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TGB Well-Physics - July 1, 2013

TGB Well-Physics - July 1, 2013

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Published by Lime Cat

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Published by: Lime Cat on Jul 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://www.scribd.com/doc/120240261/A-Great-Idea-At-The-Time http://www.scribd.com/collections/3431581/science-2
―the information contained in a retroviral gene is used to generate the corresponding protein
via the sequence: RNA
protein. This extends the funda-mental processidentified by Francis Crick, in which the sequence is: DNA
December 2012
By analyzing the DNA of both parents and that of the child, it can be determined howmany so-
called germ line mutations are present in the child‘s DNA. By this means it was
established that approximately 40 such mutations typically occur between generations. The vastmajority of these mutations cause no changes in the types of proteins that are produced, i.e, they
are not ―point mutations‖ and are mostly harmless because their gene regulatory implications only
manifest themselves over the course of an extraordinarily long life span, interacting as they wouldwith patterns of gene expression not heretofore selected for, which is to say manifesting the biochemical self-organizing properties of matter and not the higher level properties of environmental context sensitivity. So-called harmless or "silent" mutations are far moreefficaciously interoperative with gene regulatory structures that lie still far in the future thanindeed they are with respect to currently existing structures, which points up the providentialnature of the self-organizing properties of atoms and organic molecules as a kind of preexisting
infrastructure that promotes and enables evolution. Quo vadis, Peter, er, uh, Darwin?
June 2013
The superposition of macroscopic objects points up the importance of quantumentanglement between sub Planck mass cellular units, each maintaining its own coherence andunitary evolution although simultaneously nonlocally connected, at least each to its neighbors.Hierarchical entanglement and the role of consciousness in piecing out the macroscopic world.'Quantum gravity and consciousness - what's the connection? Following Stuart Hameroff, Roger Penrose and their ORCH-OR theory, as well as Robert Lanza's Biocentrism, we say that, becauseof the Planck mass-energy quantum decoherence limit, the microworld and the macroworld mustshake hands, as it were inside our own heads, but only there. The only thing we know of with the power of the bootstrap is consciousness itself, and so a workable 'theory of everything', i e., atheory of 'something's coming from nothing' has to be sought there. I mean, a 'philosophicalzombie' is not going to give us such a theory.'They use the right language that proves they understand the problem.We don't need a concept of consciousness if there is only one such. 'One of a kind' is not a kind.Daniel Yergin ....The Quest....lady on metro is intently reading.The information for the Cambrian explosion might have existed in reservoir during thePrecambrian this is doubtfulWhat else is entailed by supposing that if the evolutionary process was not actually random but possessed a kind of lookahead capability that the rate of evolution would simply be increasedwithout any qualitative difference in the kinds of living organisms that evolutionary process produced?Latent information in reservoir as it were is equivalent to assuming a look ahead capability or teleology in evolutionary development.There is a very definite limit to the amount of information that can be drive from reprocessing pre-existing information in the absence of the introduction of any all together new information thatisThis notion of all together new information which necessarily comes from outside of the systemrather than simply resulting from the reprocessing or reshuffling of information already latent inthe system is interesting in connection with the theory of intelligent design.The paradox of functional information is that non- functional information plays an essential role in providing the infrastructural context which is metainformation.If the universe has always been here, then why hasn't it collapsed under the weight of the trash piled up outside?
There should be a big difference between genetic bootstrapping and the mere execution of agenetic algorithm.Quantum nucleation instead of singularity, decoherence, self- existence, thermodynamics.What if being and existence are derivative categories in but tiny portions of the unlimited?Such questions are prompted by meditation upon the notion of transcendence.Free will means if the unlimited opportunity is given humanity to go back and replay its historicalcourse, then human history would never replay the same way twice, but only occasionally appear to do so. The singularity occurs at the point at which our software merges with the ancestor simulation software.The singularity occurs at the point at which our software merges with the ancestor simulationsoftware.
December 2012
The only thing we know of in the universe that isn‘t a mechanism is 1) consciousness
and 2) wavefunction collapse/reduction of the state vector. Time as fundamental aprioriform/Kantian supercategory or intuition. Bergson says that consciousness is the intuition of 
time‘s passing, i.e., Bergson‘s
So we apparently must seek the chronology protectionmechanism in consciousness itself. The mechanism of hard encryption is also intimatelyassociated with consciousness, c.f., the absolute mutual compartmentalization of personal or individual consciousness. We already noted that decoherence rate is the one temporal aspectwhich resists the otherwise universal action of time dilation, which is an indication that themechanism of time dilation is, according to this selfsame logic, to be sought in the underlyingmechanism of quantum decoherence.
May 2013
But there's still the problem of how to avoid the seeming necessity of extending the logic of the anthropic cosmological principle from the penultimate fine-tuning of physical constants interms of making carbon-based life a winning possibility to the ultimate fine-tuning of saidconstants in terms of *my* consciousness - inevitable in the fullness of infinite time (what is calledthe fine-tuning of consciousness) - that is, within the context of a "Mixmaster multiverse" whereinevery possible individual consciousness, yours, mine, Bhoutros Bhoutros Gali's, etc. is inevitablyat some point called forth unbidden from the screaming abyss *into its own anthropically, er, uh,solipsistically fine-tuned, biocentric universe* populated by yours truly and a host of also-ran"philosophical zombies". The happy appearances within this otherwise dismal poly-solipsisticscenario are presumably only saved by admitting, contra hyp, those aforementioned Boltzmann brains, albeit quantum-entangled ones (by virtue of BB's necessarily being engendered within aunitary underlying, fundamental physical, which is to say, quantum, process, e.g., "Big Bang" or whatever). The cash value of objectivity is "intersubjectivity" although logically the "subjective"(read here: "infra-subjective") has no analysis in "inter-subjective" terms. This emergenteconomy of rationally self-interested, though cosmically lonely transcendent beings who areinadvertently collaborating to produce the workaday world of utilitarian common sense seemsunavoidable when you consider that the realm of limitation (space, time, causality, and so on) provides the only possible avenue of escape for beings otherwise forever bored by the powerful