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a13 Mapeabilidad lom-es v1

a13 Mapeabilidad lom-es v1



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Published by Proyecto Agrega

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Published by: Proyecto Agrega on May 11, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1/4 LOM-ES v.1.0 10/12/2007
destacadas en amarillo las equivalencias para vocabularios controlados LOM-ES v.1.0.
1.7. Structure
1.7. Structure
atomic atomiccollection collectionnetworked networkedhierarchical hierarchicallinear linear1.8. Aggregation Level 1.8. Aggregation Level1 12 23 34 42.2. Status 2.2. Statusdraft draftfinal finalrevised revisedunavailable unavailable2.3.1. Role 2.3.1. Roleauthor authorpublisher publisherunknownauthor, publisher, initiator, terminator, validator, editor, graphical designer,technical implementer, content provider, technical validator, educationalvalidator, script writer, instructional designer, subject matter expertinitiator initiatorterminator terminatorvalidator validatoreditor editorgraphical designer graphical designer  technical implementer technical implementercontent provider content provider
2/4 LOM-ES v.1.0 10/12/2007
technical validator technical validatoreducational validator educational validatorscript writer script writerinstructional designer instructional designersubject matter expert subject matter expert3.2.1. Role 3.2.1. Rolecreator creatorvalidator validator4.4.1.1. Type Typeoperating system operating systembrowser browser4.4.1.2. Name Namepc-dos pc-dosms-windows ms-windowsmacos macosunix unix, linuxmulti-os multi-osnone noneany anynetscape communicator netscape communicator, mozilla firefoxms-internet explorer ms-internet exploreropera operaamaya amaya5.1. Interactivity Type 5.1. Interactivity Typeactive activeexpositive expositivemixed mixed5.2. Learning Resource Type 5.2. Learning Resource Typeexercisetextual-image analysis, closed exercise or problem, contextualized caseproblem, didactic gamesimulation simulation, real or virtual learning environment, real projectquestionnaire questionnairediagram graph, conceptual mapfigure photograph, illustration, graphgraph graphindex navigation mapslidephotograph, illustration, video, animation, integrated media, multimediapresentation, multimedia creation/edition tool,table table, databasenarrative textnarrative text, hypertext, computer graphics, tutorial, digital dictionary,digital encyclopaedia, digital periodical publication, thematic or corporatewebs/web portals, wiki, weblog, guided readingexam examexperiment experimentproblem statement discussion activity, open problem, didactic game, webquestself assessment self assessmentlecture master class
3/4 LOM-ES v.1.0 10/12/2007
music, sound effect, voice-over, compound audio, web design tool,office tool, programming tool, information/knowledgeanalysis/organizationtool, process/procedure supporting tools,individual/cooperative/collaborative learning/working management tool,multimedia creation/edition service, web design service, office service,programming service, information/knowledgeanalysis/organizationservice, process/procedure supporting service, individual/cooperative/ collaborative learning/working management service5.3. Interactivity Level 5.3. Interactivity Levelvery low very lowlow lowmedium mediumhigh highvery high very high5.4. Semantic Density 5.4. Semantic Densityvery low very lowlow lowmedium mediumhigh highvery high very high5.5. Intented End User Role 5.5. Intented End User Rolelearnerlearner, special needs learner, gifted learner, learner’s late integration intothe education system, learner with other specific educational supportneeds, general public, individual, groupauthor education expert, subject matter expertteacher teacher, tutor, familymanager information scientist, computer scientist, manager5.6. Context 5.6. Contextschool , higher education, training classroom, laboratory, real environment, home, mixedotherteacher, tutor, family, schoolmate, independent, mixed, face to face,blended, distance5.8. Difficulty 5.8. Difficultyvery easy very easyeasy easymedium mediumdifficult difficultvery difficult very difficult6.1. Cost 6.1. Costyes yesno no6.2. Copyright and other restrictions 6.2. Copyright and other restrictionsyescreative commons: attribution, creative commons: attribution - non derivedwork, creative commons: attribution - non derived work - non commercial,creative commons: attribution - non commercial, creative commons:attribution - non commercial - share alike, creative commons: attribution -share alike, proprietary license, license GFDL, free software licenseEUPL, free software license GPL, other free software licenses, dual freecontent license GPL and EUPLno public domain, not appropriate7.1. Kind 7.1. Kindispartof ispartof

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