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The Young Man's Mission.

The Young Man's Mission.

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Published by glennpease


" Run, speak to this young man. '' — Zechariah, ii. 4.


" Run, speak to this young man. '' — Zechariah, ii. 4.

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Published by: glennpease on Jul 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE YOUG MA'S MISSIO.BY CHARLES WADSWORTH" Run, speak to this young man. '' — Zechariah, ii. 4.Zechariah is, of all the prophets, most remarkable forthe simple, practical purpose with which he employs thegrandest prophetic symbols. The supernatural ma-chinery of his book is magnificent, but its movement isall for manifest earthly uses. The red horses, the fourchariots, the four horns, the stone with seven eyes, theflying roll, the mighty angels among the myrtle-trees ;all these marvelous things, as directly as the four cai'pen-ters with their implements of homely toil, have a work to do for man on the earth ; and thus the grandeur of his imagery gives impressiveness to the prophet's sim-plest language.Thus it is with the text. It is the speech of one angelto another angel in regard of a young man who, in sym-bolic action significant of Israel's redemption and en-largement, was going forth with a measuring line to takethe length and breadth of Jerusalem. With its originalapplication we are not at present concerned. We referto its connections only to give impressiveness to theexhortation.It was an angel that uttered it — probably the Jehovah-angel. Certainly it was a heavenly voice, in all solemn,30G THE YOUG MA'S MISSIO.loving, earnest exhortation, that cried unto another angel," Run, speak to this young man."Using this text as simply an accommodation, it may-
have a twofold direction : — First, to myself, as preaching to young men.Secondly, to you, as young men and Christians.First : As addressed to myself, it is an earnest exhor-tation unto the Christian minister to labor especially withyoung men.On this point I shall not enlarge. Of the vast import-ance of the conversion of young men, there is no possibleoverestimate. It is important every way.1st. Because, in most cases, if not converted whilethey are young, they will never be converted. Divinegrace, in its very sovereignty, operates according to thelaws of our moral and intellectual nature. And as, phi-losophically considered, religion demands in its receptionan open heart, a believing mind, a tender conscience andglowing affection — and as these are the prerogatives of youth — so the whole history of the Church proves thatyouth is the most favorable period for religious impres-sion ; and that, following the law of the dispensation of the Spirit, our most earnest efforts should be for the con-version of the young.Meanwhile this is important — 2dly. Because of the peculiar power of young mento accomplish great things for God and their genera-tion.Young men are hopeful ; young men are brave ; youngmen are fertile in invention : and thus young men arestrong in all qualities that secure earthly success. Hannibal at the age of twenty-five led to victory the great
TEE YOEECr MA'S MISSIO. 307armies of Carthage. Alexander had conquered the worldand died at the age of thirty-eight. Charlemagne at theage of thirty had made himself master of the wholeFrench and German empires. apoleon led his brilliantItalian campaign at twenty-seven, and at thirty-threewas emperor of France. William Pitt at twenty-twowas Chancellor of the Exchequer. Edmund Burke at.twenty-five was First Lord of the Treasury. Byron attwenty-three was the first poet of the time and the idolof all England.And, with occasional exceptions, such is the great law.Certainly the foundations of all true greatness must belaid in early life. The energy of youth is the world'smightiest influence ; and that influence is especially need-ful in the Church. Early religion renders the Christiancharacter alike beautiful and powerful; quickening allspiritual affections, and rendering permanent all gracioushabits. And therefore has God ever been pleased topour his Spirit upon the young, and to assign to youngmen, in all dispensations of the Church, most responsiblestations and important ministries.For these reasons, the text's first application may be tomyself." Run, sj)ea/c to these young men.'''' The exhortationis to directness and earnestness. Bo not waste thisprecious Sabbath evening in philosophic discourse andidle declamation. Speak as if sent by this Jehovah-angel — solemnly, as if for eternity and in the presenceof God. And so I would speak to you. You are associ-ated for the grandest of all possible objects. Laboringfor the moral and religious well-being of young men,you are at once laying the foundations of your State

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