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Maureen Child - Dynasties; The Connellys - The Seal's Surrender

Maureen Child - Dynasties; The Connellys - The Seal's Surrender

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Published by hanuma55

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Published by: hanuma55 on Jul 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Seal's SurrenderbyMaureen Child
Chapter One
He hated parties.Give Chance Barnett a machine gun, and he was a happy man. Tell him to mingle, andyou got a mean dog on a short leash.But, Chance told himself, sometimes a man just had to bite the proverbial bullet. And thiswas a big one, in his humble opinion. Hell, it was damn near a mortar round.He clutched his bottle of imported beer in a tight fist and made his way around the periphery of the party. His gaze narrowed slightly as he silently assessed his new family.A hell of a way to meet the relatives, he told himself, yet couldn't think of a better way tohandle it.There probably wasn't a
way to introduce him and his twin, Douglas, to the rest of the Connellys. Though to give them their due, they'd all taken the news of the twins'existence a lot easier than they might have. After all, it wasn't every day you met thirty-six-year-old illegitimate twin relatives, was it?Though he had to admit that none of the Connellys had treated him and his brother asthough they were somehow not good enough to be part of the family. Hell, even MissLily and Tobias had come home early from Palm Springs just to meet him and Douglas.Chance's gaze shot to the older couple. Correction, he told himself silently, his
Weird. He smiled as he watched Tobias trying to slip past his muchsmaller wife, but Miss Lily, cane or no cane, was too fast for her husband and snatchedthat glass of whiskey from his hand.
Interestingly enough, the big man just gave her a smile and a peck on the cheek. Whatwould it be like, Chance wondered, to spend your life with one person? To love that one person so much that some fifty-odd years later, the stamp of it was still clearly on your features?Those two old people had somehow managed to raise a dynasty. Amazing really, if youstopped to think about it. Sure, the Connellys were practically American royalty. But theyactually were
royalty as well.And Chance and Douglas Barnett were a part of it.He shook his head and moved on, drifting through the crowd like a finger of fog. Astrident female voice caught his attention, and he slowed his steps, listening.His half sister, Alexandra, a tall woman with raven-black hair, a too-important manner and sharp green eyes was center stage, where she seemed most comfortable. "I'm
sorryyou won't have a chance to meet my fiancé," she was saying, "but Robert was calledaway on business."Everyone in her audience nodded sagely, but all Chance could think was, Lucky guy. Atleast the missing Robert had gotten out of attending this party. He moved on, turning a bittoo fast and feeling the pull of the stitches in his side.A reminder of the reason he was able to be here at this party. If he hadn't been woundedon his last mission, he'd have been happily out trooping through a jungle somewhere.And as soon as he was healed enough, that was just what he'd be doing. Hell, he kept hisduffel bag packed and ready to go.Man, was he ready to go. He needed to get back to his SEAL team. Needed to get back where he belonged. He scowled to himself. He caught a glimpse of Doug, chatting it upwith a few of their new relatives, and almost wished that he was half as at ease with people as his brother. Hell, he'd even heard his twin talking to one of their new cousinsabout his ex-wife and how the reason they'd broken up was because she hadn't wanted thechildren Doug wanted so badly. Yeah. Chance's brother was sliding right into this anddidn't seem to have any trouble at all stringing the name
 behind the Barnettthey'd grown up with. But then, Doug always had been the reasonable twin. Which was probably why Chance had grown up to be a fighting man and Doug had become a doctor.Okay, he thought, way too philosophical."Excuse me, sir." A low-pitched voice came from right behind him and Chance spunaround to face a tuxedo-clad waiter. "May I get you something from the bar?"Chance held his beer aloft. "No thanks," he said, shaking his head at the realization thatthese people probably dealt with in-house waiters and butlers all the time. "I'm covered."

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