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Akers Family Marriages- Floyd Co Va

Akers Family Marriages- Floyd Co Va

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Published by NancyandJim Bishop

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Published by: NancyandJim Bishop on Jul 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Akers Family Marriages, 1853-1935 - Floyd Co. VADATE HUSBAND AGE WIFE AGE MINISTER10/6/1853Anderson B Akers?Virginia Ann Booth ??10/24/55George Akers 39Mary Shank248/20/56Soloman Akers20Am? LesterParents Wm.& LydiaChas & SarahOwen Simmons12/31/56Lynch Duncan21Elizabeth Akers19ParentsT & SarahGreenberry & PollyAndy Akers3/20/60William Akers22Susana Reed24ParentsGreenberry & Polly?Andrew Reed11/1/60Nancy Akers20O. Reed20ParentsGreenbery&PollyGeorge & SusanAndrew Reed3/3/61Wyatt AkersJulisas ManningParentsJames & Elizabeth????John Hall12/14/63Highly Reed 38Rachel Akers22ParentsSmithson & OliviaElijah & MaryOwen Simmons12/14/63Riley Akers36 wid.Mary Ann Lester21ParentsWm.& MaryL & ChristinaAndrew Reed2/28/66Joshua Akers32Susan ?26 widParentsJoseph&Elizabeth?????Owen Simmons2/21/66Lashine Akers23Martha Boyd23Parents Jordon & Elizabeth?????A. Davidson8/28/66Lind?? Akers22Ann Duncan20ParentsJordon & JuliaPeter & ??Andy Booth10/4/66 Riley Reed22Charlotte Akers20Parents?????Greenberry & PollyAndy A Reed8/1/67M R Akers21M Duncan16Parents Greenberry& PollyL & BS. A Reed10/17/67J. R Basham21O. J. AkersParentsJ & M W. H. & EJ. L Wiser10/25/67G. L Akers? Nancy Duncan?ParentsJordon & JuliaP & V DuncanH. P Hylton11/5/70D. G.Kingsel21Nancy Akers22ParentsW&MASusanM.A. Davidson12/22/70Wm. Hungate20M. A Akers19Parents C & LJ. J & EM.A Davidson3/5/71Greenberry Akers18Lucy Dulaney18ParentsGreenberry&PollyHiram & Lucy????
3/30/70Jesse Akers27Sarah Reed26ParentsFlemming & NancyAndrew??????4/13/71Paris Akers18Alveita Simmons18ParentsAndrew&ElizabethEramus & Pauline ??4/13/71 Elias Akers28Mary Duncan30ParentsJackson & EvalineDaniel & MellieAndy Reed4/13/71Greenberry Akers56widAnn Reed42ParentsWm.& NancyGriffith & OliveAndy Reed8/15/71Jasper Duncan19Nancy C Akers17ParentsLuke&NancyRiley & OliveD. A. Howell9/26/72Wm. B. Lester19Olicia Akers19Parents Wm & CloaRileyD. A, Howell10/17/72William Akers21Orpha Duncan18ParentsRiley & MilleyLuke & NancyD.A. Howell1/22/73Asa Akers21Catherine Duncan18ParentsJames & SarahBlanch & CatherineAndy Reed5/?/73Willard Dobbins19Mary Akera20ParentsW. & CloaGeorge & AnnaAndy Reed6/3/74WIlliam H.Akers22widObeclonel Howrll25widParentsRiley& MillieDaniel & CharlotteHenry Bishop12/22/74A. J. Akers24Deliah Mangus14Parents Jackson & EvalineGeorge & Deliah EAmos Dickerson12/22/74Fulton Akers19A. Nancy Akers17ParentsAndrew&SusanJ. C. & NancyAmos Dickerson12/24/74V. W. Akers?R. C. Dickerson18ParentsPreston& ElizabethRiley & Sarah1/2/75Brooks Tazwell20Nancy Louise Boyd18ParentsJames & SarahN.T. & M. LAndy Reed8/1/75Bennet L Akers21Martha E. Helms19ParentsAndrew&VirginiaA. W. & AnnM. A Davidson4/6/76Geo. H. Lester20Susanah Akers19ParentsIra & AmandaAnderson&VirginaM. A. Davidson4/6/76John Epperly21Elizabeth Akers19ParentsWm & Mary AnnGeorge & NancyN. B. Wickham12/13/76John Chambers23Dicey Akers21ParentsWm&CharityFloyd&ElizabethAndy Reed12/24/76Griffith Akers24Martha Altizer18ParentsJackson & EvalineElias & CynthiaIsaac Reed2/4/77John B Spence20Mary M. Akers19
ParentsRobert&MargrettJordon & JuliaAndy Reed11/6/77William J Akers21Rhoda Reed16ParentsJohn & ColaMadison & ElizabethHumphrey Duncan3/21/78Geo. T. Sowers28Julia Ann Akers22ParentsJacob & RebeccaFloyd & ElizabethWilson Dodd7/28/78Preston Akers33divCatherine Bishop42widParentsJoseph & MJoel&Mary LesterD.A. Howell8/9/78William ?24Lausey Akers16Parents?????Valentine & Hanah???????9/10/78Samuel Akers58widLuceska T Akers40ParentsSamuel&JBird& ?J. L. Weaver11/11/78James W Akers21Marthena Foster21ParentsRobert & HannahJohn & RosebellWiley Akers2/3/79Andrew Reed22Susan M Akers21ParentsMark J & MaryRiley & MilleyHumphrey Duncan7/23/79James Hungate24Laura Akers25Parents?????Wyatt & JuliaW. A. Davidson12/24/79Humphery Akers23Mary E Manning22ParentsJoshua & PollyJames & SarahHimphrey Duncan3/3/80Joesph Akers21Lucy Akers22ParentsJoshua & PollyJames & SarahHumphery Duncan3/10/80Valentine Conner26Mary E Akers21ParentsJonus & MahaliWm. & ElizabethW A Dickerson3/31/80 Joesph Quinton21Mary C Akers19Parents Joseph &RosannaSusan Wiley Akers6/70/80Burnell Akers57widAmelia ?42widParentsWathe & Elizabeth????6/2/80 Valentine G Akers27Mary A UnderwoodParents John ????? ???10/24/80Floyd R Clemmons24Oliva Akers24ParentsWm B & ?Rilley & Millie??11/4/80John W Akers19Julia Duncan19ParentsJordon & Julia????12/27/80Wm B. Akers26Amelis Hill19ParentsGeorge & Elizabeth???????2/10/81William C Akers20Mary J Alley28ParentsJames & SarahAnderson & RachelHumphery Duncan5/19/81Elias Akers38widMelinda Weeks30ParentsJackson & EvelineWilliam & DeliahIsaac Reed

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