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Chemistry apparatus

Chemistry apparatus

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Published by Lian Tuliao

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lian Tuliao on Jul 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Joshua Joachim M. PagaduanHUB 21ChemistryAssignment
Laboratory Equipment andapparatusFunction
is a simple container for stirring, mixingand heating liquids commonly used in manylaboratories. Beakers are generallycylindricalinshape, with a flat bottom.2.
Erlenmeyer flask
, also known as a
conical flask
, isa widely used type of laboratory flaskwhich features aflat bottom, a conical body, and a cylindrical neck.Erlenmeyers are used in chemistry labs fortitration,e.g.forpH,as they can be held and the contents mixed single-handed leaving the other hand free to addreagent. Erlenmeyer flasks are extremely useful in the lab settingfor stirring the contents by hand by swirling the flask, asthe tapered neck prevents spillage of the contents.3.
- used for moving air,fluids, etc. bysuction.4.
Test Tube Brush
is a brush to clean test tubes.It is a device, made with nylon bristles attached toa twisted-wire shaft, used to knock the bottomsout of test tubes.5. A
test tube rack
is used in a laboratory and it isused to hold/support test tubes containingchemicals waiting for further operations.
Laboratory Equipment andapparatus
Wing Top/Fish Tail -
used to bend glass as it spreadout the heat over a larger area, making it moreuniform.7. A
porcelain spatula
is used in laboratoryapplications where scratching delicate surfaces isundesired as well as scooping up small quantities of powder. It is made of porcelain which ensures high heat,even surface and high heat resistance.8. A
Medicine Dropper
is an instrument used fortransferring liquids in small amounts.9. A
stirring rod
stir rod
is a piece of laboratory equipmentused to mix chemicalsand liquids for laboratory purposes.10. A
is a pipe with a wide mouth, goodfor feeding, often conical mouth and a narrowstem. It is used to channelliquidor fine-grainedsubstances into containers with a small opening.Without a funnel, spillage would occur.11.
Wire Gauze
is used to support a container duringheating. The wire gauze helps to spread the flameout evenly. It is also used to filter liquids andsolids.
Laboratory Equipment andapparatus
 12. A
is used to take and handle smallquantities of solid chemicals. . It serves as spoon.You can also use them to scrape away samples of biological materials, or chemical precipitates andresidues.13.
Test tube holder
- To hold test tube while heating14. The
clay triangle
is used to hold a crucible whilethe crucible is heated. This allows direct contact othe open flame to the crucible, which usuallycontains a substance that melts at fairly hightemperatures.15. A
is a narrow, usually calibrated glass tubeinto which small amounts of liquid are suctionedfor transfer or measurement.16. A
Buret clamp
is used to fasten glassware intoplace on a ring stand.17. An
evaporating dish
is a piece of laboratory glasswareused for theevaporationof solids andsupernatant fluids,andsometimes to theirmelting point18. Spot Plate - A ceramic plate with small wells ordepressions built into it, often used for qualitativeanalysis.The wells (or spots) are used to performreactions on a very small amount of materials. Thesewere extensively used in the pastfor chemicalreactionsto determine mineral or drug content 

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