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Updesh 6th Patshahi Sri Guru HarGobinmd Ji Maharajh

Updesh 6th Patshahi Sri Guru HarGobinmd Ji Maharajh

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Sant Characteristics Updesh 6th Patshahi
Adaiy 43rd , 5th Raas
Sant Characteristics Updesh 6th Patshahi
Adaiy 43rd , 5th Raas

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Published by: Divine Wisdom, Nanaksar Gursagar on Jul 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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  Sant Characteristics Updesh 6th Patshahi
 Adaiy 43rd , 5th Raas.
 Banvaali and Parsram.
 Banvaali and Parsram were both “Vayd” (doctors) of ahigh degree. They would treat the Sadhsangat and eliminate their suffering.(1)
They would spend their own money on preparingmedicines and would dispense them to the Sangat. If anyone was housebound/bedbound they would go totheir abode and with the strength of their medicine the patient would sit up.(2)
With great love they would sing Shabads , then theywould contemplate the meanings and act upon them intheir everyday life. One day with clasped hands they
made a humble request to Satguru Ji.(3)
“Heh Sachay Patshah (True King of Kings) we havecome to learn that the Shabad of Satguru blesseskalyan (liberation). The status of Sadhsangat is truly of great magnitude. Why has Satguru said this?”(4)
 Satguru Ji said “This is the medicine of all rogs(ailments). You have all the remedies readymade at your abode. Suffering patients with the intention of acquiring medicines come to you”.(5)
“You check the nabaz (pulse) to see whether the cold isdue to heat or the cold. Upon satisfying yourself withthe examination , you dispense the relevant medicine.Then you instruct the patient the method by which it isto be taken etc.”(6)
“Then the ailment is removed , slowly and gradually the patient becomes healthier. It is because of the medicinesthat you stock that patients come to meet you with thedesire to obtain it”.(7)
“Rog cannot be eradicated without a vayd , accept thisas utter truth. In the same way my Gurmukh Sikhs first of all check to see who has the right to dispense Sikhi?”(8)
“Karam Upashnah or Gyan , whoever has the right ,they say it as it is. They inform of the Rehnee (code of conduct) and then give the virtues , those Sikhs attainkalyan quickly”.(9)
“Whosoever gives updesh without having the right ,
leave alone kalyan , they create kalesh (fighting/hell etc.). Sadhsangat is very high , and that is why Sri Guru Ji has said”.(10)
There was a Sikh named Tirith , he worked in the king’sarmy. He arrived in the Sharan (sanctuary) of Sri  Hargobind Sahib. With clasped hands he said.(11)
“I spend all day in my work , I cannot take time out for Naam Simran. How will we attain salvation? “ Gur Ji gave updesh , as such:- (12)
“Do the seva of Sants on a daily basis , give them food and clothes. A person who gives a cow grass and feed ,he alone attains the milk”.(13)
“In the same way serve the Sadh , they will become pleased and will impart the easy route to udaartah(salvation). Then that person becomes accustomed to Bhagat Gyan (Devotional knowledge).(14)
“How will I recognise a Sant?” he asked upon hearingthis , “the person that I need to serve”. At that point  Satguru Ji imparted a technique , “A king desired”.(15)
“How can I see Hans (swan like creatures) with myown eyes?”, so he started doing seva of many panchi (birds) in his palaces. He feed all the panchi with avaried choga (feed). Panchi came from near and  far.(16)
Upon pecking the choga the panchi’s would spread the praise of this place at the Maan Sarovar ( gathering place). The Hans there heard the praise and said to the

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