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Chapter - Refugees UN Control Solution

Chapter - Refugees UN Control Solution

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Refugees and what to do with them while maintaining a humane perspective.
Could Kevin Rudd have acted long ago and simply failed to do so?
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Refugees and what to do with them while maintaining a humane perspective.
Could Kevin Rudd have acted long ago and simply failed to do so?
Read the document about it
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Categories:Types, Business/Law
Published by: Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka on Jul 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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29-9-2009 Page
: Until our websiteHttp://www.office-of-the-guardian.comhas been set up to operate the websiteHttp://www.schorel-hlavka.comwill be the alternative website for contact details.help@office-of-the-guardian.com
Mr. Kevin Rudd, PM 29-9-2009C/o
R.McClelland.MP@aph.gov.auAttorney General
.5Cc; Mr Malcolm Turnbull,
.How to remove the incentive of refugees to select the Commonwealth of Australia as a target.10.Kevin,One my wife, and her (late) husband were political refugees and as such I have a certainunderstanding as to the plight of refugees in that regard and as a
I amalso mindful to the constitutional legal requirements that have so far been considerably15disregarded. And, I am on record that the Constitutional Policy Unit needs drastically beimproved so competent people are providing constitutional advise and not mere some whohappen to have some law decree but lack any proper understanding and comprehension as towhat is constitutionally applicable..20
Let’s use an example;
A man residing in Iraq is able to fund (being it by borrowing or otherwise) too pay a people-smuggler to transport him to the commonwealth of Australia where as another man from thesame town lacking the financial ability travels over the border and beco0mes a refugee to residein a refugee camp. Both might have the same political circumstances applicable but one is able to25finance his trip and the other not to the Commonwealth of Australia. This is where the problemshould be encountered as I wrote about many years ago..What I view should happen is that all member states of the United Nations agree to providewithin their territories a certain location to be under the control of the United Nations fo30 purpose of receiving and processing refugees. As like Embassies around the world have specificstatuses likewise a United Nations compound should be likewise.We have had reports where rebels were killing refugees in refugee camps and the UN-soldierswere unable to do anything unless they themselves were attacked. Clearly, by making a refugeecamp a temporary sovereign territory of the UN then you already place the control and its35defence in the hands of the UN and so no longer could rebels enter such a compound becausethey would enter a sovereign entity.When placing the movement and processing of refugees in general under UN control then itmeans that in our example the man who travelled to the Commonwealth of Australia would haveno hope in the world to get in before the man who travelled over the border because the UN40would classify each refugee upon the date of arrival. Hence, the quicker they arrive in a UNrefugee camp the better their chances to be quicker processed..In the Dutch armed forces they allocate each soldier a serial number that is by the date of birthand then a number as to the number of person entered of that date of birth. If therefore a person45
29-9-2009 Page
: Until our websiteHttp://www.office-of-the-guardian.comhas been set up to operate the websiteHttp://www.schorel-hlavka.comwill be the alternative website for contact details.help@office-of-the-guardian.com
was born on 8 January 1990 and is called in to serve as the 321
 person then his military number would be 900108321. If the same were applied to refugees then if a person were to leave Iraqyesterday and arrive across the border into a refugee camp today then his number wouldcommence with 090929 whereas the person who left Iraq destiny Commonwealth of Australiavia people smugglers would end up with a number relating to the date he may finally arrive in a5refugee camp in Australia or elsewhere.
What we then will have is that for the person it wouldbe wiser to travel across the border to the nearest UN-refugee camp then to delay arrivalinto a UN-refugee camp by perhaps weeks.
Again, providing the overall control of refugees tothe UN it means that when say the Iraqi arrives in the Commonwealth of Australia, say finally on20 October 2009 then his number would commence first of all as 091020 and as such he will10have to wait until after the Iraqi that arrived in a UN refugee camp on 090929. As such travellingto the Commonwealth of Australia in itself would be to a disadvantage of that person.. Next however we get that it makes not one of iota to the UN if the person arrives in a UN-refugee camp in the Commonwealth of Australia or in, say, France because for UN processing15 purposes every refugee is a world refugee, and can be transferred from one UN refugee camp toanother without any right to be accepted by any specific country. Therefore, the Iraqi whotravelled to the Commonwealth of Australia but was then handed over to the UN-refugee campmay find that when finally he is accepted to be a refugee he could be transported to say Franceand then France may provide the opportunity for this person to reside there. As such, remove any20notion that a refugee selects where the refugee is to be accepted as to allow this would underminethe sovereign rights of each country.
If a genuine refugee seeks refugee status then it shouldnot make one of iota difference which country provided this opportunity of refuge.
.In recent times there has been an increase of boat loads of refugees or claimed refugees and25clearly the Commonwealth of Australia seems to be targeted as a place to reside. In my view, arefugee must accept what is on offer and as such cannot dictate which country shall accept himor her. It means if the refugee travels to the Commonwealth of Australia then there is absolutelyno guarantee that this person will then be given refugee status in the Commonwealth of Australiarather that the UN will process the refugee and if it finds that the person is a genuine refugee it30will then inquire which member States might offer residence.Upon the request of the UN to accept refugees then and only then is the commonwealth of Australia getting involved as to process any application of people it may consider to accept.What therefore we achieve is that most of the research require with people claiming to berefugees will be done by the UN-refugee commission and when it makes a request, say to the35Commonwealth of Australia to accept say 10 refugees it then is to provide copies of all files ithas so that the Department of Immigration itself then can work from there and do its ownresearch if the person is acceptable or not and if the person might in fact have a criminal recordor otherwise might be wanted for criminal matters or uses a false identity, etc. Also, having acentral point of information, the UN Refugees Committee it means every member country can40 provide details and where a country is requested to accept a refugee and it is discovered that therefugee didn’t disclose all relevant details, such as so to say “
window shopping
” for a specificcountry by re-registering time and again as a refugee, then this can be exposed. Currently this isextremely difficult to become aware of and allows for fraudulent refugee status claims. The aimis to screen out questionable persons and to make the system fairer for the real refugees, many of 45whom have spend years in refugee camps. If boat loads of refugees were to arrive in Australiathen it doesn’t matter if they landed on Australia soil or not because they will all have to behanded over to UN controlled refugee camps. Hence, you also by this avoid any dangeroustactics by people smugglers to try to evade navy or air control, etc. It also means that the UNmight receive the refugees and once given a medical check up etc may very well then have them50transported to another refugee camp elsewhere in the world to be further processes and awaitinga country that will accept them. Again, using the date of arrival would become a deterrent for many to try to travel all the way to the Commonwealth of Australia.

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