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Daily Nation 10th July 2013

Daily Nation 10th July 2013

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Published by: Transparency International Kenya on Jul 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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KSh50/00 (TSh1,700/00 : USh2,700/00 : RFr900/00)
Nairobi |
 Wednesday, July 10, 2013
No. 17634
ormer Vice-President KalonzoMusyoka has accused TNA of deleting Ms Kethi Kilonzo’sname from the voters’ register, lockingher out of the Makueni by-election.“TNA is IEBC and IEBC is TNA.TNA must have tampered with thevoter register, hence deleting Kethi’sname,” Mr Musyoka told a press con-ference in Nairobi yesterday.Ms Kilonzo had been cleared by the Wiper Democratic Party, which Mr
Kenya ranked fourthmost corrupt country
Transparency International givesdamning verdict on graft in global report
Governors warnedover budget cash
Only counties that follow lawon funding will get their money
∆ ∆
Government says it isconsidering raising itsshareholding to influencemanagement of nationalairline.
Countrymen looking tocelebrate freedom icon’s95th birthday as Zuma saysMadiba remains in criticalbut stable condition.
Despite election tribunal evidence to the contrary, Wiper boss maintains lawyer is a duly registered voter
Kalonzo: TNA deleted Kethi’sname from roll
Makueni crisis escalated as election teamcalls in the police to investigate theft of itsregistration material but Wiper blames it allon Uhuru’s party, a claim TNA has denied
This is a major political war against Cord disguised as alegal battle.
Wiper Democratic Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka
Former vice-president Kalonzo Musyoka and other Cord leaders when they ad-dressed the media at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi yesterday. Mr Musyoka accusedTNA of deleting Ms Kethi Kilonzo’s name from the voters’ register, a claim theparty denied.
ublic schools will remainclosed for the 16th day afterteachers yesterday rejecteda Sh17 billion pay offer, termingit inferior.Dismissing the Monday offer, theKenya National Union of Teachers(Knut) said it wanted the pay in-crease effected at once, not in threephases.Officials led by Wycliffe Omucheyisaid most of the union’s demandshad been left out in the pay offerand those of the rival Kenya Unionof Post-Primary Education Teachers(Kuppet) taken on board.“Knut is not only dismayed bythis offer, but also considers thisan insult to teachers. We totallyreject this offer and are asking thegovernment to put a more seriousand relevant offer on the table,” Mr
Teachers reject Sh17bn salary offer
enya Ports Authority managing di-rector Gichiri Ndua has been givena sack notice unless he improvesefficiency at the Mombasa port.Transport and Infrastructure Secre-tary Michael Kamau yesterday said MrNdua would be sent home unless he canalso fight corruption at the port, whichis the leading export and import pointfor Kenya and several other countries inEast Africa.The government has been keen to ex-pand the port as well as the Jomo KenyattaInternational Airport in Nairobi. Lastmonth, President Kenyatta ordered thetime taken to transport goods from theport to Malaba be reduced to five days.“We told the managing director thatwe have given you this authority; this isyour undated letter of sacking. Just go andput the date,” Mr Kamau told the SenateCommittee on Energy and Transport atthe Kenyatta International ConferenceCentre.The government wants cartels at theport and the airport purged to improveefficiency and pave the way for the expan-sion of these two key installations. According to Mr Kamau, the two insti-tutions were under a “tight strangleholdof the cartels”.“It is very important that we reclaim ourinstitutions,” he said. One way of achievingthis was by putting each of the institutionsunder a central command. All governmentofficials at the port and at JKIA were madeanswerable to their respective managingdirectors. This, Mr Kamau said, had madeit possible for contraband to be detectedat the Port of Mombasa.“How come before we went to theport (with all these measures), there wasnobody that was being arrested? All of asudden, there are people being arrestedwith ivory and drugs,” he said. “The portused to operate without any central com-mand…the customs people used to comeat their own time, the Kenya Bureau of Standards inspectors also came at theirown time. Now, technically everyoneis answerable to their bosses; but theyadministratively answer to the MD of the KPA.”He added that there were 7,000 “redun-dant employees” at the port.If the government gets its way, a massivelayoff could be in the offing. According to Mr Kamau, police officers, baggage handlers and customs officialsworked in cahoots with criminals to frus-trate efficient service provision at Kenya’smain airport. He said, for instance, thatalthough the airport had 500 police offic-ers, it had failed to stop the rampant theftof passenger luggage.“We have to bring JKIA under centralcommand. The MD KAA will be the firstone to be sacked if things don’t change,said Mr Kamau.Taita Taveta MP Danson Mwazo askedthe government to tighten the noose oncartels.
Gichiri Ndua has been given his firing letter although with only the date left out
Port boss faces the sack if he failsto fight graft and boost efficiency
Left: KPA managing director Gichiri Ndua. Right: Transport and Infrastructure SecretaryMichael Kamau.
January 16, 2013:
Kenya Revenue Authority officials seize aconsignment of ivory estimated to be worth Sh100 million at theport of Mombasa. The cargo was packed in a 20-foot containerand disguised as decorative stones destined for Indonesia.
July 3:
A container with 1,478.4 kilos of ivory is intercepted atthe port. The ivory, stashed in 69 bundles of several polishedand hard, raw pieces had been disguised as sun dried fish mawsdestined for Malaysia.
July 8:
A container full of ivory disguised as groundnuts seizedat the port. The ivory weighed 3287.21 kilos and was declared as240 bags of groundnuts. It was also headed for Malaysia.
3 consignments seized this year 
KPmanagingdirector toldto purgecartels toimproveefficiencyand pavethe way forpexpansionof the port
Inspector-General of Police DavidKimaiyo has been ordered to producein court tomorrow two foreigners whowere arrested and detained at the JomoKenyatta International Airport twomonths ago.Lady Justice Lydia Achode directedMr Kimaiyo and the Commissionerof Prisons to produce Ms Susan Lee,a Thailand national, and her nephewDerick Van Den Berghe, a Belgian.Lawyer Rumba Kinuthia told Lady Justice Achode that customs officials atthe airport took away $500,000 (Sh43million) from the two before detainingthem in an undisclosed place.Mr Kinuthia and Mr Gisore Rich-ard Matwere said: “Efforts to tracethe whereabouts of the two haveproved futile.”“The two foreigners called a friend,Mr Peter Waithaka Mwaura, and toldthem that they were being held at JKIA and that was the last time theycommunicated,” Mr Kinuthia toldthe judge. He said unless the policeand prisons bosses are compelled toproduce the foreigners anxiety overtheir whereabouts will reign.The judge certified the case urgentand directed Mr Kinuthia to serve theoffice of the Director of Public Prosecu-tions with the suit documents.Ms Lee, an employee of the UnitedNations based in Switzerland, used towork in Kenya before she relocated.Before leaving Kenya she had bought land in Thika to put up anorphanage.
Kimaiyo askedto produce twoseized at JKIA 
Amount said to have been taken awayfrom two foreigners by customs offi-cials at the airport
Top judges of the AfricanCourt of Justice will visit Kenyanext week, at a time the AfricanUnion is pushing for it as analternative to the InternationalCriminal Court.The judges from the AfricanCourt on Human and Peoples’Rights will be on a three-daytour that will see them meetPresident Uhuru Kenyatta andother government members.
Take over ICC cases
 Africa Union member statesare mulling over a proposalthat the court takes over fromthe International CriminalCourt in hearing cases of war crimes committed on thecontinent.President Kenyatta, hisdeputy William Ruto and jour-nalist Joshua Sang face trialslater this year at ICC for crimescommitted during the 2007post-election violence.In a statement sent to news-rooms yesterday the Court saidit was coming to Kenya on a“sensitisation mission.During the visit scheduledfor July 15 to 17, the President of the Court, Lady Justice Sophia Akuffo will also meet Foreign Affairs Secretary Amina Mo-hammed.“The objective of the mis-sion is to enhance humanrights protection in Kenyathrough raising awarenesson the Court, its functions,its jurisdiction and procedure before it.“The Court will also holddiscussions with various gov-ernment officials in Kenya, witha view to encouraging them toallow individuals and NGOs di-rect access to the Court,” saidthe statement.The officials will also paycourtesy calls on the Attor-ney-General, the Chief Justice,National Assembly and SenateSpeakers and the Chairpersonof the Kenya National Commis-sion on Human Rights.The officials will also seek tosensitise the public and poten-tial litigants on how to use it insettling human rights disputesor violations and inform themon how to access the Court.”
Senior African Court judges to meet Uhuru
 Wednesday July 10, 2013
2 |
National News
assengers aboard a Kenya Airways plane that madean emergency landing in Athens, leaving them strandedfor three days, arrived in Nairobiyesterday with tales of what theywent through while in Greece.Mr Ketan Shaa and his familywas among the 301 passengers,who left Amsterdam aboard KQFlight 117 at 11pm last Friday,hoping to land in Nairobi somefew minutes to 9am the follow-ing day.However, things did not goas had been planned. Mr Shaaand his fellow passengers only journeyed for two hours beforethe plane was forced to make anemergency landing in Athens.The Boeing 777 200ER wasforced to divert to Athens at 1amon Saturday (Kenyan time) afterthe pilots noticed a fire warningin one of the cargo holds. After the emergency landing,the pilot explained the situationand many congratulated him forthe professional manner in whichhe had handled the situation.But that was the last commu-nication the passengers said theyheard from KQ.They claimed they had to stayin the cold at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airportfor five hours before being bookedinto a nearby hotel.The initial joy turned intoanger, with passengers accusingKQ management of neglectingthem.“Nobody communicated to usafterwards. They did not even bother to tell us what next,” MrShaa said upon arrival at the JKIA.“I was travelling with my one-year-old daughter and we ran outof diapers, drugs and everythingsoon became hell for us with noclue from the management onwhen we would be arriving.”Mr Rashid Abdi, a former Na-tion editor, who was among thestranded travellers, said he wasnot happy with the way the airlinetreated them.“Many had their plans com-pletely disrupted. A couple headedfor Arusha had their honeymoonsafari thwarted. A Scotsman hadhis weeklong trip to Lake Tur-kana cancelled because the nextavailable flight is on Friday nextweek.Kenya Airways corporate com-munications manager KephaBosire yesterday said the airlinewas concerned about the passen-gers’ complaints and was lookinginto the matter.“We believe that customershave rights and are free to exercisethem. However, this was a forcemajeure (unexpected) situationand every individual claim will belooked into within this context,”Mr Bosire said.Ms Rachel Onamu, another pas-senger, said they would demandcompensation from the airline.“We are not happy at all andwe are going to demand compen-sation from KQ for the kind of treatment we got from them. Weare not fighting them but we feelthere is need for compensation,”said Ms Onamu.She also accuses the Greek Im-migration officials of mistreatingthem, worsening their brief so- journ in Athens.Ms Ruth Sila said although shewas not happy about the experi-ence, she was happy to be backhome safely.Ms Ann Njoki described theflight from Athens to Nairobi asthe most horrifying, with constantfears about the aircraft’s safety.“It is the same plane that de-veloped mechanical problems thatwas repaired and continued withits flight. You can imagine howterrified we were. I did not evensleep a wink,” Ms Njoki said.She said she was among severalother passengers who slept on thefloor under Athens police surveil-lance on Saturday morning beforethey were booked into a hotel.Some tourists, who were aboardthe plane, reportedly cancelledthe trip and travelled back to Amsterdam.They all vowed to demand com-pensation from Kenya Airways.“All the passengers left theiremail addresses with me and wehave even formed a Facebookpage ‘KQ0117 Compensation’through which we shall all connectand push for the compensation,”disclosed Ms Onamu.She asked Kenya Airwaysmanagement to apologise to aBurundian woman who she saidwas heading home to pay herlast respects to her dead mother but missed the burial after themishap.“She has not been talking sinceSunday and you can imagine howpsychologically disturbed thewoman is,” she said.
Passengers demand pay after plane mishap
Kenya Airways management has promised to look into the complaints
Travellers claim they had to stayin the cold at the Greek airportfor five hours before they were booked into a nearby hotel
Ms Rose Beth (right) welcomesher daughter, who was aboard theKQ flight upon arriving at the JKIAyesterday. LEFT: Relatives of pas-sengers who were aboard the KQplane are all smiles after their lovedones landed safely.
This was aforce majeure(unexpected)situationand everyindividualclaim will belooked intowithin thiscontext”
Kenya Airwayscorporatecommunicationsmanager KephaBosire
When the Kenya Airways planemade an emergency landing inAthens after the pilots noticed afire warning in one of the cargoholds
 July 5
 Wednesday July 10, 2013
National News

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