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A World of Trouble Jake Needham Interview

A World of Trouble Jake Needham Interview

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Published by David Welch
An interview with the author of A World of Trouble, an exciting mystery story by the best known American author outside of America. Part of the thrilling Jack Sheppard series that is a best selling book in Asia and Europe despite being avoided by American publishers.
An interview with the author of A World of Trouble, an exciting mystery story by the best known American author outside of America. Part of the thrilling Jack Sheppard series that is a best selling book in Asia and Europe despite being avoided by American publishers.

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Published by: David Welch on Jul 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In the last six months I’ve had the privledge of interviewing some twenty authors, many of them quite good. Their books have all been interesting and most had an overt focus onpolitics which is my primary interest. But, to be honest, none of the authors I have interviewedare household names, none have achieved the literary success of today’s top authors asreflected in huge book sales and a prominent place for their books on the shelves inbookstores. Accordingly, the following interview breaks new ground. Oddly the author is not a householdname, IN THE UNITED STATES, even though he is an American. He is however extremelywell known in Asia and even in Europe where his books are prominently featured on shelvesin book stores and elsewhere. His books are sold in e-book format in the U.S. and typicallysell up to 50,000 each year yet American Publishers seem to avoid him as someone whosebooks “don’t have a great appeal to American audiences.” Not that American book publishershave ever been wrong!The author is Jake Needham, an American expatriate who lives in Bangkok and who writesmostlly about Asia, in particular mystery stories set in Asia. The book I will discuss with Jakeis “A world of trouble” which is one of his wildly popular ‘Jack Sheppard’ novels andfortunately, for my purposes, does touch upon some political issues. True, these are not reallypolitical issues of great concern in the U.S., although at least one of the issues I raise in theinterview should be. I will leave it too the reader to figure out which issue I am referring to butif you have read my essay, “Things are going to get much worse,”(http://www.scribd.com/doc/149794257) you can probably get it right. Anyway, I am really honored to interview my first ‘big time author’ and hope you will find theinterview interesting and add yourself to the growing number of Americans who buy and enjoyJake Needham books.Note that Jake has agreed to both a written interview and a live blog radio interview for myBooks and Politics Show. It will be on Monday night, September 3
at 7 p.m. California time(early morning in Bangkok) atwww.blogtalkradio.com/angelsandwarriors. Don’t miss thissince I’m sure it will be a fantastic interview and you will have a chance to ask questions of areally big time author.The written interview follows:
1.Jake, this interview has two quite separate objectives. First, I’d like readers toknow more about you and your book, A World of Trouble which I find quiteinteresting. Second, I’d like to get your views on some real world political issuesin SE Asia and the world. Is this dual purpose interview ok with you?
Okay, let’s do it.
2.Great, so could you tell my readers a little about your background, what qualifiesyou to write about Thailand and other SE Asia countries?
I’ve lived and worked in cities in the Asia Pacific region for over thirty years now. Singapore,Hong Kong, Sydney, and Bangkok. A magazine called Asia Business once said, “Needhamcertainly knows where some bodies are buried.” I ought to. I helped bury enough of them.
3.What inspired you to write “A World of Trouble”?
I thought injecting Jack Shepherd into the social and political upheavals that have tormented Thailand over the last few years might produce a good novel, so I took a shot at it. I think it worked out pretty well.
4.Is “A World of Trouble just a mystery novel, or is it also a political commentary?
I don’t do political commentary. I write novels. I tell stories. I make stuff up. But I still like for the stories I tell to have their roots in times and places that people recognize. CNN said my books read like they were “ripped from the headlines.” I thought that was a pretty nicecomplement, especially coming from CNN.
5.Would you tell us about the plot of your book and provide a little detail aboutyour hero, Jack Shepherd, and about Charlie Kitnarock?
Okay, here’s the pitch for A WORLD OF TROUBLE…Jack Shepherd was sick of Washington politics, sick of corporate law, and even a littlesick of himself. So he hit the road looking for a new start, made a couple of wrong turns, and somehow wound up in Hong Kong. Now he needs a job, and being General Chalerm Kitnarock's lawyer is a job, so he takes it.Shepherd could certainly have done a lot worse for himself. Charlie Kitnarok is theworld's ninety-eighth richest man. But he's also a former prime minister of Thailand now living in exile in Dubai. When he's not making money, he's plotting his return to political power.For Shepherd, that could be a real problem. Thailand already has a prime minister, and she's a woman with whom Shepherd once had a brief relationship. It will get  particularly messy if, as Shepherd suspects, Charlie is smuggling arms to hissupporters and intends to use the Thai army to seize control of the country. CanShepherd keep his two friends from destroying each other and prevent Thailand fromsliding into chaos?Thailand is hurtling closer and closer to a bloody civil war. And as unlikely as it may sound, Jack Shepherd is probably the only person on earth who can stop it.This is the third book I have written featuring Jack Shepherd. The first was LAUNDRY MAN and the second was KILLING PLATO. The fourth Jack Shepherd is being released this fall.It’s called THE KING OF MACAU.
6.Are there any other characters in your book that need specific mention? And if so please tell us a bit about them.
I think the third major character in A WORLD OF TROUBLE is pretty interesting. She’s a Thai woman named Kathleeya Srisophon who my readers first met in KILLING PLATO. Kate wasthe Director General of the Thai National Intelligence Agency then, and she and Shepherd developed a strong connection as a result of their joint involvement with a very important  American fugitive named Plato Karsarkis. In A WORLD OF TROUBLE, through a series of 

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