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Exp 4.2 (Form 4)

Exp 4.2 (Form 4)

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Published by IMELDA
Studying the effects of pH on the activity of pepsin.
Studying the effects of pH on the activity of pepsin.

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Published by: IMELDA on Jul 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4.2 Studying the effects of pH on the activity of pepsin
Problem statement:What are the effects of pH on the activity of pepsin?Hypothesis: The optimum pH for activity of pepsin is an acidic medium of pH 3.Variables:MV – pH of mediumRV – Rate of enzymatic reactionCV – Volume and concentration of albumen suspension, volume andconcentration of pepsin solution and temperature of mediumMaterials and apparatus:Albumen suspension, 1% pepsin solution, 0.1M hydrochloric acid, 0.1Msodium hydroxide solution, distilled water, beakers, droppers, thermometer,test tubes, 5 ml syringe, pH paper, wire gauze, a stopwatch and test tuberackProcedure:(P1)1.Prepare an albumen suspension by mixing the egg white from an egg with500 ml of distilled water. Boil and cool down the suspension. Remove thelarge particles using a glass wool. (P1)2.Prepare and label three test tubes P, Q and R respectively. (P1)3. Add 5 ml of albumen suspension to each test tube using a syringe. (P1,P2)4.Add the solution below to the test tube:P: 1 ml of 0.1M hydrochloric acid + 1 ml of 1% pepsin solutionQ: 1 ml of distilled water + 1 ml of 1% pepsin solutionR: 1 ml of 0.1M sodium hydroxide solution + 1 ml of 1% pepsin solution(P1, P2)5.Dip a piece of pH paper into each test tube. Determine and record the pHvalue. (P1, P4)
©Imelda ak Nyaun/S.M.K. Serian

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