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Jobs Not Racist Wall

Jobs Not Racist Wall

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Published by vomeditor

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Published by: vomeditor on Jul 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Placido Salazarpsalazar9@satx.rr.comJOBS, NOT RACIST WALL
“The wall” is only a symptom of a much greater problem, which many
fail, or refuse to see. Instead of wasting more billions of dollars on aracist and senseless divisive wall, which will stop nobody from enteringour country, looking for much-needed work, how about diverting someof that money to help Mexico create jobs in Mexico?Many giant American agri-businesses and other giant Americancorporations have driven millions of Mexican workers out of jobs intheir own country, so we are in fact driving these Mexican workers tocome into our country, looking for low-paying jobs, to keep their familyfrom starving. Since we helped create the problem, then our countryshould also help to create more jobs in Mexico. Instead of throwingmore billions of dollars into that stupid racist wall, why not sendtractors, other farm equipment and seed, to help these workers create jobs and to grown their own food. It would also help if we importedfruits, vegetables and manufactured goods from Mexico, instead of helping China defeat us economically.
Didn’t one of our presidents make a demand in Germany to “tear downthat wall,” which was dividing German families.
Don’t Mexican
families on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border have just as much rightto be united?
If the purpose of the racist wall is “to fight terrorism.” let
me again make the point that neither Mexico nor any of the countriessouth of our country had anything to do with 9/ll or with any other act of 
terrorism in America……
So stop using scare tactics to cover the racism against Mexican Americans in our own country.

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