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Element of a Wizerd

Element of a Wizerd

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Published by Sharyahna McNeil

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Published by: Sharyahna McNeil on Jul 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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hapter 1:The Potter family was a happy family of three, the father, James Potter, who was a well known Auror,the mother, Lily Evans, was one of the top healers at St. Mungos. Their Son, Adam Potter, was thefamous Boy-Who-Lived, the defeater of the Dark Lord Voldemort. At least this is what everyone sees,but the truth is that the Potters have one other son. A boy named Harry Potter.Harry was completely different than the rest of his parents, not only in appearance but also inpersonality. Harry was slender with jet black hair that when it was shorter, was untamable, he also hademerald eyes. His Brother had red hair, that also was untamable, hazel eyes, and is extremely muscular.His mother was also rather slender with red hair and bright green eyes. His father had dark Brown hairwith hazel eyes and he too was very muscular.At the moment Harry was sitting in his room, reading one of his favorite books, Light magic vs. DarkMagic. This was a Christmas present from his Uncle Moony and Uncle Padfoot. Harry was waiting forhis parents and brother to get ready to go to Hogwarts. You see they both had been home schooled, orat least Adam did, Harry learned everything he knows from the Potters and Blacks library. So this wastheir first year at Hogwarts and Harry was rather excited about it.Harry was so deep in thought that he did not hear his door opened and closed, but he did noticesomeone else's breathing. Quickly jumping up he turned, with his wand and faced… Padfoot withMooney standing behind him, laughing.Sitting back down, Harry glared at them, "Don't do that.""Sorry Cub, we didn't mean to scare you. Anyways we wanted to give you a late birthday present, sincewe couldn't leave to give this to you." Replied Mooney, still chuckling a bit.Padfoot came forward and handed Harry a small package, "this is from me, it is nothing big but I hopeyou like it."Harry unwrapped the present to reveal a small pedant with a black phoenix flying around a white rose."Wow."It has a portkey built into it which will lead you to either mine or Mooney's place, depending on thetime of the month." Harry nodded, still studying it, "It also has a two- or should I say a three waymirror, just say our names into it and you will be able to talk to us."Thank you.""And here is mine." Mooney handed him a heavy package, when Harry unwrapped it he saw about fivebooks."Wow. I have been looking for these books everywhere. Thank you Mooney, Padfoot.""You're welcome, I know we missed seeing you on your birthday so we wanted to-""Master Harry! Sir. Master Harry!" Harry turned to the house elf who irrupted Mooney, "Yes Glimply""Master Harry has to go to Hogwarts, the masters and Mistress is already about to go."Harry nodded, "It is a good thing that I packed last night. Thank you Glimply." The house elf bowedand vanished with a slight
."Don't worry pup, you will have a great time at Hogwarts." Padfoot said smiling at him."I know. But what if I don't get into Gryffindor, will you abandoned me like my parents?""Never!" Both Mooney and Padfoot snarled, "I still can't believe that James and Lily would just
abandoned one of their children in favor of another." said Padfoot."No matter what house you are sorted in we will still love you and that will never change." FinishedMooney."Now go. Have fun-""Learn lots-""Play pranks-"And be good.""Or not so good""PADFOOT!""Just kidding, Mooney, just kidding, but seriously pup, have a good time."Laughing Harry nodded, hugged each of them, and walked down stairs, "I will."Chapter 2:Severus Snape, Hogwarts potions master and head of Slytherin house ,sighed as he walked to theHeadmasters office, who just called him down to discussed the new professors who were hired."Headmaster, you wanted to see me?""Ah, yes Severus. I am sure you remember James Potter and his wife?"Severus glared, "What about them?"Dumbledore's eyes narrowed, "Now, now Severus can you just forget what happened, they were justchildren.""Just children! Just children! Albus they tried to kill me.""Nonsense. Anyways I hope you can put aside the mistakes as they will be joining the staff this year.""WHAT! Are you crazy?""Severus that is enough, you will have to put aside the anger you hold for them. James will be the newdefense against the dark arts teacher and Lily will be the muggle studies." Dumbledore's eyes twinkledas he smiled, "I will see you at the feast tonight."Hearing the dismissal Severus glared at the headmaster, turned on his heel and left the room, fuming.Severus Snape was sitting between Albus and the new DADA teacher, professor Potter. His eyesnarrowed as he listened to what Potter was saying."-been excited for years. I remember Lily telling Adam about the great times we had in school, all Ihope is that he follows in my footsteps.""I am sure Adam will have a great time here."Before Severus could say anything the doors opened and Minerva McGonagall came through with thefirst years following behind her. They looked so small, with amazement shining through their eyes.Severus sneered and took a small sip of his drink. His eyes scan the first years looking for children thatwould probably be a troublemaker.He watched a the first years were sorted, clapping only when someone was sorted into Slytherin.Finally when "Zabini Ashley" was sorted into
did , Dumbledore stood up andcleared his throat getting the entire halls attention.
"Now before we get to our wonderful feast, we have two more students to sort. They have been homeschooled and their parents decided that it would be a good time for them to join us." As he spoke thedoor opened up and two boys walked in. One on them was well known, Adam Potter, the boy wholived. The all erupted in whispers."Do you see that?""Potter? The Adam Potter?""Whose that next to him?""I don't know.""Quiet!" Minerva said from her place by the sorting hat and almost immediately the hall fell silent."Potter Adam."Adam Potter walked forward as if he owned the place and sat on the stool. It took a few minutes forhim to get sorted, it looked as if he was arguing with the sorting hat. Finally the hat seemed to sigh andshouted
The Gryffindor table seemed to erupt with cheers.Once the noise died downed a bit Minerva called out "Potter, Harry." The hall again started to whisperto each other."Did she say Potter? There is another Potter?""Adam has a twin?""Why didn't we know that?"Ignoring all the whispers Harry walked over to the sorting hat and allowed Professor McGonagall toplace the sorting hat on his head. A voice whispered in his ear causing him to jump,
"Well, well what dowe have here? Intelligent, yes. You do love to learn new things. You are loyal, but only to those whohave earned your trust. You have bravery, but you do not go rushing into things without thinking themthrough. And you have a thirst to prove yourself, to get out of your brothers shadow. Now where to sort  you?" Please not with my brother, anywhere but there.
Harry thought."
 Anywhere? Hmmm. Well there is only one place than, and I hope you can change what the houserepresents, you do have a long, hard job ahead of you."What?
He was a little confused, what did the hat mean?"
You will find out. Now there is only one place for you. Good luck in
Harry stood up and walked over to the Slytherin table who was cheering. When he sat down a blondeboy offered his hand, to which Harry shook, "I'm Draco Malfoy. Welcome to the Slytherin house. Thisis Theodore Nott," He pointed to a brown hair boy who just smirked in response, "Pansy Parkinson,"This was a pretty girl who shook his hand and smiled, "Blaise Zabini," He was a tan boy with blackhair who just nodded at him, "and Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe." Harry nodded at them."Nice to meet you.""You as well, I don't mean to be rube but we never heard of you before, and with the spotlight yourfamily is under it is a little surprising." Pansy asked as she grabbed some bread."You don't know me because to my family I don't exist, and I never had.""Oh I'm sorry." This was the last thing they expected, they all thought the Potters were a happy family."Don't worry about it. I am used to it." They nodded and started talking about other things.

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