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Iteration X (Convention: Mage the Ascension)

Iteration X (Convention: Mage the Ascension)



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Published by Beth
Iteration X Convention & the Forecasters of ITX for Mage: The Ascension (Technocracy)
Iteration X Convention & the Forecasters of ITX for Mage: The Ascension (Technocracy)

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Published by: Beth on May 12, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Technocracy Within: The Thirteenth Hour Crossover~*~
~*~“Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. Better. Faster.Stronger. We
technology.” –
W. Gibson
The Convocation was born from the Ashes of the
. They havewere renamed the International Brotherhood of Mechanicians in 1851during the first realignment of Control. When the Technocracy hosts itsfinal organization they become
Iteration X
, named after the self-awarecomputer they created, which achieved sentience at an unspecifiediteration (hence ‘X’). While the name has changed slightly over thecourse of history, the precepts remain the same: the Universe, andeverything within, is a machine that can be understood, operated, andevolved through the use of Science. Since then, they have monitored andguided scientific advances, occasionally interjecting their own ideas.Nearly every scientific theory is carefully examined by Iteration-X, and iseither approved for inclusion in the paradigm, or dismissed as useless.Iteration-X does not have an absolute hold on the scientific world (as theintroduction of Quantum Theory by the Sons of Ether shows), but theyhave a great deal of control.Iterators are the ultimate technicians, and design the vast majority of the Technocracy's equipment. Theyare also the Technocracy's primary researcher into the physical and chemical sciences. Iteration-X magesare the most secluded of all Technomancers, often engaged in obscure study in far off realms. They havecreated a wide array of mechanical servants to interact with the world for them, and to aid their morepragmatic Technocratic allies.Despite their reclusiveness, Iterators are amongst the strongest supporters of the program. Iteration-X isso deeply enmeshed in science that they have developed a dread of the supernaturals nearly as strong asthe sleepers. They direct their machine servants to attack Tradition mages wherever they can find them.This brings them into increasing conflict with other Technomancer who find their tactics to "noisy".
: "The machine is the ultimate expression of the values of Technocracy. It is order andperfection. Through understanding the machine, we can find enlightenment. We have seen that the
machine is intelligence in its own right, and will teach us and aid us toward Ascension. It is not enoughthat we use technology in our lives. We must integrate it fully, with machines taking their rightful placeas our allies and equals."
: Iteration-X organizes itself along the lines of the scientific and academic communities,splitting into teaching, research and application divisions. It is rumored they are lead by an advancedmachine intelligence, from which they received their name.
: Iteration-X holds regular symposiums of its own to discuss scientific ideas. These meetingsresemble scientific conferences more than anything else. Other than this, Iterators rarely interact witheach other, as they tend to be more comfortable with their machines than other people.
: Iteration-X recruits most of its followers from the scientific community. They scour collegecampuses looking for bright minds with magickal potential. Often their recruits finish their ordinaryeducation, studying Techno-magick on the side. They then spend some time in Iteration-X researchcenters to finish their training. In recent years, the Convention has recruited some handicappedindividuals for physical enhancement via cyberware. This has caused some conflict with the Progenitors,who are working to eliminate physical imperfection from the paradigm.
: Autochthonia is the greatest Chantry of Iteration-X. This machine world has a physicalmanifestation as an "opposite earth", a planet in the same orbit as earth but on the opposite side of thesun, hidden from view. Because they lack the sphere of Spirit, Iterators access this realm usingCorrespondence. Their Chantries often lack horizon realms, though they are warded against spiritualintrusion.
: Physicists, Engineers, Artificial Intelligences
: Like the Ahl-i-Batan, Iteration-X has two spheres, Forces and Matter, which they believe are thesame at a fundamental level. They lack the spirit sphere though, because the very idea of it is opposed totheir scientific world-view. Even other Technomancers are surprised at how vehemently Iteration-Xdenies the spirit world.
: Forces/Prime/Matter: Electricity, Entropy/Correspondence: Calculator, Time/Life: Watch, Mind:Electrodes, Spirit: Forbidden
: Cold Scientist, Cyber-Assassin, Mechanical Engineer
: "
The flesh is weak. Machines have perfection. Only when man emulates and embraces the machine will true peace be found
The Paradigm
The System
: The System encompasses everything that exists. The differentparts and subsystems interact in complex ways, sometimes clashing ordegrading in unpredictable ways which increases Entropy. Our duty is toredesign the System, remove inefficient or faulty parts and replace them withmore appropriate systems according to the Program. In the end this will makethe System both stable and optimal. No resources, no time and no energy willbe wasted, and Ascension will occur.
~*~ Magick ~*~
Design and Application
. The System can be modified by the design of new subsystems or the removal ofold subsystems. This requires expertise and planning. It is often easier to change the System byintroducing carefully designed subsystems (especially technology) which change it, than to try to changethe System directly.
~*~ Spheres ~*~
: Geometry. By studying the proper use of space and distance, a unit can learn to use itoptimally. Designs can be designed which conform better to the local geometry or take advantage of itand distances and shapes can be accurately analyzed. At higher levels the application of GeneralRelativity allows manipulations of Space-Time on a macroscopic scale.
: Statistics. Many processes in the System are so complex and chaotic they can only be describedin a statistic form. Since any system will move to states of higher probability, which equals Entropy,statistics also deal (in the form of Thermodynamics) with the dynamics of Entropy and randomness.Statisticians are able to use their knowledge of such processes to influence them or even halt the increaseof Entropy.
: Physics. Physicists study what effects applications of different types of energy has on systems,and how these can be employed in an optimal fashion. By using the tools of physics, all forms of energycan be studied, transformed into each other and modulated.
: Biology and Medicine. Biology is the general science which deals with the structure and function ofliving beings, while Medicine studies the human anatomy in detail. The knowledge from these studiescan then be used to modify these structures for various purposes (most notably biomechanics).
: Materials Science and Chemistry. These sciences deal with the properties of different materialsand chemicals, and how they can be changed. By designing a certain manufacturing method virtuallyany possible material or chemical can be produced.
: Psychology. Complex systems, most notably humans and Artificial Intelligences, exhibit complexinternal states which process information. These states can be studied and modified with the properapplication of psychology, which leads to subsequent changes in behavior.
: Energy. Everything in the System is composed of interacting structures of energy. In most casesthese structures can be controlled and changed without having to deal with the underlying energy, butsuch operations tend to loose energy and increase Entropy. By controlling the energy directly, suchinefficiencies can be removed.
: Special Relativity. Causal processes can be simulated by applying statistics to the known laws ofcausal relations. By using the more advanced technologies of Special Relativity and ChronologicalEngineering the subjective or objective flow of time can be controlled.

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