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Prayer Diary 2013 Week 28 071413

Prayer Diary 2013 Week 28 071413

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Published by alan shelby

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Published by: alan shelby on Jul 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Focus Verse (for memorization & meditation)—Prayer Diary link available online at http://www.facebook.com/HBCBlueSprings
MONDAY—EVANGELISTIC PRAYER Chronological Bible Reading:
Psalm 16-18; Acts 26
 Monday, July 15
Heb. 10:22
Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.
Hail Jesus, You’re My King!Martin Luther came out of his prayer closet to declare, “I have conquered!”He had not even met his adversaries yet, but he knew he had prevailed with Godin prayer, and therefore he would prevail over personalities, principalities, andpowers in this life. That is the benefit of what you won for me on your cross.I want the sick to be comforted with my words. I want the depressed to beencouraged by my faith. And oh, I want the lukewarm to be recovered by my love! I claim it today in prayer, because that is another benefit from the cross. That I can even ask these things is because of your cross. The cross makesmathematically logical the things mysterious and theological. That is why theBible contains so many 
. Why have I boldness? Because of the cross…
. Why are we amulticultural church, joined as brethren in one body? Because of thecross…
. (Heb. 10:19).
My boldness arises from the perfection of yoursacrifice.
It has nothing to do with perfection (or imperfection!) in me. It is alldo to your merit, and how wisdom brings her own strength with her,
Prov. 8:14
Heb. 10:14
For by one offering he hath perfected for ever them that are sanctified.
It is true. I believe it. By this confession I affirm Jesus did such a finished work for me that his sacrifice makes me
in my standing and
 in my state. This is a bold thing to say, much less to pray, but I base it squarely upon his cross! That gives me a mission within this life:
† 1 Cor. 2:2
For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ,and him crucified.
Psalm 19-21; Acts 27
  Tuesday, July 16
Mark 16:16
He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.
Savior, Lord and King:My carnal mind always maps-out a way for me to become good, and work my way to heaven. I rationalize with rational lies. But your way is the opposite.Believing, and then displaying that belief, are not matters of merit to takepride in. They are so simple that boasting is excluded. When it comes to heaven,only God’s free grace makes a way!
1 John 5:11
 And this is the record, that God hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his Son.
Is __________ or __________ unsaved? What are their reasons? Do they think they have to do some meritorious good work of their own to get to heaven?Do they think they are too bad? Then help me announce the truly good news:God has worked his way to them! He has pledged his own word as confirmation. They think it is too easy: “just believe.” Surely baptism, at least, is a pre-condition condition. But no, the verse does not say “he that is baptized not shallbe damned,” but
he that believeth not 
. Holy Spirit, help them to believe! It is so easy that there is no excuse. To believe is simply to trust, to depend, to rely on Jesus Christ. To bebaptized is simply to submit to the ordinance Jesus said all his converted andsaved ones would agree to as the one way to display their belief. The outwardsymbol does not save, but it sets my testimony before others of exactly what I ambelieving in: the finished work of Jesus Christ according to the scriptures, and my  walk in newness of life because of my trust in him. There is but one door to eternal life. Give us all grace to enter in. Amen.
 WEDNESDAY—REVIVAL PRAYINGChronological Bible Reading:
Psalm 22-24; Acts 28
  Wednesday, July 17
2 Kgs. 17:25
 And so it was at the beginning of their dwelling there, that they feared not the LORD: therefore the LORD sent lions among them, which slew some of them.
Maker and Master:I read of some who followed their own way, and you sent lions among them. But you drive lions away from those that keep to the hard but right way.
Isa. 35:9
 No lion shall be there, nor any ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk there: 
Lions are afraid of fire, and you are a wall of fire around me ( 
Zech. 2:5 
 ). Ineed not fear to tread this pathway to revival. I can fear no evil Lord, as long asyou are with me ( 
Psa. 23:4
 ). But to be safe I need to be holy, and to be holy Ihave to trust in the Holy One, Jesus. Order my steps in your word. Keep me walking in the Holy Spirit. Sincerity is not enough; I need your truth as well.Help me submit my judgment to the word of God (right now). I have aninfallible Bible to read, and an infallible Spirit to instruct me in its meaning. Evenas we should look to the Strong One for our strength ( 
 Job 9:19 
 ), so I look to the Wise One for wisdom ( 
Prov. 8:12-14
Jas. 3:13
Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you? let him shew out of a good conversation his works with meekness of wisdom.
 True wisdom only exists in meekness. Give me the meekness to keep to theroad seeking revival, though many other people beckon me to follow them. Letme not be drawn aside from this quest. Gird up the loins of my mind with yourtruth.
May the Holy Spirit so rest on me that I have rest within me
, and nodesire to leave the straight and narrow way, even for a moment.Faith is worthless if it gives up. Let me hold on and hold out until I havethat which I seek revival! Amen.
Psalm 25-27; Romans 1
  Thursday, July 18
Matt. 5:16
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and  glorify your Father which is in heaven.
grace of our loving Lord, grace that exceeds our sin and ourguilt! Yonder on Calvary’s mount outpoured, there where the blood of the Lamb was spilled.Sin and despair, like the sea waves cold, threaten the soul with infinite loss;Grace that is greater, yes, grace untold, points to the refuge, the mighty cross.Dark is the stain that we cannot hide. What can avail to wash it away?Look! There is flowing a crimson tide, brighter than snow you may betoday.Marvelous, infinite, matchless grace, freely bestowed on all who believe! You that are longing to see His face, will you this moment His gracereceive?Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that will pardon and cleanse within;Grace, grace, God’s grace, grace that is greater than all our sin.
 —Julia H. Johnston, 1911
Psalm 28-30; Romans 2
 Friday, July 19
Rev. 5:8
 And when he had taken the book, the four beasts and four and twenty elders  fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.
Our Lord and King: The prayers you accept are not the chanting of clerics, the liturgy of priests,the burning of votive candles, or the spinning wheels of Tibetan monks. It mustbe the prayers of the saints that is heard. As we go through this summer we ask you for special blessings; not toslump, but to soar! Anoint the
 worship teams
to help us praise you. Prepare the
to help us hear you. Work through every aspect of the
tobring us your presence in power. Be with us at the Retreat, and then move us, outof ourselves and into the moment of challenge and
responsibility. We love to praise you, to meet with saints, and to hear from your word. Wecome to lift up our souls in adoring love to you, and celebrate what you allow usto do by putting the eternal word of God into the immortal souls of men and women in our city. You must allow us to worship you in a fresh spirit of revival this year! Weconfess you are great, we plead for your presence, and we desire you to continueto open doors for witness in lost lives, and discipleship in more saints.Bless our all-church Retreat, because what is sweet to you is not the words we use, but the decisions of heart we make. That is the incense, the essence andaroma of sweet spices—a golden vial full of fragrance in our life.It is a spiritual essence we strive for this summer. A subtle knowledge of your presence that causes everyone around to confess your power among us! Dothis because Jesus is worthy and we ask it in his name. Amen.
SATURDAY—IN THE PSALMSChronological Bible Reading:
Psalm 31-33; Romans 3
 Saturday, July 20
Psa. 110:3
Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth.
Beautiful Savior: You admire holiness. Holiness puts me in a state of “eternal youth!” Sinceyou ever live, I can live to grow in grace. As your strength never fails, I neverhave to fail to be strong. The beauties of holiness are my priestly attire, and my garments for glory forever. O Lord Jesus,
my security is in you, and thereforeI need never be insecure
Psa. 110:5
The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his wrath.
 This will happen at your Second Coming. You will not sit forever in waiting. One day you will return to enter the fray on my side, and end this weary  war by your own victorious presence. Even so, come Lord Jesus! When eternalpower arrives, all earthly power dies.
Luke 21:28
 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.
 You will throw your heart into the battle and shorten it in righteousness.My head will be lifted in victory as it is lifted in your glory. You passed this way once, Jesus. But that was when you were burdened with the serious work of yourfirst coming, which was Calvary. In your second advent it will be an
victory. You reign now, before the Father’s throne. Oh, that you would come eventoday to rule on this blue orb, which rightly belongs to you as his Son! Comeclaim and redeem what you purchased by your own blood. We love you, adoreyou, and worship you for you deserve it. Bring with you the victory over life thatyou won in your death. Do it even now, Jesus. Amen.

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