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Illuminati and the New World Order Article

Illuminati and the New World Order Article

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Published by J. Amory Forrester
The illuminati is on the move with the beginning of the new world order. Learn about what is coming now to America and the world.

Written by J. Amory Forrester in his book, "The Three Beasts of Revelation," in 1998 and soon to be published.

J. Amory Forrester
The illuminati is on the move with the beginning of the new world order. Learn about what is coming now to America and the world.

Written by J. Amory Forrester in his book, "The Three Beasts of Revelation," in 1998 and soon to be published.

J. Amory Forrester

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Published by: J. Amory Forrester on May 13, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Articleabout the Illuminati and the New World Order
The Illuminati
The Illuminati is alive and well and the The New World Order controlled by theIlluminati have been staging world events for two hundred years.Great novel just released about the economic collapse in America and what the Illuminatihas planned next for Americans and the world.
Information about the Illuminati: Read the truth about the Illuminati. Information you probably do not know about the Illuminati. Informationyou need to know!!!
Communism and The Illuminati
So, Great Britain, is
of the horns of the second beast with two horns. Some other facts about Great Britain must be brought out to further my accusations.Communism was originally a
Russian."That communism is a English invention is not a new idea. The articulation of communism was put forward by Karl Marx, whose mentor was British industrialistFrederick Engel's. Their primary reason for the expounding of this politico economicideology was to thwart the advance of democracy in the nation building principlesexpressed in the Monroe Doctrine (which was based upon George Washington's advice of avoiding entanglements with Europe) These principles were beginning to be importedinto Germany, and they posed a tremendous threat to British economic supremacy......."
The controllers of Britain were fearful of potential competition on the world scene. Theydidn't want the rest of the world to industrialize and compete with British goods andmarkets. Thus came the Communist Manifesto and Das Capital, whose fundamentals atthe time espoused international free trade which, of course, was a contradiction of theMonroe Doctrine's ideology of protectionism.Internationalism was of tremendous advantage to the British since they already hadcontrol of world markets, and a terrible disadvantage to the rest of the world, whoseeconomies were already exploited by the British.Communism was invented by British subjects, but its basic elements were taken fromIlluminism. The basic strategy of communism 
The False Prophet by Ken Klein p.142
was to stage economic war with continental Europe and the United States. The objectivewas the maintenance and control of world markets.
The actual roots of communism goback to Adam Weishaupt
Remember that internationalism and control of the world markets are the aim. Theseinternationalists want economic control over the entire earth. Quite a goal, isn't it? Wellthey aren't far from it.A Jew named Meyer Amschel Bauer was born in 1743
, and changed his name to Meyer Amschel Rothschild in 1773
. Adam Weishaupt was born in Germany in 1748
. AdamWeishaupt is given the Chair of the Professorship of Jewish Cannon Law, at IngolstadtUniversity in Bavaria, Germany in 1770
. Rothschild met up with Adam Weishaupt in1773
and they started devising a plan with the help of 12 of Rothschild's bankingfriends
, along with Lucifer to bring about a one world government for Lucifer. Theycalled themselves the sons of Lucifer, the enlightened ones, the Illuminati. Rothschildwould head up the financial aspect, and Weishaupt the political. 
"Money is the God of our times, and Rothschild is his prophet." "Bear in mind,"Rakovsky advises," the five pointed star, like the Soviet one, which shines all over Europe, the star composed of the five Rothschild brothers with their banks, who possesscolossal accumulations of wealth, the greatest ever known.The reference book, 10,000 Famous Freemasons, lists two prominent Rothschild's,including James Meyer Rothschild (1792-1868), son of the dynasty's founder, Meyer Amschel Rothschild. James is listed as a "33* of the French Supreme Council." Nathan, asecond son of Meyer is also listed. 
The False Prophet by Ken Klein p.142
Gathered from tapes by Doc Marquis, "The Illuminati's" New World Order
It was Meyer Rothschild, the founder of the dynasty, who once was quoted asexclaiming:
"Give me the right to issue a nation's money, and then I do not care whomakes it laws."
As I have stated before, money will be the motivating factor, that will cause many to takethe mark of the beast. And it is this first horn of the beast with two horns, that looks like alamb, that has preached Christianity, that will use greed and
to establish
, The United Nations, which is the first beast. The FalseProphet is actually building the New World Order, for the Antichrist, or the leader towhom they will give it to. And this beast system that the False Prophet has built, will healso cause the world to worship it, and its leader. Both will be worshipped as I havemaintained, and the False Prophet is the one who is
the enforcer.
This is where the other horn of the two horned beast comes in. The political and military power base toaccomplish the goal of enforcer along with the other horn. Both together form the powerful two horned beast, called the False Prophet. Please note here, that I have notforgotten the religious aspect that this beast carries. Remember, there is a whore that,rides the beast. This is the religious system, that is incorporated within the initiators beliefs. Money, political and military power, along with a religious foundation, is theforce behind the False Prophet.You see, this prophet is a false one. It is not of God. It claims to be of God, but it is oanother who wants to be God. We know him as Lucifer, or Satan. And this fallen angeluses, the things that are just opposite from the things God uses to build his kingdom. For God so
the world that he came and died for it. Lucifer on the other hand wantsto kill, steal and destroy. He will use greed (money), power ( both political and military),and religion. God will and does not use any of the above. He uses
. He doesn't use politics, because
he doesn't need a military for he will destroy with
, and he doesn't needreligion, he
Not only is this two nation confederacy a false prophet, not
from God
), but it is a prophet that will
prophesy falsely.
It will prophesy (tell things to the populace of theworld about future things), that
will not
come true. If you think false prophecies areenough to make people stand back and wonder if there is something wrong here, you'remistaken. There have been false prophets that have prophesied falsely throughout thehistory of man , and it has made no difference to those that follow them. It hasn't in the past and it won't now, nor in the future.The above was taken from Chapter 3 of Jefferson Forrester's book, " The Three Beasts of Revelation".
The Two Great Seals

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