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The Wedge Neighborhood Newspaper July 2013

The Wedge Neighborhood Newspaper July 2013

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Last paper issue of the Wedge Neighborhood Newspaper. Stay informed of neighborhood news after today by visiting the neighborhood website: thewedge.org
Last paper issue of the Wedge Neighborhood Newspaper. Stay informed of neighborhood news after today by visiting the neighborhood website: thewedge.org

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Published by: Wedge Neighborhood News on Jul 08, 2013
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Photo and story by Bruce Cochran
In June the Wedge reportedthe City Council’s decision tostop demolition o 2320 ColaxAvenue. Beginning as early asOctober, 2012 the story start-ed with an initial proposal by the Lander Group to buy 2320
By Bruce Cochran
In June the LHENA Zon-ing & Planning Commit-tee listened to a proposal by Perkins & Will architects,describing Phase II o theMoZaic project at Lagoonand Girard Avenues. Al-though the design processis still in its inancy, the pre-sentation provided a rough
By Becky Zosia Dernbach
Hundreds o community sup-porters have turned out re-peatedly over the past monthand a hal demanding justiceor errance Franklin, whodied in a police shoot-out May 10 at 2717 Bryant Avenue.errance’s riends, amily, andcommunity supporters arecalling or an independent in- vestigation into the incident.errance Franklin, 22, wasshot and killed ollowing a po-lice chase. A neighbor on the2700 block o Bryant called thepolice, thinking he recognizederrance as someone who hadrobbed his home the week be-ore. errance ed rom thepolice, rst on oot and then ina car. Another neighbor, dis-covering a window to his base-ment broken, called the police.A SWA team with six ocers,submachine guns, and K-9sdescended to the basement,
Beac Basin11
Vol. 44, No. 7 FREE July 2013
Lowry HiLL East NEigHborHood associatioN NEwspapEr
“Where every story has three sides” 
A Subway in Soutwest?9
pae 10See
pae 2
 2320 colfax 
pae 2Burc Pizza4
Ol Cicao?2
Were MPD PoliceActions Justified?
Terrance Franklinshooting still in question
Bold Expressions
Historical Value or Homeowner Rights?
2320 colfax owner speaks andidly 
Since June3, incum-bent Meguthill hascontinuedher cam-paign orthe enthWard. Tatdecision tomove orward comes despite apromise at the April 27 enthWard DFL Convention to sus-pend her campaign i she lostthe endorsement.Asked why she’s breaking herpromise, uthill respondedthat she is “the only candidatein the race that has the rela-tionships and the experienceto move this Ward orward.”In addition uthill cited addi-tional reasons such as constit-uent support, major endorse-ments, strong record, provenresults anda vision orthe enthWard.In responseto theuthill de-cision, DFLendorsedcandidate Lisa Bender said,“Council member uthill’sdecision to run aer she re-peatedly said she would abideby the endorsement is disap-pointing. Ward en votersshould be concerned abouthaving a Council Member whowill go back on her word orpolitical gain. But, her decisionhas not changed our core ocuso talking with Ward en resi-dents about how, with strongerleadership, we can make ourcommunity even better than itis today.”
Tuthill Changes Mind,Stays in Race
Despite promise to drop out, enth Ward incumbent continues campaign
Mhel c, n n he n e  2320 clx avenue,el he h  h mn lenh k n he uee.
 Ackerberg sprouts wings or MoZaic Phase II 
Photo by Bruce Cochran
 th nhe ve h he ln  phe ii (kn l)m he kn m  MZ phe i. the Mn geen-   le ene n he Ln thee   m h.
Confessions of a Music Junkie
chain gang anthems from Kill the Vultures
Photo by Bruce Cochran
Kll he Vulue le he 2009 pzz Lue blk p.
By Bruce Cochran
Te accidental sound o omWaits, the soul o John Lee Hooker,the eerie atmospheric quality o Jim Jarmusch and the unden-able cross-media style o ricky allcome together in the music o Killthe Vultures (KV). Tis year KVplays the Chiang Mai Tai
Chiang Banger 
near Calhoun Square. Soconsider this.We all have our reasons or listen-
pae 7
pe 2
Jul 2013
Photo by Bruce Cochran
che he ane n ch ike hve uhe heevu ln  blue sk ceme  en Lke & ivnreun & b,  ul nehh eun. “Fhul e u enjmen .... nven, hn, nenh,” ch . th men amen le e-e ll e evn ek, lunh, nne n le nh u-me, h  ull ,  ee, ne n lqu. the eneen mll le, men  hn ll enue ue  l-l enl neen  ulll he ike’ mn  un-l. the eme enn e  seeme.
Photo by Bruce Cochran
glln, knn  Mnnel’ nl he h h n n-hue l ln u,  ele  rl tn el June. Le  2835 Hennen ave., he ne neh ke he e h  muh e ve  ele u n mleel emele he ne.
Lake & Irving
Brothers buy 1513 Lake for neighborhood restaurant
Te Royal reatment
Old Chicago
Kaskaid signs lease for new restaurant at 2841 Hennepin
Bluestem Wine Bar
Photo by Bruce Cochran
Fm he ne  Fenh Me bke & ce, he ee n ke n he U.s., me blueem b & tle  2610 Lnle ave. Feun  ee n ne, hene eun  n en Mn huh su, 8m-mnh, n sun 8m-11m. Lke  nl ke,blueem e ’ menu n lll n n unle. Me n  .lueemnle.m
Photo by Bruce Cochran
Km tle, cEo n ne  Kk Hl nnuneh ol ch ll le n Kk ll ke ve hee n Nveme  h e. tle exe  nnunehe ne n he nex 6 eek. the 5,800 que  eu-n ll en  Mh 2014 n nlue n u .“wh he h n he eenl e n Un, e hnk hee’  nhe  e lle n he ul nn e hh hee u ne exel,” tle . “we e exe nnune h ne hh e eleve ll e  nul  he Un nehh mmun.” Fune n 2007,Kk Hl  he en mn  Mnnel-e eun cve, Fl, Un Ee, Unn reu-n n r n Mquee Lune.
rom pae 1
 2320 colfax 
rom pae 1
and 2316 Colax, demolish thesites and build a new a 48-unitapartment building in theirplace. Aer a determinationby the Minneapolis HistoricPreservation Commission thatthe house merited historicpreservation, the City Councilupheld that decision on May 24, 2013. Te owner o bothproperties, Michael Crow hasrecently come orward to al-low the Wedge to interview him and get his backgroundand viewpointWEDGE: What kind o abuilding is 2320 Colax?CROW: It’s a 15 unit lodg-ing house or rooming house.Tat’s what most people wouldcall it. It’s been used as an oldolks home or rooming housesince sometime in the 1950s.WEDGE: Is there a reason thatyou are selling the properties?CROW: Yes. Over the last de-cade I have had major health is-sues. wo open heart surgeriesand a back surgery and requirea more serious back surgery that will make it impossibleor me to ever be able to do thework that is required to runthe rooming house. Roominghouses are much more laborintensive than other types o rentals. It’s very important tome not leave a mess or my amily i something does hap-pen to me. I think anybody could understand that, and Ihave tried to make everybody involved aware and asked ortheir help.WEDGE: What have beenyour biggest problems sellingthe buildings?CROW: From the beginningthe old time neighbors, saidthey did not want the new apartment building. Tey saidit would be the start o themtearing down all the old hous-es and building apartments,which could never happen.Tat’s why the City downzonedeverything south o 24th Streetyears ago and le the northside o 24th street zoned R-6because most o the build-ings are apartments, roominghouses and businesses. Whenthey ran out o any other way to stop it they used the histori-cal angle. I even have an emailrom Kathy Kullberg, a neigh-borhood historical guru thatsaid nothing about historic value, just that she wished thatthey would build homes ortownhouse instead o an apart-ment building.
WEDGE: Why did you decide tosell the property to a developer?
CROW: I bought the twobuildings together 22 years agobecause o the zoning and extraland that they were on. Tink-ing that I or someone wouldwant to develop the property someday, but was actually  just trying to sell the room-ing house and keep the otherbuilding to x up and move into. Aer I tried to sell them orve years with no success, thedeveloper made the ofer onboth properties. Tere is notthe demand that there oncewas or rooming houses, andthe cost o doing anything elsewith it is astronomical. So itsonly real value is or develop-
 2320 colfax 
pae 4
outline about where theAckerberg project may go.In March the AckerbergGroup initiated a dialoguewith LHENA to elicit com-mentary and community engagement or Phase II.From that meeting six re-quests were claried by architect ony Layne, Co-Director o Sustainability orPerkins & Will:
location on block, step-backs, height
bicycle, pedestrian, transit
to the community 
In order to allow a "porous-ness," described by Layne,the three long buildings inthe design run east to westwith glass-covered atriumsthat allow not only sunlight,but a heightened visual andpedestrian experience.Te three buildings withmostly northeast views stepback rom the Midtown Gre-enway with a three-story north structure, six-story middle structure and eight-story south structure.Still in the concept stage,the proposal naturally lackslogistics like bus and pedes-trian pathways, and parkingstall totals. Ackerberg statedthat Phase I has more thanenough space to take any overow rom Phase II.
Te rst oor will likely beretail with oce space tak-ing up the rest o the projecton the above oors. Until -nal negotiations or the plan
pae 12
Jul 2013
pe 3
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We., July 10, 6:30pm
lhEna Z d P(Z&P) cmmee
Neighborhood Involvement Program(NIP), 2431 Hennepin Avenue
Te Z&P Committee regularly meets the second Wednesday o every month at 6:30 pm. Tiscommittee reviews any project,development, or zoning request inthe neighborhood–a good t oranyone interested in city planning,architecture, and transportation.
We., July 17, 6:30pm
lhEna Brd  Drers
Neighborhood Involvement Program(NIP), 2431 Hennepin Avenue
Te LHENA Board o Directorsregularly meets the third Wednes-day o every month at 6:30 pm.LHENA’s mission is to representthe interests and values o Lowry Hill East residents, property andbusiness owners to the largercommunity and government.Te LHENA Board makes neigh-borhood building and land userecommendations to the City,maintains nancial oversight o the organization, publishes TeWedge newspaper, organizesneighborhood social events, andserves as a orum or neighbor-hood concerns. Members serveon a volunteer basis and are elect-ed to two year terms.
By Bruce Cochran, Wedge Editor 
“What goes up must comedown” -
Spinning Wheel 
, BloodSweat & earsAs I complete my last printedWedge, a our oot diameterBur Oak sits on my housewaiting or a careul coordi-nation o a tree company andXcel energy to remove it romit’s web o buildings and powerlines. Te tree’s 70 year histororces me to ruminate on Up-town history.
I don’t have any great details o the Wedge’s history or residen-tial experience, besides livingin CARAG or ten years, butone thing is very clear. Tis pa-per has always been about pas-sion. No matter the editorialstyle, the politics, the heatedconversations, or the blowndeadlines–the parade o editorsthat have choreographed every monthly issue rom the begin-ning have all shared a commoncommitment to empower theWedge neighborhood.
With increasing competitionrom internet advertising,the Wedge has been orced tosuspend its print issue. Andbecause lie, by denition isabout change, we are movingorward. Te Wedge may con-tinue on the web and maybe itwill come back in print i theLHENA Board can nd a sub-sidizing source.
But this experience has broughtme enough lessons to libusteror three days, so as editor Iwill be brie and leave you withwhat I see as the most pressingissue with respect to news.
Over the past 20 years the riseo the internet has given theaverage citizen the power topublish. We have an unlimitednumber o ‘news’ sources butironically ew that ofer objec-tive inormation.It’s not sexy, it’s not provoca-tive, it won’t immediately change your lie right now. Butthe democracy and public ac-cess to inormation we hold soclose to our hearts relies on theinstitution o objective newsreporting. And the number o reliable objective gatekeepersis dwindling aster than a goodUptown parking space. As edi-tor I have strived to encouragecontent that is both inorma-tive and objective.
We’re notperect but we will alwaysdo our best.
Whatever shape or orm youget your news in the uture,I recommend seeking out allsides to the story and an objec-tive viewpoint or hard news.Tanks or your support.Stay with us
Te Wedge newspaper:
Lowry Hill East Neighborhood  Association:
Bruce Cochran lives in Uptownand continues to ask way toomany questions.
Blood Sweat & Tears
te Wedge egcy 
Photo by Joseph Foreman
…n hen meme, he ne me  u.

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