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Final Written

Final Written

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Published by Moorea

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Published by: Moorea on May 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name: _____________________________ 
100 pts
World Geography Final May 2009
Fill- in the blank 1 point each
1. The North Sea is between this continent _____________ and thiscountry______________.2. Name one Russian river ____________________.3. Name the peninsula in Mexico that divides the Gulf of Mexicoand the Caribbean Sea___________________.4. What two ancient rivers run through Iraq_______________ & ________________ .5. Is the Great Rift Valley on the east or west of the continent of Africa? ___________.6. What country is the Tarim Desert highway (longest highway)in________________.7. What two bodies of water lie on each side of the Indian subcontinent? ________ of____________ and the __________ ___________.8. What Ocean is off the east coast of Africa? ______________  ________________.9. Name the channel between Madagascar and southeast Africa ___________________.10. Name the two largest rivers in Australia _______________ & ________________.11. What desert is in Namibia? _____________________.12. The Straight of Gibraltar divides which two continents? ____________ & ___________.13. What is the name of the body of water off the west coast of Saudi Arabia? ________ __________.
14. Name the only peninsula on the continent of Australia ____________ __  ________.15. What is the name of the man-made water passage in Egypt that allowsboats to travel between the Mediterranean and Red Sea? ______________  ___________.16. The Atlas Mountains are in what country? _________________.17. Name the two seas of Antarctica ________________ & _______________.18. Finish the name of this country: Turks & _____________.19. Name the water passage between the islands of Cuba and Haiti? ____________________.20. Name current that circumnavigates the globe and affects the weather of every continent and the health of every ocean on earth? __________________  ________________.21. What is the name of the archipelago that extends from Japan to Taiwan? ____________________ _____________.22. What is the longest mountain range in the world? _____________________.23. The __________ ____________ of Southeast Asia is where poppies are grownfor heroin.24. Rwanda is the last refuge for this animal _____________ ____________.25. A savannah is made up of scattered _____________ and _____________ plains.26. Subsistence farming means farmers produce crops to feed only _________________.27. There are approximately ____________ million people living in Africa.28. What is the definition of migration? ________________________________________  _______________________________________________________________________.29. Easter Island is off the coast of which country? _______________________.
30. The Drakensburg Mountains are in which country? ______________  _____________.31. The Rhine River is mainly in which country? ___________________.32. Name Africa’s largest lake ________________________.33. Name the largest desert in the world ________________________.34. __________is mined in huge surface deposit pits in Kazakhstan.35. The Western and Eastern Ghats are found on what continent? ____________________.36. There are 700 tribes in Papua New Guinea that speak ___________ languages.37. The _______________ canal in Turkmenistan is the world’s longestirrigation canal.38. Deep in the Himalayan Mountains, Bhutan is an isolated country thatharnesses fast flowing rivers to produce ______________ _____________.39. The Sherpa people of Nepal are skilled ____________ ____________.40. Bangladesh is a huge _______________ created by the Ghanges & PadmaRivers.41. The Iberian Peninsula is made up of what two countries? ____________ and __________.42. The country of _____________ lies at the physical center of the Europeancontinent.43. What country has more then 2,000 islands? ___________________.44. What mountain range runs the length of Italy? _____________  _____________.45. OPEC is an acronym for ____________ of _____________ ____________  ____________.46. The monsoon rains of India last from ____________ to ______________.47. The Marsh Arabs have been living in southern Iraq for ______________ years.

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