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Faneallrich Yao SRE

Faneallrich Yao SRE

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Published by JGammaFYao
CLE reflection Essay
CLE reflection Essay

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Published by: JGammaFYao on Jul 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Faneallrich YaoH4C
Absolutism? Not an Option
Upon discussing the philosophies of knowledge and integrating them to the areasof knowledge, I came upon to realize my ideal philosophy of knowledge applied to thesubject areas of life. Evaluatism is my main philosophy of knowledge in NaturalSciences, Social Sciences, Ethics, and Religion. While, the Arts have my philosophy ofknowledge of relativism.
For the Natural Sciences, the use of evaluatism enables me to judge based onthe articles and facts that I read in my everyday life. Such as the use of experiments,testimonies and Scientific discoveries one can not easily say that these are absolutelytrue as the need for concrete evidence and the weight containing each evidences maybe used to determine what is more correct than the other. An example is the creation ofthe universe because there are many theories that state how the universe was createdsuch as the contraction theory, the big bang theory and other more theories. The basisfor judging is mostly reasoning due to the evidences and proofs supported by thepeople who raised these theories.
For the use of Human Sciences the use of Evaluatism is used due to being ableto judge which proof or historical claim is accurate from what is not through the use ofreasoning and language, these may be able to assist the historians in judging whichhistorical claim is true from not. As many people may know the concepts of the historicalevents. It is also shown that there are many historical claims for the said events. Anexample is from the Second World War, here are many historical claims from differentperspectives about the reason of war and the events of war which made manyhistorians analyze each perspective in order to see which one is the accurate and whichone is the discrepancy.
The area of Ethics and Religion also has the use of Evaluatism in terms ofknowing what is the right thing to do. One can argue that there is no such thing as the“right thing to do” due to the fact that there are many perspectives for human morals.Also the use of Religion has need of Evaluatism due to discrepancies evident aboutreligion that may misguide and mislead the common people about its purpose. Anexample for these two is the concept of stealing because stealing is not correct due tothe religious perspective that it is wrong however, it is also morally wrong in theperspective of the people, but one must not say ethics and religion are ambiguous andthat this act is seen as good in the other perspective as one needs to rely more onreasoning and logic, and the case of religion needs to have evidences and emotion touse as a basis for judgement.
The area of Arts is ambiguous therefore relativism is my stand for this area. Anexample of the music of Metallica, one may say that the music is noisy and bad andevil, but others may say that the music is an art and very good. These are evidences ofambiguity in the arts because no one can be wrong about their interpretations.

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