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The Valley Patriot Newspaper, North Andover Massachusetts, July 2013, Tom Duggan

The Valley Patriot Newspaper, North Andover Massachusetts, July 2013, Tom Duggan

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Published by Tom Duggan
The 117th edition of The Valley Patriot
July 2013 edition
The 117th edition of The Valley Patriot
July 2013 edition

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Published by: Tom Duggan on Jul 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Mark Behan
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That was our mission. The woundedurged us on, shouting, ‘Keep going! Keepgoing!’
“Continuous re pounded us. Fromabove, German aircraft strafed us. From
the cliff tops, enemy machine gunsshelled us. As we inched forward throughthe sand dunes, land mines exploded. Wedidn’t get very far. The night of June 6thwe were still on the beach. I was on thefront line, just on top of the ridge. I couldhave thrown a rock into the ocean.”Miraculously, the 29th Division scaledthe cliffs and secured Omaha Beach.Walter led a 40-man platoon, of whomall but four were lost. “Some of my menfroze-only 17, 18, 19-year olds, with verylittle training. I’m alive today because of my Ranger training with the British Com-On D-Day, June 6, 1944, Walter Hed-lund, then a sergeant, U.S. Army, 29thInfantry Division, 3rd Battalion, 115thRegiment, Company I, stormed OmahaBeach in Normandy—part of the secondassault wave.
“The rst assault wave, our own 116th
Regiment, was slaughtered by the Ger-mans. They never got beyond the beach,”said the Lowell-born native now living inChelmsford.“When we waded ashore through chest-high surf, the beach was lined with the
dead, the wounded, and oating vehicles.
There was mass confusion. We had to gothrough them—unable to stop and help—  because we had to get off that beach,climb steep cliffs, and secure the beach.
Helen Mooradkanian,
Jeff Katz
PuppyGirl KateWhitney
PAGE 29ChristineMorabito
 PAGE 21
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Dani Langevin
Lawrence.................................1,7,11,23Veterans.......................................1, 32-33Thinking Outside the Box.........................2Editorial.......................................3Methuen.........................................3,8-13 Andover /North Andover...............4-6Jack’s Irish Craic....................................8
ICE CREAM MONTH...................15Duggan’s Notebook...............16-17World Views..........................................20Tea Party........................................21Sen Ives..................................8,21 At The Beach................................22-23Medical................................24-26Nation/State........................ 27,34Puppy Girl & Tracey Zysk.................28-29TV Talk/Food...............................30
NEW HAMPSHIRE....................31
Massachusetts .....................................35
Babies &
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 N    o  w  O     p  e   n  !  
“Congress shall make no law...”
A New England Press Association Award Winning Newspaper
2004 2013
Edition 117
274 Prospect St. LawrenceFLAVORFRESHBRAND.COM
510 Essex StLawrence, MA 01840(978) 686-1821
  S  e  e   O  u  r  A  d   o  n    P  a  g   e   4
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D-Day hero 2nd Lieutenant Walter R.Hedlund, Jr., U.S. Army, 29th InfantryDiv., 3rd Battalion, 115th Regiment,Company I, was in the second assaultwave on the D-Day invasion of OmahaBeach on June 6, 1944, during the Allied invasion of Europe, WWII. Hetrained and served six months with theBritish Commandos. Highly decorated, hereceived three Purple Hearts, Silver Star,two Bronze medals, four Battle Stars, and
the rare Battleeld Commission to 2nd
Lieutenant for “sensational leadershipunder extremely confusing circumstances”in the attack on Hill 81, Brest, France.He was recommended for the Medal of Honor. In April, the French Consul Generalpresented him with the French Legion of Honor-Chevalier. Other awards: CombatInfantry Badge, Presidential Unit Citationfor his Company for heroic action onD-Day.
$4M Rent For Building Worth $801K 
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“So you think that money is the root of all evil? . . . Have you ever asked what isthe root of money? Money is a tool of exchange, which can’t exist unless thereare goods produced and men able to produce them. Money is the material shapeof the principle that men who wish to deal with one another must deal by tradeand give value for value. Money is not the tool of the moochers, who claim your product by tears, or of the looters, who take it from you by force. Money is madepossible only by the men who produce. Is this what you consider evil?” Ayn Rand,For the New Intellectual“If you ask me to name the proudest distinction of Americans, I would choose –because it contains all the others – the fact that they were the people who createdthe phrase ‘to make money.’ No other language or nation had ever used thesewords before; men had always thought of wealth as a static quantity – to be seized,
begged, inherited, shared, looted or obtained as a favor. Americans were the rst
to understand that wealth has to be created. The words ‘to make money’ hold theessence of human morality.” Francisco d’Anconia, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Classical Liberalism vs. Statism: Just A Difference of Opinion?
wants to paint it red and the other wants to paint it blue. Whoever wins gets to pick thecolor … that is symmetry.Or, if you prefer a more substantialdisagreement, suppose each side wants tosteal the property of the other. If Side Awins they get to steal Side B’s property andvice versa. These outcomes are symmetric.But the contest between statists and clas-sical liberals is fundamentally different.If statists and their bribed supporters win,they claim the right to steal the propertyof their opponents. If the Classic liberalswin, they don’t claim the right to steal the property of the statists or their thievingsupporters; they merely get to live in peacewith everyone’s property rights respected.This is not symmetric! The statists’gambit is reminiscent of the negotiating perspective of the Soviets during the ColdWar: “What’s mine is mine; what’s yours isnegotiable!”But the difference is even more pro-found.If the statists win, those who want to livein a society where their property rights arerespected cannot do so.But if the philosophy of classical liberalsis victorious, statists are still free to join acommune. They can give up their propertyrights and assign them to the commune.The commune can then take the propertyof all commune members and decide howit is used or distributed based on whatever communal rules are agreed to.Communism is legal in a free society;its reach is just limited to those who freelychoose to join in. What statists cannot do ina free society is steal the property of thosewho choose not to join the commune.This lack of symmetry is fundamental.If classic liberals win the political con-test, everyone has the opportunity to live ina social arrangement of their choice withothers who willingly join in that arrange-ment.If statists win, one group is granted a le-gal sanction to subjugate others and violatetheir basic human rights.Don’t be fooled when statists lecture usabout rights. When statists discuss rights,they are championing the right of their gang to subjugate those who oppose themand to steal the property of those theytarget to service the “needs” of their gangmembers.There was a time when we had a Consti-tution that protected individual rights andthat would prohibit this outcome. Thosedays are gone. They have disappeared inAmerica’s rear view mirror.We no longer live in a republic, but ina democracy where the majority rules andthe minority IS ruled.Decision making in a true democracy israrely symmetric. When lunchtime rollsaround in a democratic paradise, be sureyou are the wolf … not the sheep.
Dr. Charles Ormsby
They further understand that to be pro-ductive requires the expenditure of effortand exposure to risk, both of which areless likely to be undertaken if the products produced are stolen or their use subject toarbitrary restrictions.Violating property rights is immoral. Its practical effect is to discourage productionand lower a society’s standard of living.As the constraints on government thiev-ery loosen and the grip of statist tyrantstightens, society descends into chaos and poverty.So much for the difference of opinion between statists and classical liberals.But is it merely a difference of opinionor is something more fundamental in-volved?Let’s examine the typical reaction toelection results. It often appears that elec-tion outcomes are viewed like the outcomeof a sporting event. Team A won or TeamB won.But the philosophical/political battle between statists and classical liberals is notlike a football game or an arm wrestlingcontest. The consequences are not sym-metric.Consider the following:What if a political contest boiled downto a disagreement concerning the color thatshould be used to paint town hall? One sideMorality has many dimensions … frommaking the conscious choice to exerciseone’s rational faculties and then choosingnon-contradictory values that sustain andenhance one’s life, to expending the physi-cal and mental effort necessary to preserveone’s life and promote happiness. Choosingto be productive – creating products and/or services that help to sustain life – repre-sents a profoundly moral choice.Money is a medium that facilitates theexchange of goods and services and that provides a mechanism for storing value.The amount of money one makes is adirect measure of productivity and there-fore morality.What is not moral is employing forceor fraud to expropriate the property of those who have produced that property or acquired it by mutual consent. Doing so (or encouraging such actions) is profoundlyimmoral.The primary focus of statists is to takecontrol of the institutions of governmentand then use the government’s monopolyon the use of force to expropriate the prop-erty of others. To attain and sustain such power, statists use the stolen property – and promises of future loot – to bribe legions of supporters.The statists that today control our government along with those who are therecipients of the stolen property representa criminal alliance on a massive scale. The producers, those who are primarily respon-sible for the success of human life on this planet, are the victims.Classical liberals (not to be confusedwith those typically described as liberalsfor the last 75 years) represent an antipodal philosophy. They understand that produc-tive activity is fundamentally moral andthat producers have a human right to retainand use the products of their efforts as they
see t as long as that use does not infringe
on the rights of others to do the same.
 Dr. Charles Ormsby served twoterms on the North Andover School Committee, co-founded of the North Andover Taxpayers Association, isa a co-founder of and columnist  for The Valley Patriot, broadcastsweekly opinion pieces for WCAP (980 AM) in Lowell, and is a faculty member in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of  Massachusetts Lowell. Dr. Ormsby is a graduateof Cornell and has a doctorate degree from MIT.You can email him at ccormsby@verizon.net 
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- 2013
& O
Still No Investigation, No Answers on Atkinson Scandal
I am happy to reect on the fact that as a
young man I was in a number of what werethen called “advanced” courses. I excelledin English, history and social science andthe Philadelphia school system providedme with an opportunity to delve deeper and more fully in to the subjects whichreally captured my attention. Similar op- portunities were provided to students whohad passions for math, biology, chemistryand the like. Some of the school districtsin Pennsylvania referred to these courses
Jeff Katz
(978) 771-4091
News tips
Phone in anonymous news-tips to (978)683-3952, or you may email tips to us atvalleypatriot@aol.com. We respect theanonymity of our sources if requested.
Please contact the editors at
The Valley Patriot is published monthly beforethe tenth of each month by The Valley Patriot,Inc., 75 Main St., North Andover, MA 01845. All contents Copyright (c) 2012, Valley Patriot,Inc. All rights reserved. Subscriptions are $50per year and sent via U.S. Mail.
Send address changes toValley Patriot, Inc., POB 453, North Andover,MA 01845.
Letters to the editor, columns and op/eds
 can be submitted to valleypatriot@aol.com.The Valley Patriot is not responsible for theopinions expressed in submitted letters or columns. It is the policy of The Valley Patriotnot to edit or exclude submitted materialbased on content.
Local daily news updates are online at facebook.com/valleypatriot
Tom Duggan, Jr.
Ralph Wilbur 
Charles Ormsby
Christine Ryan 
Editorial Board:
The Valley Patriot is not responsible for, nor do wenecessarily share the opinions of columnists andcontributors that are published in the paper. Columns,
by denition, are opinion pieces.
The Valley Patriot is printed by Graphic Development in West Hanover, Mass.
as “honors” while some called them“advanced” or “accelerated” or “AP”.Whatever the name, the opportunity was presented for students to get additionaleducation and encouragement.
Fast forward about forty years, andI nd myself sitting in the library at
Swampscott Middle School listening tothe school’s principal and vice-principallecture parents on why the decision toeliminate the seventh grade honors mathcourse is somehow a very good thing.Two days before the start of summer va-cation, parents of students at SwampscottMiddle School were invited to this specialmeeting called by the principal.The reasoning behind this hastily ar-ranged meeting seems to be that studentshad come home from school and toldtheir parents that the seventh grade honors program in math had been eliminated.Students who had worked extremely hardthrough lower grades, consistently doingextra work in math and striving to achieveexceptional scores in both classroomtesting and the MCAS assessments werenow being told that their hard work wasfor naught. Students who were rightfully proud and happy knowing that they hadearned the right to be placed in the seventhgrade honors math class had those dreamssquashed as they were being told that theentire program was slated to be dumped.During the meeting, the principalrepeatedly told parents that he and hismath staff had discussed the eliminationof the seventh grade honors math programthroughout the school year. Why then, weas parents wanted to know, had he decidedto spring this on us just 48 hours before theend of the school year?Among the reasons stated as to why theseventh grade honors math class was beingscratched were: not all students get in toit, some of the students who do get in toit are not really prepared for it and havingthe higher achieving students kept in thesame class with lower achieving class wasactually good for both of them. Perhapsthe most surreal explanation came from
No Honors For You!
 Jeff Katz is a for-
mer police ofcer, for 
-mer talk show host onTalk1200AM and wonthe Associated Press Award for Best Talk Show In Boston two years in a row. He is now an exclusive columnist for The Valley Patriot. WEBSITE: vision-accomplished.net 
When it was learned weeks ago thatMethuen City Attorney Peter McQuillanwas sending text and email messages toCouncilor Jamie Atkinson during a public
hearing to inuence his questions and his
votes, we expected a full investigation.At issue was Attorney RichardD’Agostino, who was applying to replaceMcQuillan as city solicitor after the councilvoted not to renew McQuillan’s contract.While D’Agostino was being questioned ata public hearing, McQuillan was feedingquestions and damaging information toCouncilor Atkinson in an attempt to stopD’Agostino from getting the job.
We expected ofcials to nd out all the
facts surrounding Councilor Atkinson’sadvocacy of McQuillan and his efforts todefame Richard D’Agostino, which taintedthe process of hiring his replacement.We expected the city council, the mayor and the chief of police to ask the questionsthat Methuen residents have been ask-ing since the Jamie Atkinson scandal was
all over again, so he could ght to get his
 job back?Were laws broken? City policies? Ethicsviolations?It seems Methuen residents will never know the answers to these questions because the council refused to acceptCouncilor Tom Ciulla’s motion for a fullinvestigation into the shenanigans of Councilor Jamie Atkinson and Solicitor McQuillan.Whether you like former City of Law-rence Attorney Richard D’Agostino or youdon’t, whether you favored his appoint-ment to replace McQuillan or not, no ap- plicant for a city job should be treated theway Rick D’Agostino was treated.Everyone who applies and goes throughthe hiring process for any city job mustdo so knowing that the process is fair, andthere isn’t anyone stacking the deck behindthe scenes to favor or exclude anyone.We understand that some on the councilmay want to shy away from something ascontroversial as an investigation into an
elected ofcial in an election year.
However, the people of Methuen deserveto know the truth whether it’s an electionyear or not.We urge the Methuen City Council toreconsider investigating what really hap- pened in the Councilor Jamie Atkinsonscandal.We urge them to ask the relevant ques-tions, determine how deep this goes, and
how many other cases of conict of inter 
-est Atkinson and McQuillan have beeninvolved in.
The public must be condent that their elected ofcials are making decisions
 based only on the merits of the candidatesor proposals in front of them, not who theyare friends with or who they made dealswith behind the scenes.Methuen voters are not getting the an-swers they deserve. The city council owesit to them to get those answers. brought to light.Questions like:Since McQuillan was still on the jobawaiting a replacement, was a city cell
 phone or computer used to inuence Atkin
-son’s vote?Was there collusion between Atkinsonand McQuillan to destroy Attorney RichardD’Agostino’s reputation?Did Councilor Jamie Atkinson knowabout McQuillan contacting RichardD’Agostino’s references to get them toretract their letters of recommendation?Did Atkinson participate in scuttlingD’Agostino’s application for city solicitor?Did McQuillan use city cell phones or computers to orchestrate Lawrence Mayor Lantigua’s letter to the council attackingD’Agostino the day before his hearing?Did Councilor Jamie Atkinson knowabout, or participate in, McQuillan’smisdeeds and further McQuillan’s agenda:which was to force the Methuen Council torepost the job and start the hiring process
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the vice-principal who stated that the sev-enth grade honors math class was actuallythe same curriculum as the regular class but was presented at an accelerated pace,so it was “not really an honors course”and therefore should be ditched. He thenfollowed that up by advising all of us thatthe eighth grade honors math course wasthe same curriculum as the regular class but presented at an accelerated pace andtherefore was “really an honors course.”Despite assurances from the principalthat he was listening to parents and thatall of these decisions would rest squarelyon his shoulders, the message was clear,at least to me, that the decision to scuttlethe seventh grade honors program in mathhad already been made long before thismeeting and that no concrete plans had been established on training teachers howto effectively teach a brand new curricu-lum (the so-called CMP3) or to properlymeet the needs of both under-performingand over-performing students in the sameclassroom.

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