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Who Cannot Come Where Christ is.

Who Cannot Come Where Christ is.

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Published by glennpease

" Ye shall seek Me, and shall not eind Me : and wheee I am,


" Ye shall seek Me, and shall not eind Me : and wheee I am,


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Published by: glennpease on Jul 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WHO CAOT COME WHERE CHRIST IS.REV. J. M. EALE, D.D.," Ye shall seek Me, and shall not eind Me : and wheee I am,THITHER YE CAOT COME." — S. JOH VII. 34.Our Lord said these words: and S. John in the secondlesson for to-day tells us that He did : and yet this isa hard saying, who can hear it ? What ! " Ye shallseek Me, and shall not find Me !" when He had pro-mised, " Seek, and ye shall find \" What ! " Where Iam, thither ye cannot come/' when He afterwards said," I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am,there ye may be also \" It is so indeed ; and all thisdepends on one little word, Ye. " Ye shall seek Me,and shall not find Me." Ye will have no share or partin Me, now that I am a " Man of sorrows, and ac-quainted with grief. " Ye say, " We will not have thisMan to reign over us." Ye despise and reject Me,though I am bearing your griefs and carrying yoursorrows. The time will come when I shall return inMy glory, and in the glory of the Father. Then "yeshall seek Me, and shall not find Me." There are some214 Who cannot come where Christ is. [Serm.who are willing to watch with Me now, to labour withMe now, to suffer with Me now : they shall reign withMe then. But ye are not these. " Ye shall seek Me,and shall not find Me : and where I am, thither yecannot come/' Whither I go, ye will not come now.Ye will not follow Me, because none of the Scribes andPharisees have believed on Me. Ye will not follow Meup to the garden of Gethsemane, up to the judgment-seat of Pilate, up to Calvary. Therefore, where I am,
when I shall have ascended up again to heaven with allMy Saints, and they shall reign with Me for ever, — where I am then thither ye cannot come.Our Lord is not speaking to those who were desiringto seek Him at that time. He does not say, Ye seek Me, and cannot find Me, but to those who had a mindto come at the Crown without bearing the Cross ; thosewho wished to get at the end of their journey withoutgoing by the way. And I wonder, if He could nowstand among us, to how many He would say thesewords : You, — or you, — or you, — " shall seek Me, andshall not find Me." I wonder how many know in theirown hearts that they are not seeking Christ now. Yeteven they — He that cannot lie says so — will seek Himby-and-by. It may be on their death-beds : but evenif they should go carelessly and stupidly out of theworld, it certainly will be at the last day. And think then what it will be to hear those words, — " Where Iam, thither ye cannot come." Ye cannot come intothe Presence of God, which is life, nor to His RightHand, where there are pleasures for evermore. Yecannot come where all tears shall be wiped from alleyes, and where there shall be no more death, neithersorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any moreXXXVI.] Who cannot come where Clirist is. 215pain. " Ye cannot come to the city of the Living God,the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable com-pany of Angels, and to the spirits of just men madeperfect. " " Where I am, thither ye cannot come."And notice : He does not say, Ye shall not, but, Yecannot. And why not ? Because, if you were to enterin, bringing all your sinful thoughts and desires withyou; if anything were to enter in that defileth, thenheaven would cease to be heaven. Your very presence
there would end it. The thing is impossible. Youchose to go out of this world with sin in your heart, sinon your conscience, sin in your wishes ; and you cannotcome into a place where there is no sin. " Where Iam, thither ye cannot come."What our Lord said, that all His true servants havealso said in their generation. The world has hatedthem, reviled them, cast out their names as evil, scoffedat them, imprisoned many, tortured many while theywere alive ; but no sooner were they gone, than men'sminds have changed, aud they have mourned and grievedfor those when dead, whom they have abhorred auddespised while living. " Ye shall seek Me, but ye shallnot find Me." " They enter into peace, they rest intheir beds, each one walking in his uprightness." Theyare safe, where no one can reach them, either to hurtthem or to ask their forgiveness.But God be praised, it is not true of us who are stillalive, who still have the means of grace ; it is not truethat either the Saints of the Lord, or the Lord of Saintswould say, " Where I am, thither ye cannot come."Where He is, we can come. W T here they are, we cancome. It may be as much as we can do, but we can comestill. Christ went, to open a way for us; the Saints216 Who cannot come where Christ is. [Serm.went to show us how to tread in that way. But thenwe must go by the same way, or we shall never cometo the same end. The question is not whether the roadis a pleasant one or not; but whether it is the rightone. If you happened to be walking to a place whichyou did not know, and came to a sign-post whichpointed out the way to it, what should we think of youif you said, " I do not like the looks of that road at all ;I shall try the other. To be sure, it leads just the

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