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New York City Descriptive Writing

New York City Descriptive Writing



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Published by David
Semi-descriptive essay on an experience in New York City.
Semi-descriptive essay on an experience in New York City.

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Published by: David on May 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New York City
 New York City is definitely a BUSY city. No matter where I go, I can see confusion thatnever seems to end. There seems to be an endless amount of cars flowing through the streets andhonking their monotone horns. Some of the vehicles are large trucks that seem to add the never-ending noise generated by rest of the things around me. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, notworrying about anything going on around them.I just arrived at Penn. Station in New York City. The underground terminal we are inreminds me of Underground Atlanta and has stores and shops lining the walls. As I walk by, I cansmell all sorts of things. When I walk by the Starbucks Coffee, I can smell coffee and milk.When I pass by the numerous bagel shops, I can smell bagels and cream cheese. It is so busyhere, I can even smell the cologne on the people hurriedly passing by. When I look around, I seethe huge departures board with names of stations and corresponding train numbers and departuretimes. Looking down, all I can see is the movement of a mass of people. Some are carrying bags.Some are dragging rolling backpacks. All seem to be unconscious of anything going on aroundthem, but they somehow manage not to run into anyone else, almost operating like a clock.As soon as I go up the stairs to the ground level, I can't help but notice the stench of thecity. It is a mix between carbon monoxide from cars, trash, and other indistinguishable things. Itwould remind you of the swamplands but less nature. On the streets, I see an endless flow of carsin traffic, many of which have a small illuminated sign with the word "TAXI" on top. The driversall seem to be foreign, and many are loudly talking on their cell phones, oblivious to their clientin the back seat. Looking up the road, I see a seemingly endless skyline of tall buildings. Some
are very tall, some are medium size, and there is the occasional "small" building. The people onthe sidewalks are doing various things. Some are talking on their cell phone while quicklywalking to where they have to be. A few people on the sidewalks are moms clutching their child's hand tightly. Most are business people dressed in black suits, some of which are walkingwith similarly dressed colleagues. Just like in the train station, everyone is unaware of thealmost-chaos going on around them.When I go into one of the many coffee shops, I can tell everything that the store sells just by smelling the air in and around the store. I go in and see many people dressed in suits readingnewspapers, talking on cell phones, or sipping on coffee. I wait in the line at the register filledwith impatient people waiting to buy some food. When it's my turn to order, it seems like I am infront of a hundred people speaking. The person at the register is very quickly doing her job andglares at me when I stop to think about what I want to order. After paying, I wait in the next lineto receive what I just ordered. After receiving my bagel and coffee, I went to sit down. I feel socrammed when I sat down at the two-person table. The table was slightly sticky, and it seemed tomatch the odor of the city as well. I feel as if I was confined to a small broom closet as peoplewalked past me. It was amazing that the 50 or so people in the store were fitting into the verysmall area it took up. All I can hear in this store are people talking to their friends or cell phones.The occasional large truck rumbles down the road outside.This experience in New York City is very interesting. I have seen all sorts of people andI've witnessed so many things. In some ways, New York City is disgusting considering the badsmell and all. Though, like many things, you grow used to it and learn to greatly enjoy it. When I

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torabora21 added this note
I love the essay New York city this was definitely written as seen through the eyes of a 9 old alien from another planet! I could hardly stop laughing. It is apparent that this work was not overseen by an adult, hence the constant repetition and contradictions. Good first effort . Please do over.
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