, and every time you say itcorrectly someone will get to burst a balloon off. Do you think youcan handle the loud sound? Sure you can! (Allow one kid to bursta balloon every time someone says it correctly. No more than 1mistake allowed. They can have more than one turn if timepermits).
Jenna: Did you hear Karen swore today?
Tim: Yea, she took God’s name in vain.
 Jenna: Our teacher told us that our names have meanings.Tim: Is that right? What does mine mean?
Jenna: Let me look in my name book here. Uhhhh….I see Timothy
Tim: Well….what does it say?
Jenna: God’s honor. That what it mean, “God’s honor” 
.Tim: Then, I have a lot to love up to.Jenna:
right. Our teacher said meanings are important,and that it was important that we live up to the meaning of ourname.Tim: What does your name mean?Jenna: Cool! Listen to this. Jenna means
Tim: Well, you want to go there, don’t you?
 Jenna: Sure, heaven is where God lives, and that is what Karenwas using so improperly today - His name.Tim: That is too bad. Maybe she does not know any better.Jenna
: I don’t know, but we
should tell her about God, andmaybe she
want to use his name that way anymore.Tim: I hope not. Hey, thanks for telling me the meaning of myname. That is a cool book!

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