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New World Order (Technocratic Convention; Mage the Ascension)

New World Order (Technocratic Convention; Mage the Ascension)



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Published by Beth
This is a Convention book for the Technocracy in Mage: The Ascension (World of Darkness)
This is a Convention book for the Technocracy in Mage: The Ascension (World of Darkness)

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Published by: Beth on May 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Technocracy Within: The Thirteenth Hour Crossover~*~
New World Order
The New World Order rose from ashes as a result of the Technocracy'sneed for leadership. The NWO not only leads the Technocracy, but theworld itself. The roots of this Convention stretch back to the Solificatiand further after their separation from the Order of Reason, to the
Ksirafai as the Hand of Justice for the Inner Council and their fateful trailthrough the Technocracy, to the Order of Hermes, and then finally back to theTechnocracy.
The NWO has been encouraging gradual centralization ofgovernment, first through nationalism, then through supranationalideals like Communism. Their progress has been rather spotty,however. As one of the most blatant attempts at Technocratic control,the Traditions can easily notice and oppose moves by the NWO.The Traditions believe the NWO is in direct control of most of thegovernments of the world. This is, in fact, not the case. What would bethe point of creating powerful centralized governments if you have tospend all your time telling them what to do anyway? The NWOencourages the sort of governments they like, but once they are in place,they only interfere if they step out of line.This leave the NWO time for its true calling: information gathering. While the NWO has a light touchtoward government in general, they have a solid hold on most of the intelligence agencies in the world.They keep many of their agents in the dark, and encourage competition between different agencies as well.This way, there are always several groups investigating the same problem, and the NWO has gets severaldifferent points of view. The NWO often "farms out" its information to other more appropriateConventions, for them to deal with.The amount of information the NWO gathers is truly terrifying. They have monitoring devices installed inmany technological devices. Their eyes are everywhere, their spies are legion. Only one thing prevents theNWO from knowing everything that happens on the planet: the sheer mass of information they collect is tomuch for anyone to process. Many of their recordings are filed away "for later evaluation". They arehampered by the fact that most of their examiners are sleepers. The NWO tries to compensate by spotchecking everything, but much still slips through their fingers.The simplest solution to their problem would be the heavy use of computers, but they avoid this for tworeasons. First, they fear the Virtual Adepts raiding their information, something that occurs far too often inany case. Secondly, in order to evaluate the information, mere Expert Systems would not be enough. True
Artificial Intelligences would be need. The only source for AI is Iteration-X, and the NWO is distinctlyuncomfortable of the blind faith that Convention places in their machines.
: "Only through peace can mankind find the leisure to ascend, and peace is only availablethrough good government. Government is the servant and protector of the masses. It is the best means wehave available to regulate errant supernatural forces, and hide their existence from the sleeping world. It isthe best means we have to guide the masses toward ascension. It is unfortunate that the hidden, darknature of the world often forces government to act in secret, but this will pass in time."
The New World Order's goals are quite simple, they desire unity. Unity in government, eliminating wars;unity in religion, eliminating hate; unity in thought and deed eliminating dissension, all eventually leadingto the reunification of all life, matter, forces, spirit and space/time. Anyone or anything which is opposed tothe general consensus is obviously some sort of disruptive influence and must also be eliminated.More specifically, the Order desires or finds acceptable:
Conformity to a given set of standards,
Objectivity applied to subjective reality,
Universally Acceptable Ethical Principles,
One World Government,
An Educated Populace,
Well Regulated Militia,
Bureaucracy and Administration,
Mind Development and awakening of inner abilities,
Mind control through technology and applied mental development,
Complete File Records and Information on all subjects,
Establishment of a universally acceptable scientific paradigm.
The belief that change and dynamism is for the better, belying the static image of the technocracy.The many conspiracies united under a cell structure that persists to this day. No one is quite sure of who or what their superiors are. This prevents the structure from compromise. The Hierarchy is very strict andobedience is required and ingrained during training which is done by specific cells to ensure consistentresults. These training cells are the true controlling entities of the NWO and the only ones that know theexact nature of the cell structure.
: The NWO is organized along the lines of a complex intelligence agency. Its field agents actas investigators, while their superiors assign missions and evaluate their information. More than any otherConvention, the NWO is obsessed with secrecy. No one knows exactly who is in charge of the Conventionas a whole. There are a few who believe that there are in fact several competing groups at the top of theNWO, struggling with each other for domination. Considering how far the NWO's influence extends, thishas frightening implications.
: Field agents meet with to their superiors on a regular basis to make reports and receive neworders. Presumably the superiors do the same with their superiors, and so forth, but no one knows how farup the chain of command extends.
: The NWO recruits most of its initiates from talent members of various intelligence agencies. TheNWO maintains secret "paranormal" divisions in various agencies which they use a testing grounds forpotential recruits. The NWO keeps on eye out for talented individuals in the political world as well.
: The NWO maintain chantries connected to most of the worlds intelligence headquarters. Thelocation of the central chantry is a closely held secret, if such a thing even exists.
: Politicians, Bureaucrats, Law Enforcement
: Mind is the sphere of the NWO. It is invaluable in their attempts to gather information.
: Correspondence/Entropy: Statistics, Mind/Spirit: Badge, Forces/Life/Matter: Electricity, Life/Prime:Weapon.
: Secret Agent, Psychic Division of the FBI, Politician
: "These individuals represent a clear and present danger to the sovereignty of the United States.They must be eliminated; law has nothing to do with it."
: "They provide us with the Technology the masses need, but their fanatical pursuit of thepogrom endangers our secrecy."
: "With their aid, immortality lies within our grasp. Now we must ascertain how to keep it outof their control."
: "These fools meddle to much in our affairs. It is only a matter of time before we show them ourtrue strength."
Void Engineers:
"Good soldiers, albeit strange. They need watching, lest they go the way of the VirtualAdepts."~*~
Unified Field Theories
~*~(Spheres)The illumination or awakening of the NWO cell members comes when theyrealize that all things were indeed united at the beginning of the presentcontinuum. All forces, matter, and life came from one unifying force (calledPrime by tradition mages) This force broke down into sub-forces of Entropyand Mind, Entropy paradoxically causing the breakup of the Prime intothree distinct units:
Prime, Entropy and Mind
(or Awareness). These are thethree spheres that NWO mages begin with. They must raise *all* of them*together* when spending experience until they graduate to IntelligenceAnalyst status.This theory makes advanced and expensive apparatus nearly unnecessaryfor NWO mages who rely on less technical apparatus like Bureaucratic Red Tape, Litigation, or ExecutiveOrders for coincidental effects. Unfortunately, any deviation from predetermined structure and theory willresult in difficulty.
is the flow of the universal force controlled by the development of mental ability.
Suggested Apparatus
: Electricity
(or quantum flux) breaks down Prime into other less powerful forces (which are moreorganized ironic way) these organized forces are Electromagnetism, Gravity, Kinetic, and Nuclear (strongand weak). These forces combine in different ways to produce Matter and Space/Time.

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