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A Cake Not Turned.

A Cake Not Turned.

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Published by glennpease



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Published by: glennpease on Jul 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A CAKE OT TURED.BY JOH BAIES, M.A.,HOSEA XII. 8;The prophet Hosea was called to exercise hisfunctions as a prophet in the separated kingdomof Israel. He had a message to deliver from Godto a rebellious people and schismatical church.And this message which he had to deliver wasone of woe and denunciation. For things were attheir very worst. Society was corrupt to its core :and judgment was to come upon them throughthose to .whom they trusted for deliverance, viz.the great empire of Assyria. This accounts forthe personification of the kingdom under thename of Ephraim — the largest and most powerfulof the ten tribes which had revolted under Jero-^m. It stands for the nation to whom thehet was speaking, and in the text he likensA Cake not turned, 101the condition of the people after God's judg-ments, to a ''cake not turned/' He takes hisimagery from the bakehouse — " a cake not turned."The kind of cake to which Ephraim is likenedwas a thin cake placed round an earthen jar^withiD which the fire burned ; so that if the cakeremained long unturned it was burnt on one side,and on the other side continued unbaked. Thefire did harm instead of good. Fart being over-done, and part underdone, the whole was useless.So with God's judgments : they made some im-
pression on the people^ but not a thorough one ;they seemed to change them, but the people werenot really changed, and in the end were hope-lessly spoiled through the very means which wereintended to improve and amend them.So the analogy stands thus. If a cake or a loaf of bread is not thoroughly baked, if anything wecook by means of fire is only roasted or baked oneside, it is good for nothing ; just so the heart of man when touched by God's judgments, if it isnot thoroughly converted and changed, is in greatdanger. A half repentance is a dangerous thing.This is the lesson I wish to draw and to press to-night i and I will try and describe as plainly as Ican some of its symptoms.The cases are few, one would hope and believe,in which men from the beginning regularly andsystematically set themselves to defy AlmightyGod, and are determined to serve the world, the102 A Cake not turned. [Serm.fleshy and the devil. Bather, while the majorityof men are rejecting the call of Christ^ theyflatter themselves at the same time that they willattend to it by-and-by. In some cases this comestrue ; in other cases it does not.And similarly^ the cases are few in which men,from the dawn of responsibility, cleave steadfastlywith a whole heart unto God. Generally speak-ing, those who are saved, are saved after manystrugglings, many risings and fallings, many adefeat and many a victory. The Christianas career
is a chequered one, and many a one who is savedknows it has been a hard fight in which, morethan ever, he has been *^ beaten by Apollyon tohis knees."ow a most important crisis of the spiritual lifeis when the soul, having been touched either bythe thought of God's judgment or of God's love,is after some years of carelessness or sin, movedto repentance. It is, perhaps, not too much tosay that on the reality of such repentance it de-pends whether it find itself on the ^' right hand" or" the left" on the day of doom. It is of the greatestimportance our repentance should be thorough,and not half — that the fire of God^s judgmentshould consume our hearts thoroughly, and notleave us half- untouched, in the condition and afterthe fashion of a cake not turned.ow in these remarks I am not assuming thecase of a thoroughly hardened and bad man, whoVIII.} A Cake not turned. 103goes recklessly on without any heed to warning.The figure of the text does not apply to that.Ephraim is not likened to a mass of dough, beforeit is put into the oven^ and over which the " firehas had no power/^ but to a cake not turned — i.e. one which the fire has only partially affected.Therefore in the case I am supposing there is a

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